A Gear to Live Stream Your Video Game

A Gear to Live Stream Your Video Game

Live streaming of video games is quite an easy approach. The skill and personality of the presenters attract millions of viewers. Anyone can strive in and initiate hosting their own stream. But to attract a significant amount of audience, it is essential for a person to stand out from the competition. However, it becomes a tedious task when a person gets down to it. Thus, a person must select the entire setup to initiate live streaming of his video games very carefully.

Before initiating with the live streaming of video games, a person may wonder whether he has the desired skills worth showing off, whether he has all the necessary equipment, and so on. There is a plethora of online streaming websites such as Facebook gaming, twitch, YouTube, and many more. YouTube and twitch are the most famous among all.

A person must have proper information about these platforms as they are the platforms to reach out to the sponsors and followers. A feature namely control room provided by these platforms allows the starters to have access to essential information such as number of viewers online, performance of streaming equipment and so on.

Live streaming platforms allow users to record and archive their live stream automatically. Thus, the users can have access to their streams in future. Twitch is one of the most famous livestream video games platforms as it has the vast community of fans and streamers. It has been enhancing its features and becoming just as efficient as YouTube.

Certain things a streamer must consider before starting with a live stream are as follows:

  • Every gamer has distinct preferences, so, their decisions are vital as they will only determine which platform they will select. Selecting the desired platform is imperative as it will only break or make the streaming efforts of the streamer.
  • A starter must initiate with an open channel having popular streaming services with a large number of followers to be on a safer side.
  • A streamer must keep in mind that his viewers and followers will have a keen interest in knowing how is on the other side. Thus, it is imperative for them to be heard and seen.
  • In order to interact with the viewers, a good quality microphone and camera is needed.
  • The streamer must attach the camera to the computer or whatever device they are using for streaming. Streamers must place the camera in such a way that it captures the close up appropriately.
  • A streamer can make use of HD quality camera that captures him identically, thereby giving viewers a fabulous view.
  • A good quality microphone allows the viewers to interact with the streamers and add commentary whenever they want.
  • It is vital for a streamer to talk with the followers to make them aware of his tactics and explain his ideas.
  • Excellent quality gaming headsets incorporated with a microphone would serve the purpose best.
  • An internet connection with the desired uploading speed is needed for live streaming. A streamer must have a good internet connection with a minimum speed of 30Mbps. Streamer can even make use of the speed test to find out the upload speed of the internet service.

Best Suitable Equipment and Hardware for Livestream Video Games

A streamer must ensure that the gaming equipment he is using has the desired capabilities. Even if a streamer does not have one, he can complement his stream by making use of special streaming equipment. Consoles such as Xbox One and PS4 with in-built streaming and recording equipment work the best.

A Gear to Live Stream Your Video Game

Furthermore, a streamer has to purchase a capture card or personal video recording in accordance with the gaming equipment as it will work with any kind of gaming equipment excluding older consoles because of being incompatible. However, a capture card facilitates the transfer of information from the consoles to the computer.

In the case of old consoles, a streamer must ensure that he has a strong capture card. It is vital particularly for those having specialization in retro games, which are gaining popularity at a rapid pace these days.

Significance of Special Software

There is a broad range of software options available, but a streamer must settle for the one that best suits their purpose. Software options such as XSplit and OBS are important to relay the live streaming of the video. OBS is the software that works with efficacy and is quite convenient to use as compared to other software as it provides complete access to all the streaming process and stream can customize any feature. This software is open-source software that is easy to operate.

XSplit, on the other hand, is preferred because of its neat user interface. The only attribute that makes it different from OBS is the level of control. This software can work well with various streaming services. It is astonishingly convenient to operate when it comes to PC and computer games.

Creating an Online Gaming Profile

The major reason behind the streaming of video game is to create massive engagement of followers and viewers. Each streamer seeks to have more and more subscribers and followers so that more people tune when he is live. If a streamer wishes to enthral the attention of a large number of audiences, it is imperative for a streamer to have a stellar reputation as an amazing game.

A streamer must join the gaming community and ensure that the massive population knows how capable and entertaining he is. A streamer must create a catchy name and built a profile showcasing his victories in an innovative and attractive way. In the end, working on the skills that a streamer chooses is very important.

All in all, live streaming of video games is becoming widespread practice at an alarming rate not only because of entertainment prospects but because it is profitable particularly in this time of COVID-19 when people are forced to stay indoors. Download GameSee App