Xnore App Review

Xnore App Review

Are you looking for the best mobile phone tracking software? Are you a bit confused with a wide range of tracking software in the market? No need to worry, we will help you solve this problem of yours. One mobile phone tracking software that is becoming highly popular is Xnore tracking software. If you are a bit curious to know more about this software, you can check out Xnore customer reviews online where you will get the real experience of the users who have used this app.

Xnore App is one of the best apps and can be used by the business owners and parents to monitor the internet activity of their employees and kids. It is the top spying app in the market right now and offers a wide range of features that are tough to ignore. Looking at their range of users, the app has crossed the mark of over 1 million audiences. Let us know further how to use this app and some of the amazing features offered. Let’s start:

Benefits of Using Xnore App

  • Xnore app will extract all data, which includes call logs, GPS location, messages, mobile photos, videos, and many more in the background. The app will further send the data to their target device.
  • It offers benefits of interactive Live Panel & 24/7 customer support that is really good, with this you will be able to improve your children’s and employees’ productivity. If you want to know anything more, you can always check Xnore customer reviews and those are not at all bias.

How Does Xnore App Work? 

If you are looking to use Xnore app on your phone, then you have to first install this app on your phone. The device that you want to monitor will be called the target device.

This app will begin when installation & setup are rightly done on your target device.

The best part of using Xnore app is it works remotely. The app will record the real-time data that will be produced by mobile activities.

No matter whether it is any social media account or location, or any other activity detected. Information collected will be sent on your Control Panel on a regular basis.

For getting access to your Control Panel, log on to your account from the Xnore official site. You can easily check your logs whenever you want.

Features Offered 

There are plenty of features offered by Xnore App; here we will look at some of them in short:

SMS text

Xnore app allows you to monitor any kind of activity of the user and the SMS text tracker is one of them. The app will collect messages sent/received on a target device and will collect SMS data even though the message was deleted.


In this feature, Xnore allows you to monitor your kids or employees located in real-time. You just have to set your geofences for the specific places and the app will record whenever your kid enters and leaves geofence.

Phone Log Tracking

In this feature, the app allows you to find several important details hidden in the mobile phone of the kid. The software will help to monitor your target device and gathers information on each call received by the user.

Photo Recording

Xnore app offers your detailed overview of your kid’s photo gallery. This app will collect and videos photos saved and can see records having photos shared over social media and posted to friends.

Website History

Xnore app helps you get access to a list of several websites reached from your browser. This app tracks the complete history of your target device and will collect web search links and queries that your targeted device follows.

Monitor Everywhere

The Xnore app sends all the collected data on your Control Panel and monitors somebody’s activity; you have to just enter the personal Panel. Please note you cannot monitor any logs without the Xnore login & password.

Remotely Control

Xnore software does not want you to have regular access to your target phone. This software will be made to offer remote control. You will be able to monitor somebody’s device from the Panel.

Final Verdict

So, these are some of the amazing benefits and features offered by this wonderful Xnore Software, you can get more details by visiting the website.