Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

I have compiled a list of the best Android Gallery Apps For Android. Now, let’s have a look at the bulleted list.

Android smartphones are now in the hands of nearly everyone if we only take a look around. The extended majority of smartphones on the market today are powered by the Android operating system. In addition, cellphones are growing more powerful, thanks to improvements in RAM, processor, and camera technology.

Smartphones are generally the favored device for capturing moments, even though their cameras can’t compete with DSLRs. Peruse the images stored in the Gallery app on your phone. Numerous images can be found there. In addition, there are a plethora of Android photo-editing apps out there that can help.


It’s a good idea to have a Gallery app on our cellphones because we have so many images. But unfortunately, Android’s built-in Gallery app is slow and unattractive despite its functionality. It’s not only that Android’s built-in gallery apps don’t include essential functions like batch deleting, relocating, and so on.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

The Foto Gallery, Android gallery software is an excellent choice for a lightweight and dedicated gallery app for organizing your photos.

What’s this? A full-featured Android gallery app, Foto Gallery lets you transfer photos, hide or exclude private folders, add new folders, etc. Users can also choose from various color schemes in the gallery app.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

It’s one of the best and lightest Gallery Apps For Android on the Play Store. In addition, simple Gallery offers a slew of other capabilities and photo management and organization.

You can hide your photos in the built-in photo vault. In addition, you may edit your images with this app by resizing and trimming them.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

An Android photo management app that’s only been out for a short time can be found on Google Play. What’s this? Photo management features including gesture support, sorting choices, and quick search are available in the Best Gallery app.

In addition, Best Gallery provides a wide range of image editing options, such as cropping, rotating, resizing, and applying filters.

4. Piktures

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

It is one of the most popular Android picture editing apps. Photos, movies, and other media can be accessed with Piktures.

Piktures is among the best Gallery Apps For Android. Cloud storage providers like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox can also be accessed using the app.

5. 1Gallery

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

For Android handsets, 1Gallery is a full-featured gallery app alternative. Using Android’s gallery app is a great way to organize your images. With 1Gallery, you get more than just standard photo and video management tools.

You can edit photos and videos, store them in a vault, and more with 1Gallery. Theme settings and photo widgets are also available in the Android version of 1Gallery.

6. Google Photos

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

Google Photos comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android smartphones these days. As a reminder, Google Photos is one of the top Android and iOS gallery apps.

Google Photos offers limitless storage for photos and videos as a cloud storage service. Additionally, Google Photos is a photo storage service.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

Gallery Go is the best Android photo and video gallery app there, period. With Gallery Go, you don’t have to manually sort your photos into categories like “people,” “nature,” “selfies,” “animals,” or “documents.”

Photo editing tools are also included in Gallery Go and the usual functions for managing photos and albums. Android’s Gallery app is also extremely lightweight, ideal for offline use.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

It is one of the top-rated Gallery Apps For Android. that you can get on the Google Play Store. Memoria Photo Gallery’s Material design makes it easy to go through all of your photos.

As a bonus, Memoria Picture Gallery now includes a photo vault for safekeeping your albums and images.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

Google Play Store users can get the Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor app, a multi-purpose image management app. There are several reasons for this app’s popularity on Google Play, not the least being the extensive range of functions it offers.

Create and manage photo albums with Photo Album, Image Gallery & Editor.

Top Gallery Apps For Android in 2022

F-Stop Gallery is ad-free and devoid of in-app purchases. The program gives users all the tools they need to manage their photos and videos effectively.

Additionally, F-Stop Gallery allows users to set tags, organize their images and movies into folders, and bookmark their most important photos and movies.

Final Words

These free Android gallery apps might help you organize your photos more effectively. Please let me know about any other similar Gallery Apps For Android in the comments section below if you are aware of any.