On-Demand Apps: Startup Ideas That Will Be Big in 2021

On-Demand Apps: Startup Ideas That Will Be Big in 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to get locked up in our homes and do remote jobs. Although things are indeed pretty bad, we have proven ourselves that we can still go through life amidst difficulties, even in the face of a global health and economic crisis. And technology plays a no-small part in our capacity to survive this pandemic.

For instance, we have seen the growing popularity of on-demand apps. When you’re craving for Nachos and you can’t go out to buy one, you can have it delivered to your home with just a few taps on your smartphone. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of such apps are the reasons why many people are using them.

Moreover, many businesses are satisfying consumers’ demands by the quick provisioning of goods and services using on-demand apps. So, if you want to build a startup for an on-demand app, here are some startup ideas that will be big in 2021.

Health & Fitness Apps

More and more people are now thinking of their health since the pandemic hit. Fitness trackers, diet apps, heart-rate monitors, and calorie counters have recorded the highest number of downloads last year.

These mobile apps enable users to monitor their health without going out to see a health professional. Also, many health apps provide videos prepared by health experts to help get better results of your workout or diet.

Yes, health and fitness apps are projected to get a high number of users this 2021. So, you can consider developing one for your business.

Medical Apps

A medical app is a different category from a health and fitness application. The former focuses more on the delivery of medicine or online medical appointments. Since folks are practicing physical distancing and hesitant to go out, medical apps are becoming in demand now.

Building a medical mobile app through which people can conveniently order medicines to be delivered to their homes or book a medical checkup is a promising startup venture.

E-Learning Apps

Since governments across the globe ordered schools to be closed down, educational institutions resorted to e-learning to keep the education of the youth. Now, educators and students are doing online classes thanks to the help of video conferencing and e-learning apps.

Such applications provide students with educational resources and they come with different functionalities. Experts have predicted that online classes will be a big part in the future. In light of this, developers like you should invest in building apps that can contribute to the expanding industry of e-learning.

Delivery and Logistics Apps

Today, the demand for delivery and logistics apps is increasing. A lot of people are becoming more dependent on such apps ever since the lockdowns due to Covid-19. Food delivery apps, courier delivery apps, and grocery delivery apps are on almost every individual’s mobile phone today.

These applications enable users to buy something online and track their orders using their smartphones. If you want to develop such an app, ensure that various panels (administration, vendor, driver, and user) are highly synchronized.

Homecare Apps

Homecare apps are another type of on-demand application that make people’s lives more convenient. Approximately 19% growth projection and $1.13 billion in revenue is seen to come in the homecare industry by 2026, based on the study by Verified Market Research.

Although many folks right now are holed up in their homes, a significant number of them are busy in their work-from-home jobs. In this case, they don’t have sufficient time to do household chores.

That’s why services, such as house cleaning and plumbing, are now growing. The good thing is that you can book them with just one tap on your smartphone.

Beauty Apps

Looking good is a big deal for many men and women, especially in the age of social media. Thus, it’s not surprising to see a number of self-care and beauty apps growing by the day. If you’re planning to create a mobile application that many people will gravitate towards, consider developing a beauty and self-care app.

There are beauty apps that harness virtual reality (VR) technology. For instance, you can now see yourself how you look wearing a particular dress or makeup product using your mobile phone. That’s how cool VR technology is, and you can expect that more development on this technology will emerge sooner in the future.

Travel Apps

Travel apps are already popular even before this global health crisis we’re experiencing today. However, downloads and usage of such applications hit an all-time low after governments across the world put travel restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The good news is that we now have vaccines for the virus, and you can expect that travel restrictions in your dream destinations will be lifted anytime this year. For those who are planning to build a travel app, you should start the project now. For sure, there are investors that will be interested in your project, and it’s time to grab the opportunity while it’s early.

Pet Care Apps

Startups that focus on taking care of your beloved pets are not new. One example of such an app is Wag, which helps you find someone who can walk your dog along your village. For pet lovers who are busy with their work, this mobile application is perfect for you. Also, people who have a lot of time and want to earn money can become dog walkers.

Aside from dog walking apps, there are pet care apps that provide services, such as pet grooming and spa. In 2019, the pet care industry has garnered a total revenue of $220 billion. This number tells mobile app developers that this industry is a big deal and innovation is welcome.


Are you a mobile app developer or a business-minded individual? Are you looking for startup ideas that will give you profits this year? Well, you should invest in on-demand apps.

Many people use on-demand apps because of their cost-effectiveness and convenience. Take note of the ideas mentioned above if you want to build an on-demand app.

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