Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

You must find a trusted babysitter with whom you can share the kids’ responsibilities, whether you need to work more hours or want to spend some time with your husband. For the parents, finding a capable babysitter is more than a task. You call each of your friends and ask for recommendations, or you must visit the public play areas in your neighborhood to find a dependable babysitter. Unfortunately, there is no assurance that the babysitter you find will stick around for very long, even if your kids adore them. They could enroll in college, land a full-time job, or become sick when you need them to babysit the kids. Fortunately, there is a more intelligent approach to finding a capable babysitter. To find the babysitter of your dreams, you only have to take your phone and download one of the babysitting apps.

A database of nearby babysitters seeking a suitable job may be found on these web apps. While some of these babysitting apps are free, some require a membership. When you need a child care for an impending occupancy or sometimes even on short notice, these apps make it exceedingly simple to search for it. Additionally, you can access real reviews and ratings for the babysitters, which may help you decide whether or not they’re the best option for your kid. These babysitting apps provide many advantages for both the parents and the babysitters. These babysitting apps feature a thorough job description that helps users better understand the position, reducing the likelihood of rejection. You’re likely to find many jobs through recommendations from shared friends because many babysitting apps focus on network building.

Babysitting App Important Features

Make sure the apps you choose to use to find a dependable babysitter include the following features before you decide which one to use.

  • A huge list of nearby caregivers.
  • Options for searching profiles.
  • Reviews and ratings by users.
  • Network of friends and family.
  • Screening and background checks.
  • Inexpensive packages.

We’ve compiled a list of the top babysitting apps on the market to help you find an app that parents can rely on to hire a babysitter for their kids. So let’s examine each one in turn.

Top Babysitting Apps You Can Use

We’ve compiled a list of Babysitting Apps to help you find the right one.

1. Sittr

Babysitting Apps

There’s a good reason why Sittr claims to be Australia’s top babysitter and nanny-finding app. They have made Sittr, an app that connects parents and babysitters, into a relatively simple system that streamlines the hiring and signing-up procedure. In addition, Sittr offers caregivers insurance coverage while babysitting, which is different from other babysitting apps.

On the app, babysitters sign up and specify their availability for the job. They can choose to get job alerts sent right to their email inbox. Sittr examines the babysitters’ first aid certification and certification to work with children. They must also give a copy of their IDs for verification. When parents directly pay you through the app, Sittr has simplified the payment procedure and transfers the money into your bank account.

2. Sittercity

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Sittercity is a remarkable platform that connects families and caregivers on one platform and is available for Android and iOS devices. You’ll have access to all the options required for looking for a reliable babysitter or nanny nearby after you create a profile for your family on the app. In addition, the families’ expectations regarding child care or tutoring requirements might be included in the job posting.

They may also search for babysitters using experience and skill-related filters and then browse the app results to view their images, reviews, background checks, and references from other parents. Babysitters, on the other hand, have the option to create a professional profile that highlights their experience and skills. In addition, they may search for a good babysitting position that meets their expectations and receive information about job availability in their area. Finally, sitters may use the app to apply for the open position and request an interview.

3. Juggle

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Juggle is a babysitter app that can be used on iOS and Android, although it only lists babysitters in the United States. It offers pet care and summer nanny support in addition to providing parents with safer and more intelligent childcare options. Juggle hires college students and recent graduates to be babysitters; thus, these sitters are more enthusiastic and engaging and like interacting with your children. However, Juggle mostly offers flexible gig options with high pay for college students because they have hectic schedules and cannot sign up for consistent work hours.

Juggle takes a commission of 20% of your hourly rate, and because of a smooth payment system built into the app, your profits are transferred to your bank account. Families may use either an email address or a Facebook account to signup. They may view who their friends are hiring and read real reviews about the sitters if they signup through Facebook. In addition, you may search for a trusted nanny or caregiver using the app’s social network and community filters.

4. Bambino

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Undoubtedly, the way families search for trusted babysitters to babysit their children has been transformed by the widely used babysitting app Bambino. It differs from other babysitting apps because it allows you to meet the babysitters the local families hire. To choose babysitters they can trust with their children, families may browse the favorites list of their friends and neighbors. Additionally, you may search for babysitters in your area and enter your expectations. Finally, read what other families say about their services and extensive bios to learn more about them.

Enter your kid’s information and babysitting schedule to view the list of nannies available when hiring a nanny for your child. Book the one you find the best match after looking through the list. You may pay the babysitters straight from the app without worrying about cash. To save you the trouble of haggling, babysitters’ fees have already been set at standard levels. Additionally, Bambino advertises to the local families the best babysitters in the area. Before adding a babysitter profile, the platform does thorough safety checks, including ID, mobile phone verification, and background checks.

5. SeekingSitters

Babysitting Apps

SeekingSitters is a babysitter recommendation website providing a platform for you to meet experts providing babysitting, child care, Child Care Solutions, Daycare Alternatives, and In-Home Childcare. For last-minute requests, this babysitting platform may even find a babysitter. It is renowned for its quick response. SeekingSitter can help whether you require a full-time or part-time babysitter. They are renowned for their extensive background screening system, and before proposing a possible sitter to families, they carry out a full background check on each candidate.

The same goes for all families that sign up for the form; if accepted, they may request a babysitter. However, all families must first undergo a member verification procedure. Through the internet or by phone, all subscriber families can quickly request a nanny or babysitter. They are provided a Certified Professional Sitter who has passed a thorough background check conducted by their in-house private investigator and has been trained in CPR and first aid. Families may sign up to request babysitters, browse profile pages, and access the pages of the babysitting team presently operating in their area. They might also mark a babysitter as their favorite based on prior encounters.

6. UrbanSitter

Babysitting AppsBabysitting Apps

To meet trusted caregivers and babysitters in your area, use UrbanSitter, the best platform. You can find a dependable full- or part-time nanny, a standby childcare, or a babysitter you need periodically. To find recommendations for a trusted babysitter, you may connect with other parents of kids attending your child’s school, form mothers’ groups, and even make friends with their kids. In addition, UrbanSitter assures that only caregivers who have successfully passed all safety tests and background checks are listed on the app to ensure the total safety of your children.

Similarly, it confirms the families using the app to hire a nanny. You may interview and book a nanny using the babysitting app on UrbanSitter, making hiring one on short notice easier. Additionally, UrbanSitter guarantees that the babysitters are trained to provide CPR in an emergency. To promote transparency to the hiring families, the platform allows you to check how many babysits the babysitter frequently does. You can make a hassle-free payment through the app straight with your credit card. Parents may choose from various price tiers starting at USD 34.95 per month with UrbanSitter.

7. Helpr


To meet the demands of working parents, the online platform Helpr provides on-demand backup childcare services. Parents may request a caregiver in as little as a short time by connecting them to trusted and high-quality caregivers. Families can make a booking for a caregiver as little as three hours ahead or as far in advance as three months. All you require to do to get started is register on the app. From there, you can create your network or ask for our recommendations to request a childcare expert.

Parents may browse nearby babysitters and choose their favorite caregivers when they sign up. Alternatively, you may book a caregiver straight from the app by providing the day and time, but ensure that you offer at least three hours’ notice. You’ll be given a recommendation for a trustworthy childcare provider, and you may check over their biography and confirm if you feel confident. Thanks to Helpr’s thorough screening procedures for caregivers, which include ID verification, Criminal background checks, CPR certification, and Professional Child Care Reference Calls, you won’t have to worry about your kids’ safety.

8. Vivvi


Vivvi is on par with the well-known babysitting apps while being a new participant in the market to redefine child care for working parents. They want highly trained caregivers experienced in providing early learning and child care to help vulnerable souls. Unlike other babysitting apps, Vivvi provides working parents a full childcare program with flexible enrollment options. You have two options: enroll the kids in the campus program or hire a home caregiver.

Because Vivvi places a special emphasis on the health and safety of your kids, its campuses and caregivers offer the greatest levels of safety and responsibility to those under their care. They understand the emotional connection between parents and their children, so they also employ real-time communication tools like SMS, photographs, and video calls to keep parents in touch with their kids. Additionally, the company collaborates with businesses eager to provide their staff with flexible babysitting services of the highest caliber. Infants, toddlers, and pre-schools all have separate learning programs that Vivvi offers, and each age group also has a complex learning paradigm that is used.


Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Possibly the greatest app for finding babysitters, connects parents in need with caregivers. is the go-to platform for scheduling babysitters and nannies and paying for them via the integrated payment module because of its clear approach and convenience. In addition, the care app enables an efficient search option for finding qualified babysitters and permits prompt communication between the family and the possible caregiver.

Parents may easily access the profiles of babysitters and express interest in the profiles of caregivers who meet their needs. However, it is vital to be aware that has a thorough hiring procedure that includes a criminal history check for caregivers. To hire a babysitter, you must create your profile by providing a thorough job description, including length, the children’s age, special requirements, and more. For example, parents may find tutors, housekeepers, pet care volunteers, elder care volunteers, and child care volunteers.

10. Babysits

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

The babysitting website Babysits is well-known among parents and babysitters for recommending caregivers to families worldwide. The app is well-liked in many countries, including Canada, the US, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, Brazil, Australia, and others. Like, Babysits’ main purpose is to serve as a job board. The parents can create a thorough job description by signing up on the website.

Babysitters may also browse the open jobs and apply for those interested in using the app. You can bargain with the parents when babysitting on the number of hours and payment. In addition, there is no commission charged for providing you with the job. Babysits use a badge system, and your badges rise as you acquire experience by babysitting more families. More badges translate into better negotiating, job options, and parental exposure.

11. Usit

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

A babysitting app called Usit suggests college-bound teenagers to parents as on-demand babysitters. It is a fantastic resource for finding nearby babysitters, so you won’t have to worry about doing so again. Parents can decide the hourly fee and length of the babysitting with Usit; all it takes is a push of the button to get started. Most of the time, they can find a sitter who will watch their child immediately.

Parents may read reviews and ratings for a babysitter before hiring them, and they can even test them out while babysitting their kids via the app. The babysitters receive a 5-star rating in addition to the payment and additional tips, which raises their profile score. Usit uses PayPal to process payments. Parents receive ratings on the platform, just like babysitters do. In addition to paying USD 20 for each job you confirm but then cancel, Usit charges USD 2.99 for each job you land on the platform.

12. Swishboom

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

The scheduling and hiring of babysitters are made easier by the babysitting app Swishboom. Babysitters may browse the available jobs and apply for them when families post a job description for babysitting.
By providing more than 4,000 hours of babysitting, an app-based platform for hiring babysitters has already aided busy parents. This increases their output and gives them a chance to recharge. To create their profile on the platform, parents may provide the required details, such as names, the number of kids, and an emergency contact number.

They can post hiring for babysitters either in advance or on short notice once they have been vetted. In addition, they may provide job descriptions to connect with the babysitters in their network. To ensure that they are recommending you a reliable babysitter, Swishboom employs a thorough verification procedure and background check. Every candidate app on the platform must pass the social media check, the sex offenders registry check, and the email and phone number verification. To confirm their good standing, individuals must also provide three references.

13. Bubble

Top 13 Babysitting Apps You Can Use

Bubble is a straightforward, practical, and secure option to find reliable babysitters in the United Kingdom, having assisted more than 100,000 parents in finding a trusted and high-quality caregiver nearby. The app is free for babysitters, and they have public liability insurance of £1 million. Additionally, babysitters can set their availability and decide on the time. You sign up for Bubble using your Facebook account, which serves as identification. Your chances of receiving a recommendation are also boosted because it provides a platform for finding new families and making friends with the same interests.

You may meet babysitters your friends have trusted as a parent, so you don’t need to worry about their dependability. The Bubble app is available for both iOS and Android users to download and use, and it also features an integrated payment module that enables you to go cashless and improve convenience. Connect to your phonebook contacts on Bubble and your Facebook friends. You can contact your common friends with a possible babysitter if you want to learn more about them. In addition, Bubble keeps track of the sitting hours, eliminating ambiguity.

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Use these well-known and widely used babysitting apps and websites to search for and hire a nanny or babysitter for your small child. Thanks to these platforms, finding a qualified and trustworthy babysitter in your area is much easier. These babysitting apps carry out a thorough background check on the babysitter they recommend, but you should also do your background check for peace of mind.