5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Video Editing Software

5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Video Editing Software

There are hundreds of video editing tools out there. It can take a while to wade through all of them and pick one. This is why I have made a list of things you need to consider while picking a video editing software. They will help quicken the process…

Your budget: 

Your budget is one of the 1st things you need to look at when picking a video editing software. This s because there are many good video software out there that cost several hundreds of dollars every month. You don’t want to look at the features and fall in love with a tool and end up disappointed when you realize that it is out of your budget.

So, figure out your budget even before you think about features. Also, don’t just look at the monthly fee (in case you are using a Saas video editor), but the long term fee. As your usage grows you might need to upgrade to a bigger plan. So, look at the bigger picture and figure out how much you can afford to spend today, months from now, and years from now.

Sometimes, especially when starting out, you don’t even need to go with a paid plan as there are several good free video editing software that will suit you.

Ease of Use: 

The software should also be easy to use and have a small learning curve. If you find it difficult to use then it will take you longer to edit your videos. This means that you will spend more time creating each video. This will slow down your ability to create plenty of content. It will also give you less time to promote your videos. But if it has a very quick learning curve and is easy to use you will be able to figure out how to use it quickly and you will also create more content in less time.

And don’t worry about paying more if it will save you time.

Video quality:

Video quality is also important. If your video is of much better quality and is easy to see, more people will watch it and share it and leave positive comments. If the software companies offer trials, then you should sign up for all of them and edit your videos with them. Then play the videos simultaneously and compare which one looks better.

By the way, if the company doesn’t offer a trial it can be a red flag. A good company will offer a trial because they trust their tool so much that they know that people will want the whole thing after they try it out. If a company doesn’t offer a trial or a free plan, it’s probably because they don’t trust their software.

Your needs:

Your needs are also very important. Different videos will suit different purposes. Some will be better for creating explainer videos, some for editing marketing videos like webinars, and others are good for communication. So, make a list of all the purposes you need a video editing tool for. Then decide on what tool will suit you best.

If you need a tool for several different purposes, then a complete one will do or a couple that offer different solutions will work. But if you just need it for one purpose a specialist editor will be sufficient.

Extra effects:

Nowadays several video editing tools come with extra effects like overlays, image libraries, music libraries, editing services, etc. So, if you need these services make sure you pick one that offers these effects. Some of them will also integrate with other software that have more special effects. If you are using other software you might want to see if your video tool integrates with the other software you use.


These are all the important points you should consider while choosing a video editing software. If you follow the steps you will pick the right tool that creates the best videos in your first attempt. Otherwise, you will end up with a tool you don’t like and you will need to find one that functions better and then learn how to use it too. This will cost you both time and money.