Power Wheel Off Road Bike

Power Wheel Off Road Bike

What started as bicycles has now extended to motorbikes. Since they are the fruits of the same generation, no wonder why they hold the same benefits such as strengthening of muscles, increased heart rate, and etc.

Motorbikes further branch out into many different types of bikes, the most exceptional of which is an off-road bike. You can ride it to accompany your friends, to have some fresh air, to compete in a race-whatever the case, you can count on it!


Off-road bikes significantly caught people’s attention in the nineteenth century when it became a sport in 1940’s, with its first world championship in 1950.

Since then, it has been an area of interest. If you are one of its admirers, you need to discover the benchmark determining a reliable off-road bike!


Right off the bat, we need to consider if our bike is electric or gas powered. Gas fuelled mini bikes tend to be more expensive than the electric ones. With this distinction, they also have more power and can offer more range. The electric ones, however, are a low maintenance deal.

For continuous use, the gas ones only require refueling, but the electric mini bikes, on the other end of the spectrum, require their batteries to be recharged before you can use them again.


Before purchasing a mini bike, it’s crucial to see if the features of it abide by the laws of your state. Since they don’t already come registered, you’ll have to make a few amendments until its street legal and then get it entered into the agency of your local vehicles.


Most of the mini bikes are designed by keeping kids and teenagers in mind. Hence so, if you are an adult, you should always ask the manufacturer regarding the allowance of weight, height and age. You don’t want to spend dollars on a mini bike just to later discover that it had “under 15 years” tagged on it!


Taking into account that off-road mini bikes are not street legal, you must know the places where you can travel using them. The best is to keep it near your house e.g. in your street, bike paths, parks, etc.


The cost of your mini bike will be directly related to its features such as the wheel power, design, brand, and etc. If you are tight on budget, it is wise to spend on a bike that meets your needs; they start from $300. Otherwise, there are plenty with attractive features but their cost can rise as high as up to $1000.

Now that we know the requirements, we need to explore our options. The market has mini bikes for almost all ages, wallets and interests. Have a look at some of them!

  1. RAZOR

Razor, a one of their kind brand, brings us an electric powered mini bike for adults (14 age and up). Let’s dig in its features to know why we narrowed it down!



We are talking about a motor that is small in size but a mammoth in performance. This mini bike is powered by a 500-Watt motor of high torque. Driven by chain, it can enable the bike to reach a speed up to 15 mph i.e. 24 km per hour.


The battery package consists of a 36v battery along with three 12v ones. All of them are sealed and lead-acid batteries, hence it allows a single ride to end for at least forty minutes smoothly. It gives you a confident control and a comfortable ride like never before! To use it again, you’ll need to recharge it for eight hours.


To ensure these two factors, the bike has a sixteen inch in front and fourteen-inch rear tires which are pneumatic. This allows them to cross a bumpy road smoothly and comfortably without giving you a shaky ride.


The bike is constructed out of a sturdy metal frame which keeps it intact and resistant to damage. It is well built enough to support a weight up to 175 lbs.


It has rubberized handles to offer a smooth and fast operation. The pair of disk brakes intend to stop the bike right in the time, while plastic fairings, which are shatter-resistant, aim at reserving your bike’s beauty till the end (if there’s any!).


“It was very easy, much to my relief. Overall I am very satisfied with this purchase.”


Skipped the above portion because you were looking for a gas powered bike? Stop right here, this is your place to find your dream bike!

  • SIZE

Now we all know how easy huge bikes are on the eye. From being attractive to coming first in every race, every rider wants to bet their cent on a heavy-duty but mini off-road bike. So is this one. This king sized bike can accommodate both the teens and adults of size up to 200 lbs.!


The best part about this product has to be its fuel tank. This beast has a fuel tank so large that it does justice to its cost. This means that you can now plan out long trips without the worry of fuel running out.


It has a 196cc four stroked engine which helps it become the winner effortlessly. The air cooled engine also helps it to not heat up fast and let your only focus be the finishing line.


It has two suspension cushions at the front that boost your ride to its maximum comfort. The tires have a large surface area to provide extreme stability and to enhance traction. For security, the bike is assisted with a chain guard as well as shield against heat exhaustion.


“We absolutely love our two bikes, and plan to buy two more next month.”


To bring it all together, most of the bikes coming from popular brands are a worthwhile investment. With the above guide, there’s no chance you’ll pick a wrong one. Make a decision fast, the race is waiting for you!