The Best Document Management Software For SMB

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

By effectively organizing documents and facilitating quick file searches, document management software helps you save valuable time. Businesses with relatively small workforces frequently find managing a large volume of documents and business records challenging. They will find it simpler to keep the documents structured if they use a powerful document management system (DMS). Additionally, these tools improve team productivity by enabling rapid access to the data they require.

What’s Document Management?

Document management refers to organizing, storing, and tracking digital copies of documents (such as Word documents, PDFs, or other formats). Companies may consolidate the whole process and safely keep documents with this system.

Document Management Systems Benefits

Better Productivity

The success of a company depends on productivity. The company’s files are organized effectively and securely through a document management system. The team may then concentrate on things that matter and worry less about managing documents. The assurance that all of your files are safely kept helps to boost productivity.

Improved Security

Every company wants to secure its sensitive and mission-critical data. In a document management system, you may store private documents and control who can access them. As a result, document management is very traceable, and its audit trails may be used in the future as needed.

Reduced Storage Space

File cabinets, storage containers, and boxes no longer require maintenance. Go paperless and digitally manage your documents with DMS to avoid taking up real estate.

Quick Document Retrieval

Searching for documents and retrieving files from a file system might take a lot of time. However, using a document management system, you can find the file you need fast and save time. Using cutting-edge technology, a DMS lets you search files by name, metadata, and content.

Optimum Team Collaboration

You may collaborate with your coworkers using the majority of document management solutions. People can access the files from a distance because it stores files gathered from various sources. Some tools provide allowed access for external users as well. Continue reading to learn more about the top document management apps for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

We’ve compiled a list of Document Management Software to help you find the right one.

1. Alfresco

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

The Alfresco platform streamlines organizational processes by providing features including document management, online content management, record and image management, and content repository. Both Windows and Unix operating systems are compatible with this open source tool. However, despite being easily adaptable, it takes time for new users to use it.

2. iManage

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

By linking documents, iManage, a document management system, helps you transform data into highly useful information. All documents are saved in a single folder and are categorized by project or customer. On iManage, users can generate, search for, and exchange data fast and effectively. Additionally, it lets you quickly find any document, which boosts productivity. This tool may be connected with other Office 365 and Google Workspace productivity tools for more efficient document management.

3. DocuWare

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

With the help of the DocuWare platform, you can digitize your paper documents and safeguard them at any time on any device. It also helps with personnel management and invoicing processing. Companies that employ dispersed teams or have a scattered staff will find it very helpful. All your important business documents, including contracts, personnel information, and financial data, may be stored in a secure repository provided by DocuWare. After storing a file on this tool, you or your coworkers may directly edit or annotate that document on the same platform. Additionally, it offers clever productivity tools that make it simple for users to search, track, and collaborate. Additionally, this app uses index data to arrange all your documents properly.

4. Box

The Best Document Management Software For SMBThe Best Document Management Software For SMB

Companies can securely manage, collaborate, and save content on any device with Box. Thanks to its document lifecycle management capability, the content management system complies with rules, data retention requirements, and discovery demands. The proper people can access each document by setting the relevant user rights. For comprehensive visibility and control, it also helps you audit user behavior. Additionally, Box can smoothly interact with business applications and open APIs. The team’s cooperation is made simple by features like version history, sharing links, and comments. Additionally, it employs personalized metadata to classify and arrange documents.

5. eFileCabinet

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

Small and medium businesses may use eFileCabinet, a robust document management data system, for online document organization, no matter how many documents they’ve. Upload a file to this platform to store it. Users may find any file using the file name or folder template. Additionally, eFileCabinet enables easy access to commonly used documents. This tool helps team members collaborate and lets you establish several security levels for regulated access. Additionally, it facilitates connection with third-party tools like Salesforce, DocuSign, and Microsoft Office. Other features include role-based permissions, two-factor authentication, encrypted file sharing, location or IP-based authentication, automated workflow, and two-factor authentication.

6. OpenKM

The Best Document Management Software For SMBThe Best Document Management Software For SMB

You can control the creation, storage, and distribution of digital documents with the help of OpenKM, a business document management software. It enables you to have more control over document flow and increases teamwork efficiency. This app includes several administrative tools, including user role definition, sophisticated search, access control, document security level, detail use log, automation setup, and user quota. Furthermore, you can produce content to hasten knowledge generation and decision-making. Additionally, you may collaborate with colleagues and get data from any digital source using this DMS.

7. Folderit

The Best Document Management Software For SMB

Are you seeking a document management system software that provides a system for storing and managing digital documents that are reasonably sustainable? Choose Folderit in that situation. It is a user-friendly document management system hosted in the cloud that helps you become paperless. It safely keeps prior iterations of a file or document and the metadata. Users may search for the files they want using the filename, document content, metadata, and keywords. Additionally, it enables local backup, file linking, automatic retention, reminders, and document numbering. It also provides approval workflow. With varied permissions, you can easily control who can access digital documents. DocuSign and Office 365 apps may be combined using this tool.

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There would be no need to search through many cabinets for the required file with effective document management software in place. The best tools for creating a document management system for your business were covered in this post. The features of these tools allow them to meet the requirements of many industries.