The Best RGB Power Supply For Your PC

The Best RGB Power Supply For Your PC

Do you regularly use your desktop? If so, you must fundamentally understand the power supply unit. For your PC, let’s acquire some stylish RGB power supply units. It is crucial that those of us who frequently use desktops and PCs are made aware of the value and proper utilization of the power supply unit. Although it may not be a PC’s most glamorous or interesting component, the heart is. Similar to food for people, a power supply unit is essential to a PC. It is essential to provide power to the PC; if the wrong unit is used, significant harm might result. Read more about why we require RGB power supply units for our desktops.

What’s An RGB Power Supply Unit?

Red, Green, and Blue, or RGB, is a phrase that may be unfamiliar to some. Why do power supply units (PSU) use RGB? It’s a simple question to answer. In order to make PSUs seem more aesthetically pleasing, RGB is used in PSUs.

More customization is possible with RGB Power Supply Units thanks to the RGB lighting that can be installed in various locations, including on the PSU case’s fan blades or as an RGB ring around the fan. On certain devices, you may change the lights by pressing a button on the PSU casing. Some PSUs have features like Zero Fan mode that turn off the fan when the power is low for quiet operation.

These devices generally operate at 100 to 240 volts and produce various power levels according to their power ratings and efficiency. The best of these power supply units (PSUs) combines customizable RGB lighting with excellent performance capabilities. The PSU is more robust and resistant to power fluctuations thanks to high-quality components.

PSU For Desktop Importance

Power supply components are the building blocks of any PC. By stealing power from the electrical outlet, these components distribute it throughout your PC. If your system doesn’t have enough power, it won’t function as you need it to and could not even turn on.

One of the numerous problems that might result from a power source that does not offer reliable or clean electricity is destabilization, which may be challenging to spot. In reality, problems like unpredictable resets and freezes that would not otherwise be observed frequently result from a failing power supply. In addition to delivering power, a PSU can protect components after a PC crash or provide fail-safes for misdirected currents.

What Should Be The Wattage Of The PSU For Your PC?

If you install the wrong power supply, you risk harming the components because the power supply powers every component. The appropriate PSU will supply your components with steady power as needed. The best power supply for your PC system is the one that powers each component with the right number of watts at the same time. This must be calculated manually by dividing the total amps of all components by the sum of their voltages. The result is the total amount of watts required to create your PC.

Any PSU calculator will carry out this task and provide you with a list of options. All the PC parts you are making must be entered into it. Usually, more complex systems require more electricity to run. A desktop with many graphics processing units (GPUs), a premium motherboard, and a custom liquid cooling system may need a larger computer power supply than a simpler configuration.

Modular vs. Non-Modular PSUs

When searching for power supply units, you will encounter the words modular and non-modular. A non-modular power supply provides a fixed set of wires that cannot be removed. If your PC doesn’t need all of those wires, you must leave some of them hanging around in your case.

Each cable may be plugged in and removed from a modular power supply. This suggests that you remove any wires you don’t need and store them in the box in case you do. By not finding a safe place to store extra wires within your case, you may minimize clutter, simplify cable management, and even improve airflow.

Power Supply Certification

To make the greatest choice when buying a power supply, it is crucial to consider several aspects. The energy consumption of the PSUs may be calculated with the use of power supply certifications. Power supply certifications are referred to as “80 Plus.” The 80 Plus certification has many classifications that describe each power supply’s effectiveness: White, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. Beginning with white and ending with titanium, they are arranged in order of increasing efficiency.

Crucial Features For Picking The Best RGB PSU

When buying an RGB power supply unit, there are several features to keep an eye out for. Make sure the power supply is from a reputable source prior to purchasing, and study reviews to choose the best one. Please keep away from generic, inexpensive power supplies since they frequently have subpar quality. Pick reputable businesses that provide solid assurances and assistance. Using larger, heavier units are preferred over tiny, light ones. With better capacitors, chokes, and other parts, the internal components of higher-quality power supplies are always more significant. For improved heat dissipation, they frequently feature bigger heatsinks, which all increase weight. Larger cooling fans frequently move more air while quieter than smaller ones, which is another advantage.

You must check the connections to ensure the PSU is compatible with your particular system. A 20+4 pin is a connection that may be used as a 20-pin or 24-pin connector. When purchasing a power supply, keep an eye out for three crucial characteristics. The three characteristics are efficiency, rails, and power output. Other characteristics and features are equally important, but these three directly influence the PSU’s performance. Now that you are familiar with RGB PSUs let’s move on to the list of some of the top models available for purchase.

The Best RGB Power Supply For Your PC

We’ve compiled a list of RGB Power Supply to help you find the right one.


KRATOS P1 750G ensures stable power delivery and superior quality for professional gamers in GAMDIAS RGB PSUs. The semi-modular construction allows players to choose between attached and supplementary wires to meet their needs. Addressable LEDs and integrated RGB lighting effects make creating a preferred customized style simple. GAMDIAS 80 Plus Gold power supply is the most efficient and affordable way to transmit power for gaming computer systems. WHILE REGULATING THE FAN SPEED, the GAMDIAS ECO fan speed control technology achieves the optimal balance between power consumption and noise. It merely has to be turned to silent mode and has an extremely quiet fan.

2. ASUS ROG Thor RGB Power Supply

100% Japanese capacitors, an OLED power monitor, and a 135mm wing-blade fan are all features of the ROG Thor 850W Platinum power supply. Aura Sync is a feature of the 850-watt power supply that enables lighting synchronization with a sizable Aura ecosystem and energy economy. It is made completely of Japanese capacitors for stability and lifespan and has an energy efficiency rating of 80+ Platinum. Additionally, this PSU has dustproof IP5X wing-blade fans and integrated ROG heatsinks for 0dB cooling and quieter operation. For monitoring power use in real-time, it features an OLED power display. This PSU’s AC input range is 100-240Vac.

3. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB

With the greatest components and modular architecture, the Toughpower Grand RGB Series can accommodate any common construction at any moment. It includes a 256 Colors Ring 14 RGB fan that is already installed, built-in memory, and five distinct illumination modes. It also offers 650W to 850W and 80 PLUS capability. Well, the Toughpower RGB PSU, which has a Gold certification, considerably improves durability and offers the highest stability and reliability thanks to Japanese-made capacitors. The best feature of this PSU is the Smart Zero Fan, which reduces audible noise while the fan runs at less than 20% operational load.

4. Corsair CX750F RGB Power Supply

The CORSAIR CX-750F RGB Series power supply is modular. Through a 120mm RGB, this RGB PSU gives your system stable, 80 PLUS Bronze-rated efficiency and vibrant, programmable illumination. Also, this PSU fan features eight RGB LEDs and an RGB RN design. A simple button press may operate RGB lighting, and choosing between the ten pre-programmed lighting designs is easy. Use the included 5V ARGB adapter to connect to a CORSAIR iCUE RGB Lighting Controller and/or a compatible motherboard for more complex RGB lighting control. Additionally, the revised fan curve included in CORSAIR PSUs was designed to minimize noise. Also, it supports Microsoft Modern Standby sleep mode for faster wake-from-sleep times and increased low-load efficiency.

5. Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 ARGB

Performance and elegance are combined in the Thermaltake Tough Power PF1 ARGB Platinum Series, which is made with premium components and cutting-edge technology. The range of its power ratings is 850W, 1050W, and 1200W. The ground-breaking 16.8 million-color Ring Duo, 14 RGB fans, and 18 built-in LEDs make brighter and more colorful lighting possible. The skillfully designed RGB side panels let light pass through. The series enables lighting options synchronizing with RGB motherboards like Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Rock. With their practically quiet and steady power, the full-power PF1 and RGB Platinum meet and even exceed the demanding requirements of enthusiasts or enthusiastic PC users.

6. Corsair CX550F RGB Power Supply

The Corsair RGB Power Supply is a completely modular PSU that provides your PC with energy efficiency certified at 80 Plus Bronze. Additionally, it has easily-operable programmable illumination that you can adjust with a button. Its fan curve has been made to lessen noise, which will, in turn, make your experience more tranquil. This PSU’s power rating is 550 watts.

7. GAMEMAX RGB Power Supply

The GAMEMAX RGB 1300W offers a robust and dependable performance with its 16PIN (12VHPWR) connection, enabling the power supply to fully use the capability of next-generation graphic cards. A 140mm addressable ARGB Fan and clever preset RPM management are included in the device to guarantee efficient cooling and silent operation. This power supply unit’s modular design strengthens wire management while improving ventilation. The GAMEMAX RGB-1300W has no wires on the DC side within the PSU body, improving cooling airflow and maximizing component lifespans. Additionally, it has 25 intelligent lighting options that work with Aura Sync and RGB memory and can communicate with other compatible devices.

8. Cooler Master XG850 Plus ARGB

Well, the XG Plus Platinum power supply, which was developed in-house by Cooler Master, provides cutting-edge efficiency, sturdy design, and dependable performance to meet all of your regular computing and gaming needs. Because of the fluid dynamic fan bearing in this PSU, friction is kept to a minimum, enabling low RPM operation and quiet cooling performance. By decreasing ambient temperatures, minimizing ripple noise, and enhancing airflow, high-efficiency cables, and Japanese in-line capacitors are employed in the XG Plus Platinum to improve overall efficiency and thermal performance. The MasterPlus+ software’s cutting-edge system management allows users to keep track of every element of the XG Plus Platinum in real time, including temperature, fan speed, system load, and much more.

9. Thermaltake Smart RGB

The 256-color RGB fan hub from Thermaltake’s Smart RGB Series comes pre-installed and is patented. It features 15 lighting options and internal memory. It also offers 80 PLUS and 500W to 700W capabilities. The Smart RGB Series contains high-quality parts and has a quiet design that you can use with any mainstream building anytime, thanks to standard certification. To improve brightness and create an innovative lighting user experience, this RGB PSU employs 10 LED light bulbs. The limitations caused by voltage dispersion are removed by its single +12V rail, which provides tremendous power. Additionally, it offers the constant power your CPU and VGA need. As a result, the highest levels of compatibility, conversion efficiency, and voltage output consistency are provided.

10. Redragon PSU007 Power Supply

The Redragon RGB PSU delivers 4-5% less power than a standard power supply input and has an efficiency certification of 80+ gold. It uses the least electricity possible to keep your system running and lower power costs. The powerful 120mm fans on this PSU are designed for quiet operation and excellent heat dissipation. With an average noise level of 33 dBA, this PSU provides a peaceful and quiet gaming environment. The best aspect of purchasing from Redragon is that they have a strong feeling of trust in their high-quality products and offer assistance for any relevant questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Consider The Following:

  • BAS Tools
  • Bass Booster Software

The Bottom Line:

RGB PSUs are suitable for projects where RGB lighting is preferred. They add to the build’s design and improve its look. Several RGB PSUs have addressable LEDs that allow you to change the lighting’s modes, colors, and other features. You don’t need to modify it every time you turn off your computer because certain PSUs have built-in memory to store your customization. You may obtain great performance by combining RGB PSU with components that supply the necessary power. Greater powerful PSUs are required for components that require greater power. Make a neat structure from purely modular wires to draw attention to the result.