Making Use Of Technology When Moving to a New House

Making Use Of Technology When Moving to a New House

With lockdown measures easing across most of the world, many will have realised the limitations of their current homes.

 Naturally, many will be turning to the housing market with a view of moving home. Technology has made viewing property in the housing market easier, with online platforms and ‘virtual viewings’ becoming a new norm.

This use of technology has had a growing impact in the removal business. Successful removal companies are utilising technologies available to them to make the process of moving between homes a successful transition.

Thinking Outside The Box

Many of the top-rated companies are utilising technologies and thinking alternatively to capture the interests of prospective customers. An example here is in the use of ‘moving pods’ obtainable by app use, moving containers that are easily transportable and vary in sizes. Users are finding the flexibility these provide a welcome change from the conventional removal services provided.

With the rise in use of apps, what else can removal companies do to attract the current generation of technology users when moving out? Below we continue to share how technology can benefit you when moving out.

Property Apps

Before the moving out process, you will want to make sure you have found the right property to move in to. The modern consumer does much of their research into the property online.

No matter if you are choosing to buy or rent, there are a range of applications out there to help you. Critically evaluating not just the property itself but the surrounding area too will be essentially in narrowing down your search, filters can be applied to select location, number of bedrooms and even further refinements.

As touched on earlier, many agents and homeowners are offering virtual viewings to allow you, whilst in lockdown or if unable to travel, to view the property remotely.

Management Apps

Management is an underappreciated but essential part to any successful move. Many home moves fail to run seamlessly because the management of the move is not thought through well enough, often dragging the process on and even increasing the cost of the removal.

Taking advantage of management apps will benefit you greatly here. Add deadlines, to do lists and set reminders to ensure you are ready and set for when the removal happens.

Handyman Apps

This is perhaps more relevant to when moving into the new property but having access to a handyman app for when an extra pair of hands are needed is advised.

From aiding in the house move itself to scheduling repairs and general maintenance for the house you are moving to; help is a few clicks away. This can come in handy when trying to get your deposit returned if you were renting your previous home also, repairing anything you broke whilst you were there.

Full-Service Removal Companies

For the most part, the thought of moving to a new house is overwhelming, particularly for those that have had to experience this at previous points in their life. It is a life engrossing process, and many will want to make sure it is done in safe hands, often this is not their own!

For the busy or not confident in the move themselves, there is an option to take advantage of full-service companies. The moving company used will plan the entire move, from the date agreed, planning steps, boxing of your belongings and loading your things safely, delivering this to the new address.

Whilst this will cost you more than the basic service, an unsuccessful house move could result in damaged goods that, if you are not insured, can cost significantly more. That doesn’t even cover the emotionally investment in your items.

Technology has made a significant shift in how we approach just about any area of our lives. Utilising the best apps to help you move out will help the process go far smoother than if you were to not.