Major Features of Citrix Monitoring

Major Features of Citrix Monitoring

The ability to monitor Citrix is a clear benefit to anyone in the cybersecurity industry, but normal people might now know what kind of features this system has.

Citrix XenDesktop monitoring is a popular form of this technology, and I will name a couple of the main features and see what it can do.  I will also elaborate on why this is important and what the common uses are for in the real world.

Checking Active Applications

When you are controlling a monitoring system, seeing which applications are being used is important for two reasons.  The first reason is that you can identify applications that are being used and not needed for the job.  It could show you that an employee is messing around with something that is not needed.

Also, it could identify any applications that are being used by a hacker to get access to information.  It is much easier to identify any harmful applications being used with Citrix XenDesktop monitoring.


Relating to the last point, this function is great for a company to measure the productivity of an employee.  Keystrokes are basically a measure of output on how much a computer is being used.

It could be used to identify a device that is a doormat and not being effective in the workday.  If you see that a device has had a very low number of keystrokes, then you could identify an employee that is coasting and not doing their job like the other employees.

Connected Devices

Relating back to the cybersecurity issue, being able to identify rogue USB devices that are connected is also very important.

In the past, a hacker could connect a USB device to steal confidential information, or an employee that is not careful could connect to a device that could be being used for a wrong purpose and could be dangerous to the software.

Having oversight on rogue USB devices is great for the peace of mind of anyone that has secret information that should not be accessed by people who are not in the organization.

Alert Templates

Not only will a sophisticated monitoring system be able to identify problems, but it should have a plan of action to thwart any security risks.

Alert templates are a great way to start this process and any good monitoring system is going to have predesigned templates to address any problems and let an employee know that they are at risk.

A template for this is going to automate the alert system and set the security up for success instead of just winging it and leaving all problems to be dealt with manually by users that are overseeing the process of security.

Hopefully, all of these reasons made a lot of sense as to why installing systems like a Citrix XenDesktop monitoring system could be useful for any organization that needs it.  Not protecting your information and having oversight of employees will lead to a lot of problems later down the road.

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