A Worry-Free Solution to Easily Process Your Long Large-sized video

A Worry-Free Solution to Easily Process Your Long Large-sized video

We all will shoot videos with our smartphones, but most of us aren’t trying to make the next great Oscar-winning film. We’re just trying to capture moments that are important to us, or footage that we think will resonate with others. We mostly use smartphones for capturing the videos.

After shooting the video, there are a lot of things that need to be done to make it worth-watching for the audience. Catching the video is easy but editing them and making them worth watching is the real task. Therefore, you must use some good video editing software for editing them.

Should You Use Desktop Video Editing Software for Video Editing?

Our answer is yes! Mobile-based devices are easy to get access to download tons of video editing Apps from the App Store. Although they are equipped with editing features as well as can be utilized offline. However, it does not mean that those mobile Apps needs can fulfill all your editing demands. You surely can process short video editing without doubt, but when it comes to editing long large-sized, they are prone to crash and occupy the storage of memory.


In contrast, it will not be tough for you to do processing your video on PC: better hardware and more intuitive software interface can boost your editing speed for long large-sized video, especially when you GPU-Accelerated video editing software to make your fancy video.


Finding the best free video editing software should be a core part of any video editing process.. Stunning video content can be made through a good editing software. Desktop based software provides more facilities. A better environment for editing, cutting, resizing, adjustment and etc.

5 Best Desktop Based Video Editors 2020

Here is the list of the best video editing software for editing videos on desktop. After reading top editing software review and combined with our using experience, we compiled this list


  • VideoProc
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector


Is VideoProc Good for Editing Long Large-sized Video?

With the help of VideoProc you can easily edit long large-sized videos easily. It provides fast and easy editing experience with benefits of GPU Acceleration. Under powerful videos codec, processing long 4K and large-sized mobile videos is super fast.


  1. Preview video in real-time
  2. Customizable parameter options
  3. Support easily cutting, merging, time-remapping, rotating videos
  4. Exclusive level-3 GPU acceleration tech
  5. Very efficient video recording
  6. Power video downloader for video streaming platforms


  1. Not support third-party plug-ins
  2. Old-school Interface

Features of VideoProc

A Worry-Free Solution to Easily Process Your Long Large-sized video


VideoProc allows you to cut, merge, trim, split, and rotate the video regardless of its size. You can also add subtitles files, adjust color effects, deshake, and denoise your long large-sized videos. The built-in GPU acceleration tool of VideoProc boosts the whole video editing, so it rarely requires your CPU to promise you a smooth video editing just like plain sailing.

A Worry-Free Solution to Easily Process Your Long Large-sized video


Video captured through smartphones are always in large size. The large size is always an issue. To solve the issue VideoProc has a feature that helps to convert any type of video to different formats H.264, MPEG4, MOV, HEVC, WebM and more, which are to retain you the 1:1 quality with a rapid speed in processing.

Warm note: More than 370 import file formats and over 420 output file types now are supported in VideoProc file archive, both lossy and lossless container formats are free to be selected.

Video Downloading:

VideoProc supports downloading online footage from various popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo Instagram as well as live streaming. Besides, you can also adjust its target format, resolution and bitrate before your download procedure.

Final Words

VideoProc is as simple as its usage. It is a video editing platform that allows one to edit, resize, transcode, adjust and do all the things that all freeware doesn’t let. Small, long, large-sized, or even 4K videos can be fluently finished editing . We recommend our readers to take as much as benefits of GPU acceleration features of VideoProc and make video processing fast with the perfect quality.