14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

Android phones have a great diversity of smartphone users. Area unit is now in high demand. Similarly, the quality of top premium and free hidden spy apps for Android is rapidly rising. Suppose you look for an Android tracker on the online marketplace. They have a lot of options, which might make you feel overwhelmed. Although there are several trustworthy and free hidden spy apps for Android created. Employers may more easily spy on employee performance while children are watching others.

There are several sophisticated automaton pursuit solutions available. Within the online market, that enables you to spy on, track, and administer any Android device you choose. To assist you in finding the top automaton watching app in 2022. In this post, we’ve covered the top Android watching solutions. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate each different mobile tracker effectively.

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users

Let’s start our list of the best Spy Apps for Android.

1. Clevguard

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

With the help of the Clevguard Android phone spy app, you can easily keep tabs on your kids’ activities. You may access phone files using this app from anywhere. Also, you may rapidly access phone files with this app from any location. You may set a geo-fence using it and get alerts when your child enters or exits it. It is the top Spy App for Android.


1 – It helps it easier to trace GPS and Wi-Fi locations.

2 – It is possible to take screenshots.

3 – It offers a period of information timed by either the Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.

4 – You may record phone calls using one of Android’s top free hidden spy apps.

5 – CleavGuard has support for several languages.

6 – Constant email and chat support.

7 – Pricing: $29.95 for a one-month, $16.65- per month for a 3-month, $8.32- per month for a 1-year. 

8 – Root Android: No. 

9 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative.

2. uMobix

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

A free mobile spying app called uMobix helps you track several target Android activities. Such as phone calls, GPS location, online browsing, social media, etc. On the target mobile phone, it also permits you to take screenshots. Also, it is the best Spy App for Android.


1 – You can access the target phone’s gallery and media files with this covert phone tracker app.

2 – It is one of the best hidden spy apps for Android. This keylogger for Android has an inbuilt associate degree. To spy keystrokes made by the target.

3 – It allows you to watch all social media kinds. Similar to Instagram, Hangouts, Telegram, Kik, Telegram, WeChat, Skype, etc.

4 – It is among the best free hidden spy apps for Android available. That provides options for GPS location tracking.

5 – Pricing: Free Trial and Paid. 

6 – Root Android: No. 

7 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

8 – Android Versions Supported: It supports all Golem phones and tablet versions.

3. Xnspy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the most effective options for spying on Android phones and tablets is Xnspy. The technology allows you to remotely review all call logs and contact lists, monitor tabs on social media activity, and track your GPS location. The XNnspy instructions and tutorials make it very simple to set up the app. Also, it is the best Android Spy App.


1 – It encrypts and works your data while working in the background.

2 – Use a map to look up the whereabouts of your children and workers.

3 – Tape their phone talks and, afterward, listen to them.

4 – You can track keystrokes from any Android phone using any instant messaging app by using the keylogger function.

5 – You can track your employees’ emails and maintain tabs on the websites they visit with this iPhone Spyware.

6 – This spy software supports dating apps.

4. mSpy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the best spy apps for Android for golem devices is mSpy. You can use it to observe your target’s behavior. For example, you’ll have no issue reading their SMS and IM messages. Additionally, you may use the free hidden spy app mSpy to view your spouse’s device’s GPS location. Also, it is the best Spy App for Android.


1 – You can prevent the target mobile phone from accessing inappropriate websites.

2 – It helps you to see decision logs, trace phone calls, and view text messages on the target device.

3 – Geo-Fencing will provide location notifications.

4 – It permits you to change the target golem phone’s settings.

5 – Spy chat apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, etc. 

6 – Pricing: Basic Version: $29.99/month and Premium Version: $69.99/month. 

7 – Root Android: No. 

8 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

9 – Android Versions Supported: Android 4 and later.

5. TruthSpy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

With the help of this app, you may spy on a target phone without alerting the user that you are doing it. In addition, TruthSpy users get access to the target phone’s photo gallery, text messages, call history, GPS location, and call recording capabilities.


1 – History of browsing.

2 – Monitoring employee activity. 

3 – Keystroke Recording. 

4 – Analysis of productivity. 

5 – Remote Access/Control. 

6 – Starting price is $21.99 per feature per month. 

7 – There needs to be a free version available.

8 – There is no TheTruthSpy free trial available.

9 – Root Android: No. 

10 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative.

6. Cocospy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the best free spying apps for Android, Cocospy permits you to spy on calls, messages, apps, and whereabouts. It is one of the best mobile spy apps for Android that enables you to view stored contacts covertly. It permits you to keep a watch on your youngsters and workers. Also, it is the best Spy Phone App.


1 – It is possible to spy on phones and tablets.

2 – Collect each keystroke made on the intended golem device.

3 – Individual and group talks may be browsed.

4 – Holding onto the target device while looking at all the pictures and videos is helpful.

5 – Supported platforms: Android and iOS. 

6 – Pricing: Premium – $9.99 per month, Basic $39.99 per month, and Family- $69.99- per month. 

7 – Root Android: No. 

8 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

9 – Android Versions Supported: Android devices running on Android 4.0 and later.

7. Hoverwatch

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

The best parental control spying app may be Hoverwatch. This offers ongoing updates on all actions taken by the target phone user. Likewise, everywhere they go. In addition, it permits you to watch several devices with a single account.


1 – Record SMS on the intended device.

2 – Audio and decision history from mobile phones are accessible.

3 – This app helps it possible to spy on your social networking apps like Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Tinder, Viber, Kik, and others.

4 – Hoverwatch helps it possible to spy on web activities on a mobile phone.

5 – Access the contacts and calendar on your mobile phone.

6 – Pricing: $24.95 per month for a private arrangement, $9.99 per month for an expert arrangement, and $6.00 per month for a business arrangement. 

7 – Root Android: No. 

8 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

9 – Android Versions Supported: Android phone models three.1-6.1.

8. Mobilespy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

Using MobileSpy, a free Android phone spying app, you can track the GPS location over time. It allows you to watch every move made by various Android device devices. In addition, it permits you to plan limitations on mobile phone usage.


1 – Enables you to view every communication log, including calls and text messages.

2 – It allows you to access the microphone and camera live.

3 – It helps it easier for oldsters to spy on their children’s calls, messages, photos, and videos.

4 – This spyware app makes it easy for parents to watch an eye on their children’s iOS or Golem devices.

5 – MobileSpy permits access. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media activities.

6 – You can trace GPS-Location over time with one of Android’s best free hidden spy apps.

7 – Pricing: $19 for a one-month arrangement, $316 for a three-month arrangement, and $13 for six months plan. 

8 – Root Android: No. 

9 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

10 – Android Versions Supported: Android a pair of. Three and on top of.

9. pcTattetale

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the best free mobile spy apps for Android can be PcTattletale. This enables you to read conversations, instant messages, emails, social media posts, and websites visited. And a lot on the intended target’s device. In addition, you may spy on real-time locations with it.


1 – You may watch the target device’s activities from your computer or phone with this free spy app.

2 – You may download recorded videos using this Android app.

3 – This spy app has a simple setup process.

4 – Pricing: Family for $99 per month, Family Plus for $147 per month, and Business for $297 per month. 

5 – Root Android: No 

6 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative 

7 – Android Versions Supported: Android 5.0 and higher than.

10. IKeyMonitor

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

IKeyMonitor is a spy app for Android phones that can also be used to monitor parental controls. Record all keystrokes, online visits, phone calls, screenshots, etc. On Android and iOS devices, this spy app will prevent the download of particular games and apps.


1 – It permits you to spy on the target device’s WhatsApp messages.

2 – A period of warnings about the targeted device may be sent to you.

3 – This automaton spyware app will block selected apps and video games.

4 – It also permits you to record keystrokes.

5 – Pricing: Free trial setup and Paid business setup. 

6 – Root Android: No. 

7 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

8 – Android Versions Supported: Support Android OS 2.3 and higher than.

11. Theonespy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the best mobile spying apps for capturing inappropriate browsing patterns is Theonespy. You may also keep track of and monitor chat logs, audio calls, and voice messages from social media.


1 – It helps you spot inappropriate browsing behavior.

2 – Catch your people who are dishonest and gold diggers.

3 – It is possible to monitor live actions on phones, PCs, and computer screens.

4 – It lets you view, hear, and record the surroundings around your device.

5 – It helps with password monitoring and cracking on the phone’s home screen.

12. EyeZy

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

One of the best parental control phone monitoring apps is EyeZy. You may access their photos, videos, and apps without the target phone owner realizing it. Knowing what your children are saying on social media is simple.


1 – You have the authority to stop your spouse from going to events that you find objectionable.

2 – Excellent social media monitoring.

3 – It gives you access to the activities listed in their phone’s calendar and information on the event’s name, location, date, and time.

4 – View and regulate the websites they are permitted to access.

13. FlexiSPY

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

FlexiSPY may be a covert phone track app for PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. You can spy on a laptop or mobile phone with this spy phone app. In addition, it offers a hassle-free hidden mode remote installation solution.


1 – It offers parental control options. 

2 – Flexispy will track the user of the target phone’s online activities.

3 – Take notes on the environmental exploitation and the close recording possibility. 

4 – This free spy app for Golem permits it possible for you. Of course, you don’t need a cell phone to take distant photos.

5 – With this hidden spy app for Android, you may send SMS from your target phone to any range.

6 – The golem device can also send screenshots to you.

7 – Pricing: Fat-free $29.95 per month, Premium arrangements for $68 per month, And Extremely arranged for $199 per month. 

8 – Root Android: No. 

9 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

10 – Android Versions Supported: Android eight and later.

14. Spyera

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

You may spy with the free Android spy app Spyera. Using your desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Thanks to this invisible robot spy, you may do so to see iOS, Android, or iPad devices remotely.


1 – You may spy on your youngsters and learn about their environment. Because you can track the device’s actual location over the period.

2 – It allows you to trace your workers to protect your business.

3 – Simple internet panel and installation.

4 – It supports the supported SMS and email messages.

5 – Free updates and remote upgrades. 

6 – Has a challenging Keylogger.

7 – Price: Sensible Phone $89- per month, Pill $69 per month, laptop $49- per month, and For all devices- $479 per annual. 

8 – Root Android: No. 

9 – Hidden/Undetectable: affirmative. 

10 – Android Versions Supported: All Android OS, together with v12.

15. Qustodio

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

Using the parental control tool Qustodio, you can monitor your kids’ online activities. The app, which works with Android and iPhone spy devices, is among the best. You can set your child’s gaming time, monitor how much time they spend on social media, check what they watch on YouTube, see who they call, and follow out what they’re looking at. The app includes a wide set of features for monitoring an eye on your kids’ online activities and guaranteeing their safety. You get effective content filtering to block inappropriate material, and the free version is among the most feature-rich, letting you set time limits and limitations. For example, with Qustodio’s free edition, you can only monitor the track of one device and seven days’ worth of activity data.


1 – It allows you to filter websites, set time limits, deactivate apps, and get reports.

2 – Help your children develop constructive relationships with technology.

3 – All inappropriate websites, games, and apps should be blocked.

4 – You may also use the map to locate your relatives.

5 – Configure alerts for certain actions and convert them into an SOS in an emergency.

16. Mobile Tracker Free

14+ Best Spy Apps For Android Users To Try

It’s simple to set up and use, has a lot of free functions, and is a fantastic spying and monitoring app called Mobile Tracker Free. The free solution tracks and logs all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, SMS/MMS sent or received, GPS coordinates for finding the whereabouts of your child or another user online, and social media messages sent or received. In addition, you may recover deleted photos or images, keep track of all given and received pictures, and take a picture, a voice recording, or a phone capture.

FAQs: Spy Apps For Android

How Can I Get Free Access To An Android Phone Spy?

LetMeSpy (LMS) may be a free app for your Android™ smartphone. It tracks calls, SMS, and the GPS coordinates of the phone it is in. Due to its small size, the user may not notice this app. You want to trace, download the installation file, and install the app on the phone.

Is It Possible To Use A Spy App Without Having Access To The Target Phone?

The most effective Android spy app is mSpy. You can track with mSpy’s remote screenshot recorder. The activities of your target on Instagram and WhatsApp. Other social media, too. At the same time, avoid the need to root the phone. Most alternative robot phone trackers require one thing.

Can You Spy On Your Spouse For Free With An App?

One of the safest mobile apps that helps you to monitor phones and tablets is XNSPY. You may remotely check all of your partner’s decision logs and contact lists with this tool.


1 – This free cheater spy app helps you.

2 – To record and hear your spouse’s phone conversations.

Can You Install Spyware Using Text Messages?

The newest mobile spyware will be put on a Java phone. An SMS carrying a series of Java commands results from an MMS, making the spyware active. After the spyware is put in, your phone may beep whenever the individual receives a call, allowing you to hear the discussion.


Just that. But at this point, you must need clarification about how to select the best platform for an Android free hidden spy app. The secret to choosing a trustworthy Android snooping app. Is that how you spoke to the service provider? You must ascertain whether the app you intend to purchase has reasonable return policies. And prompt customer service. You want to avoid becoming lost in the darkness of enigmatic apps. Within 2022, the apps mentioned above will be the top spying solutions. We hope this text was beneficial to you. To choose reliable spy apps for iPhone and Android. To meet your needs for mobile phone spying.