Top Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools To Use

Top Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools To Use

With the help of bandwidth monitoring tools, network engineers and IT professionals may effectively manage and assess the network. It is necessary to monitor bandwidth to understand your network’s state better and address latency issues and network errors. Continuous network monitoring is necessary to understand what is happening. These monitoring tools monitor traffic patterns, data processing and response times, and bandwidth use throughout the network.

You can easily track how much bandwidth each device on your network consumes, establish consumption limitations for each device, and spot any potential snags or service failures using bandwidth monitors. The top network bandwidth monitors are shown below for networks. These tools provide a comprehensive breakdown of everything in your network and monitor and check your network connection. Get started now!

Top Network Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

We’ve compiled a list of Network Bandwidth Monitoring tools to help you find the right one.

1. NetWorX

Network Bandwidth Monitoring

Softperfect offers NetworX, a fantastic and simple bandwidth monitoring tool to track network activity and bandwidth utilization. A highly adjustable and adaptable graph displays live traffic consumption and a list of Internet-accessing services. Dashboards may be changed, and network bandwidth utilization and the quantity of data used as a percentage of your total limit are shown in real-time.

The literature for this software reveals that it may also monitor network traffic originating from a router or gateway that uses the SNMP standards, even though it is only intended to monitor networking devices on your local PC. Additionally, you can set up alerts to tell you when network performance declines. These notifications may also monitor your ISP traffic limitations and locate possible network problem regions. Download a free 30-day trial to get started.

2. Paessler PRTG

Network Bandwidth Monitoring


Paessler Among IT professionals, PRTG is a well-known name for network analysis and monitoring. Since many businesses have long depended on PRTG for their varied monitoring needs, it is not unexpected that the company now offers an exceptional bandwidth monitoring tool. The consequences of slow bandwidth are serious in business settings. Workers and employees become idle due to these network outages, which lowers productivity and revenue. Bandwidth hogs need to be swiftly located and eliminated by network administrators.

This PRTG network monitoring technology will assist you in this case in tracking bandwidth usage, discovering and measuring increased transmission overloads, and accurately pinpointing potential network delays by probing farther into the network. It pinpoints potential network bottlenecks and bandwidth hogs, such as which system or app uses the most bandwidth. Additionally, this software package comes with built-in tools like the Packet Analyzer, which maintains track of normal activity in data streams so the user can understand the data sent across the network. Download a free 30-day trial. This software package includes integrations for many sensors and modules. It returns to its free edition after the trial time.

3. ManageEngine

Network Bandwidth Monitoring

To assist you in identifying and resolving network issues before they impact customers and subscribers, ManageEngine offers a strong and reliable corporate-level bandwidth monitor. It enables the user to watch and track the evolution of network bandwidth usage. In addition, you may establish internet use limits and receive instant notifications when the limit is surpassed. This tool uses graphs and statistical data to show use patterns and network activity over several months. The fact that this bandwidth monitoring app features several security safeguards is also crucial to notice.

It is a state-of-the-art bandwidth monitor tool with various operating systems, including Android, Windows, and Linux. This software package offers resource management tools and real-time bandwidth monitoring reporting. To detect zero-day attacks and track network anomalies, this NetFlow Analyzer’s Incremental Flow Processing Engine can assist you. You may download the ManageEngine network bandwidth monitor for free, and it offers a 30-day trial period.

4. SolarWinds

SolarWinds offer a comprehensive network bandwidth evaluation and performance monitoring software suite. Network Performance Monitor (NPM) and NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) are included in this bundle. Numerous networking operations may be carried out by it, including WLC traffic monitoring, multi-vendor network monitoring, bespoke network traffic reporting, and many more. To record and analyze streams of data packets and assist in information retention, resource allocation, and avoiding potential setup problems, this tool does real-time network traffic analysis.

Additionally, it can inspect and distinguish fraudulent network packets, identify patterns in the data stream, and even display the study of the data flow using a UI. All of these can assist the user in locating and correcting performance problems. Like other tools, SolarWinds offers a one-month free trial period that is fully functioning and accessible via the SolarWinds download website.

5. BWMonitor


It is simple and convenient to use the network monitoring tool BWMonitor. In contrast to the other tools listed above, which evaluate bandwidth across all the computers in the network, this tool monitors bandwidth on the workstation the user installs and configures it on. With this tool’s help, it can monitor sensitive traffic, including proxy and VPN data, by monitoring the packets sent and processed at the interface level. Despite being a paid tool, it offers additional useful features, including a built-in bandwidth analyzer and downloads and upload speed tester.

On all Windows versions, it works. Users may set up alerts using a bandwidth alerting system to receive warnings when threshold levels are crossed and construct adaptive real-time bandwidth graphs to view data for better comprehension. The BWMoinitor download website offers a 30-day trial period for BWmonitor, which includes access to all features.

6. Nagios

Nagios is yet another superior real-time bandwidth monitoring and analysis tool. This open source tool tracks bandwidth use and continuously monitors and analyzes network traffic for possible bottlenecks. Additionally, it alerts users when problems are found, and pre-established threshold levels are exceeded. The Nagios core version offers comprehensive SNMP-based bandwidth monitoring for routers and access points. Network routers and gateways can be monitored using all SNMP versions, and they can also offer network bandwidth use information for both incoming and outgoing traffic. The user may run the gateway monitoring option and set it up to monitor the network in only a few minutes using Nagios XI, which simplifies the process.

While safeguarding and increasing the network connection, the program is simple and may rapidly discover network issues. It also maintains track of network statistics data to swiftly locate the problem and fix it in a matter of seconds when the same fault recurs. In the case of a breakdown, Nagios instantly notifies technical employees so they may begin troubleshooting before it disrupts any customer activities. Nagios XI may monitor any OS’s operational infrastructure components. It carries out a variety of tasks, such as uptime monitoring, strategic system alarms, and unlimited practical scalability. It is available for a one-month free trial period.

The Bottom Line:

Network administrators may examine the entire network activity with the help of these bandwidth monitor tools. Regardless of the size and functioning of the infrastructure, every company should have bandwidth monitoring solutions on hand. I hope that this post is useful to you in your search for the top network bandwidth monitoring tools.