Is It Possible To Use Hulu Live In Multiple Locations?

Is It Possible To Use Hulu Live In Multiple Locations?

Use Hulu Live In Multiple Locations: Hulu Live is one of Hulu’s most popular subscription plans. As more live networks are introduced, it gradually replaces cable and satellite. The ability to handle multiple gadgets on a comparable home network is why Hulu is popular among people moving from cable TV. In addition, this one-of-a-kind function aids in the reduction of subscription prices.

So, can you use Hulu Live in multiple locations? Yes. Hulu Live may be seen on various devices and from a variety of locations. So, even if one of your family members is on the road, they can still watch their favorite network. On the other hand, Hulu Live is only available on mobile devices when streaming over an unregistered network.

Hulu Gadgets Compatible With Unlimited Screens

Unlike the “on-demand” alternative, Hulu Live is intended to be a “single-home service.” You must stream when at home by definition. The network connecting to your devices is the definition of home in this case. However, this description does not restrict the number of gadgets connected to a single network. When utilizing any of these devices, keep in mind that you won’t be able to stream Hulu Live outside of your home network:

1 – Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick 

2 – Chromecast, Roku TVs, and Roku players 

3 – LG, Samsung, and VIZIO SmartCast TVs 

4 – PlayStation 4/5, Xbox 360, and Xbox One 

5 – Android and Apple TVs

It’s evident from the list above that you won’t be able to stream utilizing “living room” devices. On the other hand, Hulu enables you to change your Home Network four times a year if you’re relocating.

What Is The Best Way To Watch Hulu From A Different Location?

If you stream using any of the following devices, you can use Hulu Live in multiple locations or homes:

1 – All Apple devices except Apple TV 

2 – PCs and laptops 

3 – Android smartphones and tablets

Mobile devices include the three categories of devices mentioned above. In addition, you may only stream your favorite network for up to 30 days on these devices.

How Many Hulu Locations Can You Have?

For a variety of reasons, Hulu Live is geo-restricted. While this function is designed to protect your account from hacking and illegal access, it may risk streaming from multiple locations. Hulu Live, for example, cannot be streamed simultaneously in two locations using “living room devices.”

Even though Hulu Live is a “single-home” service, you may have as many locations on your account as long as you’re streaming on mobile devices. You should not be concerned about Hulu banning your account if you travel from one city to another. You must be connected to the registered home network to use the other devices.

Can You Watch Hulu Live On Two TVs With A VPN?

No. Hulu Live location restrictions are not circumvented by using a VPN. If you try to use a VPN on a device that isn’t supported, an error message will appear. This regulation tries to prevent streaming issues when multiple gadgets are linked to a single Hulu account. If your mobile device includes a VPN, you should not turn it off to stream Hulu. Only “living room” devices are subject to the VPN limitation.

As a result, you won’t be able to stream Hulu Live from two “living room” devices outside your home network, even if you use a VPN. You must be willing to have a subscription for each home if you want Hulu Live in multiple locations. You can use any mobile device if you are ready to forego the pleasure of viewing networks on your huge Smart TV or console.

When Using Hulu Live On The Go, Follow the 30-Day Rule

While you may switch locations as much as you like on a mobile device, time is of the essence, and Hulu lets you stream networks for up to 30 days. So if you’re on the go, make sure you reconnect your mobile device to your home network before the 30-day period expires. Hulu will prevent your streaming device from accessing live networks if you do not reconnect it to the registered home network. However, as long as your subscription is ongoing, you may continue to watch what’s in your library.

Final Words:

Even though Hulu Live is marketed as a “single-home service,” you may stream your favorite network from multiple locations. You can only stream from your phone or tablet, not your Smart TV, Firestick, or console. In addition, for the first 30 days, Hulu allows you to have an unlimited number of screens away from your registered home network.