Top 9 Identity Access Management Tools To Use

Top 9 Identity Access Management Tools To Use

In your organization, do you place the highest priority on IT security as set security? The best identity access management tools are thus required, as described below. Security is every business’ top priority in today’s digital environment. Hackers use unique methods and tools to steal data from businesses and resell it on the dark web. By seizing your whole IT infrastructure, including crucial databases that may harm thousands of users, harsh hackers would make you pay millions of dollars in ransom. As a result, businesses deploy strong IAM tools as a backup resource for business data security and strict data security and password policies.

What’s Identity Access Management (IAM)?

Well, Identity access management (IAM) is a set of policies, tools, and apps that govern and specify which employee or stakeholder has access to which digital assets. Digital assets include mostly app servers, customer databases, payment apps, ERP tools, billing apps, employee payroll data, and other items for businesses. Checking code repositories and gaining access to CI/CD pipelines, external & internal knowledgebases, and platforms such as software logs, services, intranets, and business communication channels are all examples of accessing digital assets in DevSecOps. You, or the cyber security administrator, must manage access to every digital resource your business relies on for seamless operations.

Identity Access Management (IAM) Need

To begin with, you require an IAM to grant existing and new employees access to business apps and resources. Depending on your needs, you may provide or revoke access to an ERP in a few clicks. You may become less reactive and more proactive in terms of business security, thanks to IAMs. After suffering from data breaches and financial losses, it is not a good idea for an organization to establish strict security policies. Implementing data security and access control policies from the first day would be best to prevent reputational and financial harm. IAM solutions are also recommended for the following reasons.

  • Using a cloud app that can continually monitor 10 to 1,000 employees accessing servers, codebases, container packages, client data, payment methods, etc., can help you scale your business security.
  • Prevent data breaches from occurring in the first place to control the problem before the media, the general public, and investors become involved.
  • By constantly scanning such business assets, you may eliminate waste in distributing resources and licenses. Then, dynamically distribute the necessary resources to save money and prevent business data from getting into the wrong hands.

How Does Identity Access Management Work?

An IAM solution gives the following security functionality and tools to secure business data.

Single Sign-On Access

Enterprise email provides seamless access to all business apps and accounts through an IAM solution. The number of user accounts and passwords that employees must remember is minimal.

Log, Audit, And Report

Every action on your IT infrastructure should be recorded, and you should receive a report with data from any recent security issue, password reset events, login requests from external networks, and other occurrences.

User Authorization

It authorizes their activities by periodically scanning the user account database for any recent modifications, which stops users from making unauthorized changes to your systems, apps, and websites.

User Authentication

IAM requires security authentication when an employee enters your company’s business systems. It could provide CAPTCHAs, passwords, SMS messages, physical security key-based access, and more. Additionally, it encourages frequent password and credential changes from the user.

User Permissions Provisioning And Revoking

ONCE YOU CREATE A USER ACCOUNT, the IAM tool grants access to particular business systems based on the role or designation. To secure multi-point approvals, IAM tools can send these provision requests through several managers. Additionally, when a user is deleted from the IAM, all prior app and database access is immediately terminated. Even if they actively develop an app, the tool locks out the employee in real time.

Manage System Users

All business databases, apps, virtual desktops, servers, and cloud storage are integrated with IAM tools. With just one user profile created in the IAM tool, the appropriate individual will access the app and data you provide.

How Does An Identity Access Management Tool Help You?

The following are some benefits of using an effective IAM tool for your business.

  • A single source of truth for all issues relating to the security of digital assets and data.
  • Provisioning security clearances with a few clicks enables a new employee to begin working on the first day.
  • You may safeguard business information by immediately revoking employees’ access to corporate data.
  • Letting you know about security events so you may take appropriate action and avoid suffering significant harm.
  • Prevent annoyance brought on by insider threats and leaking of information.
  • By spotting suspicious activity using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you may prevent aberrant activities by employees or outside vendors.

The features to check for in the IAM tool will then be discussed.

IAM Tool Features

Make sure an IAM tool has the following necessary features before purchasing it.

  • Ownership costs shouldn’t be excessively expensive.
  • The tool must provide account-based charging for users. Create a few accounts, and you’ll pay less. Create additional accounts, and you’ll pay more. Additionally, bulk account administration should be discounted.
  • The six required features must be available in the IAM solution. These include a management dashboard, reporting, authentication, authorization, and single sign-on.
  • Zero-trust authorization must be used by the tool.
  • The authentication process should be made random to make users aware of their obligations regarding data security.

After learning the identity access management concept’s fundamentals, find some excellent tools for any digital business below.

Top 9 Identity Access Management Tools To Use

We’ve compiled a list of Identity Access Management Tools to help you find the right one.

1. Ping Identity

Ping Identity sends the user to a different cloud or on-premise server after identity access management through its own PingOne cloud via the cloud platform. Your workloads focused on serving your customers and the internal employees are appropriate for the PingOne cloud. On the PingOne cloud, you create an account for a user with access to an app and a procedure for authentication. Ping Identity uses a preset sequence to organize the path of customers or employees to a business app. It involves subsequent actions.

  • Identifying the device and user data.
  • Confirm the user.
  • Analyzing user behavior on your IT assets.
  • Use secondary security techniques for authentication.
  • Business stakeholders approve the new user.
  • The chosen apps and databases are accessible to the user without any problems.

2. NordLayer

A well-known multinational cyber security company, NordLayer, offers NordLayer IAM, a complete identity and access management business solution. Organizations can handle user identities and access privileges across various apps and devices because of its comprehensive feature set. Well, it offers identity management and access control services to ensure data security, compliance, and auditability. Businesses may control user access security and protect their data with their cloud-based solutions without compromising security or regulatory compliance.

It offers a straightforward platform that simplifies user activity monitoring and streamlines user identification and permission processes. Nordlayer’s solutions are built by the most modern security standards, making them among the most reliable and secure ones on the market. From small start-ups to global conglomerates, they provide a range of solutions to meet the needs of every organization. The features it offers are as follows.

  • Making use of multi-factor authentication to add a degree of security.
  • Use a single sign-on to access a variety of cloud apps.
  • Instantly connect to a VPN server.
  • AES 256-bit encryption of a military-grade.
  • The NordLynx protocol has improved performance.

Integrating OneLogin with other systems like Azure, Okta, and OneLogin is simple. NordLayer is committed to aiding organizations in reducing the complexity and costs associated with managing user identities and access and offering comprehensive security and efficient compliance. The pricing ranges from basic to advanced and bespoke levels for large organizations.


AWS IAM is the best solution for protecting business data if you run cloud apps, databases, and analytics projects on Amazon Web Services. It offers numerous features, but the following are the most crucial.

  • Access analyzer for IAM.
  • Identity management hub for IAM.
  • Manage IAM user or account roles.
  • Manage IAM permissions by supplying and revoking them.
  • For strict data security and accountability, use multi-factor authentication.

If your business needs any of the above, you should use AWS IAM.

  • For account provisioning, leverage attributes like role, team, location, etc., to assign granular permissions.
  • Manage accounts individually or in bulk.
  • Easily implement data security procedures throughout the whole organization.
  • Maintain a least privilege policy for apps and data used for business.

On setting up and using AWS IAM, AWS offers a wealth of materials. As a result, you may learn rapidly and start working in no time.

4. Keycloak Open Source IAM

Red Hat provides funding and sponsorships for the ongoing development of Keycloak, an open-source IAM software. You can consider Keycloak if your business needs specially created IAM solutions that no other firms offer. The following are some of its noteworthy features.

  • Sign-ins and sign-outs for several apps inside a single organization or platform using Keycloak SSO.
  • Make social login pages so users may access your cloud services using their Facebook, GitHub, or Google accounts.
  • Create your IAM solution using Keycloak’s codebase and relational data store.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory servers may be integrated with this IAM solution.

The server’s operator, container image, and codebase for Keycloak are all freely downloadable.

5. Okta IAM

Try Okta if you’re searching for an all-in-one solution for identity management and deploying identity-based services. 7,000+ business app connectors are available. The management team for Okta’s integration frequently collaborates with initiatives that will result in the release of apps in the future. The following functions are among its primary IAM features.

  • Log in universally.
  • One-time password.
  • Passwordless.
  • MFA that adapts.
  • Management of the lifecycle.
  • Workflows.
  • Identity Management.

Within the identity access management environment, Okta offers two distinct services. A service that caters to customers is the first solution. You may use Customer Identity by Okta if you host OTT video platforms, subscription-based websites, SaaS services for end users, or web content protected by a paywall. Additionally, you can use the Workforce Identity Cloud to grant access to your business assets on and off the cloud to employees, vendors, clients, partners, and freelancers.

6. SailPoint IAM

The basic IAM system SailPoint’s IAM solution is built upon is managed via integration, automation, and intelligence. Subfeatures are grouped around the identity access management system. The IAM solution of your business must operate flawlessly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to these submodules. As mentioned below, a few noteworthy subfeatures.

  • SaaS tools administration.
  • Provisioning and revoking user accounts automatically.
  • Access suggestions powered by AI.
  • IAM processes.
  • Access insights and data analytics.
  • Digital certificates to read files, access apps, and other things.
  • Management of passwords, password resets, and blacklisting.
  • Manage who has access to files and documents.
  • Accommodate demands for access.

For a variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government, education, and others, SailPoint offers IAM solutions. Making your IT infrastructure efficient, adhering to rules, and safeguarding resources anywhere, at any time are just a few practical services IAM tools provide.

7. ManageEngine

An integrated IAM tool from Zoho called ManageEngine AD360 enables IT security administrators to change, provision, and revoke user identities. You may manage user access to network resources on public, private, hybrid, or on-premise servers. You can do all the tasks mentioned above across Exchange Servers, on-premises Active Directory, and cloud apps from a common software or web interface. In a word, ManageEngine AD360 provides instant access to apps, ERPs, customer data, business wikis, etc., for both your on-payroll and off-payroll employees in minutes. You may revoke access when they leave the business or decide that access is no longer required for that specific employee.

8. JumpCloud IAM

JumpCloud’s combined device and IAM solution enable you to lower the cost of IAM solution ownership significantly. Using this service may save overhead costs, simplify your IAM system, and deal with fewer IT vendors. The following business logic can grant IT infrastructure access to employees, interns, clients, stakeholders, vendors, and visitors after its solutions have been set up.

  • Give anybody or a few resources access.
  • Permit access from a variety of locations.
  • A physical or digital identity should be used to provide access.
  • Permit cloud access.
  • Give users access to reliable equipment or software.

You may manage processes, workflows, devices, and people with its IAM tool from a single web app housed in a JumpCloud-maintained open directory.

9. Fortinet IAM Solutions

As devices access your intranet or internet network, Fortinet IAM Solutions provide the security functions required to verify the identities of employees, clients, vendors, and other devices. Below are mentioned some of its key features and benefits.

  • It ensures that only users who have been properly authenticated, authorized, and verified may access your business resources, whether on the cloud or not.
  • The original user is only accessing authorized sites thanks to its multi-factor authentication. You know who to call in the event of a data breach.
  • Fortinet SSO enables seamless access to IT infrastructure without having to remember a password. It makes use of API support, 0Auth, SAML, and OIDC.
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, guest accounts, ad-hoc access, and many more features are supported by Fortinet IAM.

Consider The Following:

  • BAS Tools
  • Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools


It takes work to choose the best identity access management tool. Choosing the tool that will help them set the desired level of security requires weeks of labor from IT administrators and cybersecurity managers. Try using some of the best IAM tools mentioned in this post to save money, time and maintain your sanity.