10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

An even more intimate method to learn about influencers, goods, brands, and people’s lives in general is through Instagram stories. They provide amazing opportunities for brands and entrepreneurs to promote interaction with their followers. If you’re an influencer or a small business owner, you may benefit from some of the best Instagram story viewer apps discussed in this post. However, it’s crucial to understand what Instagram story viewer apps are and how they work before we get started.

What Are Instagram Story Viewer Apps?

Third-party apps known as Instagram story viewer apps let you access and engage with Instagram stories outside of the Instagram platform. They are tools that let you interact with your preferred business or influencer via a different app, which goes beyond simply viewing stories on Instagram. You may search for the best Instagram growth services to grow swiftly to increase interaction. You may check Instagram stories while staying anonymous with certain tools. Also, you may obtain access to private profiles using these tools. Let’s examine some of the best Instagram Story Viewer Apps now on the market.

Using Instagram Story Viewer Apps Benefits

Some people wish to use their online identities in anonymity. People appreciate privacy and anonymity. Using Instagram story viewer apps gives you peace of mind while surfing Instagram and allows you to be anonymous when viewing private and public profiles. They allow you to navigate and view content without coming across as a stalker, are safe, and don’t let other users know you’re viewing their content.

1. IGram

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

Instagram photos and videos may be downloaded using IGram, a popular app. Copy the URL to the content you wish to download and click the button. You are not required to sign into your profile and can download as much as you like.


  • View the selected person’s Instagram likes.
  • The use of an Instagram account is not necessary.
  • View both private and public accounts’ Instagram stories.
  • Stories, videos, and photos are all available for download.

2. GlassaGram

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

Thanks to a third-party app, you may view content from users on GlassaGram without logging in. You may check out other people’s posts, likes, comments, and stories without revealing your name. You must download an identity-hiding app if you want to be able to view what other people are publishing without being traced down or discovered.


  • Instagram Story Viewer Anonymous.
  • Anonymous Video Viewer on Instagram.
  • View the selected person’s Instagram likes.
  • Track your location on Instagram.

3. Qoob Stories

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

A flexible Instagram story viewer app, Qoob, allows you to bulk download photos and videos for several Instagram accounts. You may download modified or deleted profile data, photos, videos, and stories. This applies to both private and public accounts. You may also use the app to automate downloading Instagram account data in bulk, freeing up your time to view the information you need from the designated profiles.


  • Automated downloads in bulk.
  • Download the information, videos, and photos from an Instagram account.
  • View both private and public accounts’ Instagram stories.
  • Storing captions and hashtags.

4. Instalkr

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

An exclusive Instagram app is called Instalkr. It lets you access an Instagram account that is publicly accessible without requiring you to have your account. It lets you view Instagram stories, likes, comments, and followers anonymously. The Instagram account’s deleted posts or stories might be viewed on the app. Download photos or videos from any Instagram account using Instalkr.


  • Instagram viewing by an anonymous user.
  • Stories, photos, and videos from Instagram may be downloaded.
  • Access to Videos, Stories, and Deleted Photos.
  • The use of an Instagram account is not necessary.

5. SmiHub

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

If you want to examine different Instagram profiles, SmiHub is a fantastic app. Thanks to its clear and simple layout, you may become accustomed to the app and its associated functions. The tool will provide useful data about the account’s posts, videos, engagements, and more when you input an Instagram username.


  • Browse anonymously through Instagram accounts.
  • View the stories on Instagram.
  • Stories, videos, and photos are all available for download.
  • Examine data from Instagram accounts, including engagements, followers, comments, and likes.

6. Stories IG

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

Another app that makes it easy to view Instagram stories quickly is Stories IG. Please enter the username you wish to monitor, and this Instagram story viewer app will let you access it anonymously. All that is required is for the account to be public. The beautiful thing is that you may download videos and photos as you see fit, and its design makes it easy to use.


  • Minimalistic style.
  • Options for Anonymous Web Browsing.
  • Stories, videos, and photos are all available for download.

7. Storized

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

Another well-liked Instagram story viewer app is Storized, which allows you to view other people’s stories without their knowledge. You may view their stories anonymously on Storized by using your username. This app’s sole drawback is that it only allows you to view public profiles—private ones are unavailable.


  • It enables you to view pictures in high definition.
  • Ensures privacy when searching via Instagram usernames.
  • Keep screenshots and stories safe.
  • Your account does not require a login.

8. Ingramer

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

More than simply an Instagram story viewer app, Ingramer is a social media platform. It’s a complete social media marketing tool for Instagram. This gives influencers and companies access to data that might help them gain an advantage over competitors on Instagram. It provides the same standard features as other Instagram story viewer apps, including downloading photos and videos and viewing accounts anonymously. The app gathers data about coming influencers and prospective customers to develop successful Instagram marketing tactics.


  • The Following scheduling.
  • The viewer of stories.
  • Search by hashtag.
  • Download a video or a photo.

9. StoriesDown

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

This additional Instagram Story Viewing app has a great look and lets you view Instagram Stories, videos, and pictures anonymously. You may download videos, pictures, and stories and save them directly to your computer, just like with all the other apps. StoriesDown doesn’t require you to fill out any complicated registration forms, making it the best app in the world.


  • ‍‍To use, there is no need to register.
  • Download it straight to your phone and/or computer.
  • Viewing a story anonymously.
  • Tasteful layout.

10. BlindStory

10 Top Instagram Story Viewer Apps To Use Right Now

BlindStory allows you to create notifications to report when a specific person posts a picture or story, making it a highly flexible and unique Instagram story viewer app. Because the app’s UI resembles Instagram, it won’t feel like using a third-party app.


  • Stories, videos, and pictures from Instagram may be downloaded.
  • When viewing users, be fully anonymous and safe.
  • View the story information for any public account you choose.
  • Post the most recent stories you viewed.
  • Add people to your favorites to get alerted when they post a new story.


What Is An Instagram Story Viewer?

Users may view their friends’ Stories without logging onto Instagram using an Instagram Story viewer app. With the help of these apps, users may store and share their friends’ Stories with others or watch them later. Some apps also let users view many profiles’ Stories at once, making it easy to stay updated with people who post frequently.

Is It Possible To View Instagram Stories Anonymously?

It is possible to view Instagram stories anonymously in a few different ways. The simplest method is to use websites and apps that other parties own.

How To Unsee Someone’s Instagram Story?

You have two options for unseeing someone’s Instagram story: delete your Instagram account or block them and keep them barred for 24 hours after their story ends. It’s a wonderful method to unsee an Instagram story but remember that once you deactivate Instagram, you can only get it back after 24 hours.

Is It Possible To Check Who Viewed My Instagram Story?

Your Instagram story was viewed by who? It’s easy to find out with the Instagram app. All you need to do is click “your stories” on your Instagram profile. This will display a list of all the stories you posted the previous day. The eye icon shows the number of views for each story. A list of Instagram usernames for every individual who has seen your Instagram story will appear when you click on this eye symbol! Therefore, remember to check back later and see who has viewed your story the next time you share anything noteworthy on Instagram Stories.

Do Anonymous Story Viewers Work?

Without the Instagram account of the story’s creator, Anonymous Story Viewers provide a useful option for people to download Instagram stories. This might be helpful if you want to share the content with others without letting the author know that you did so or if you want to download it and view it offline. There is no chance of being identified as one of the viewers while using anonymous viewing because you do not appear as a show on an Instagram Story. Several anonymous story viewers can provide this secrecy for individuals who wish to download or view an Instagram story in total anonymity.

Is It Safe To View Instagram Stories On Story Viewer Apps?

It is safe to browse Stories with these apps, but you should still take security measures to guard against account cancellations and hacks. You won’t be required to create an account to access any of the apps on this list because they are all SSL-secure. Moreover, they will never request that you provide your Instagram login information. You shouldn’t be concerned about revealing personal information by looking at public profiles.

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The Bottom Line:

The best Instagram Story Viewer Apps list ends at that point. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section!