Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

Games are the best source of entertainment and the best trainer of your brain. No doubt, it is becoming one of the popular trends in the world. Due to the quarantine, now the common activity of the majority of people is playing video games. When it comes to the turn of the most played video game in the world, PUBG comes on the top. The Player Unknown Battleground is a multiplayer action game that comes with a lot of modes and other features. Well, we are not going to discuss this game in detail. There are tons of articles present on the internet related to this game.

Many people don’t have a good grip on the smartphone controller, and just because of this problem, they cannot enjoy PUBG. Are you also having the same problem? So, now you are in the right place because today we are going to share a secret with you through which you can play PUBG on your PC.

Well, we are not going to recommend you to purchase an android based machine, but we have something special for you. How about enjoying every android application in your Windows PC? Isn’t that something amazing?

What is LDPlayer?

Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

Now, it is very easy to combine the Android operating system with Windows just because of a powerful emulator called “LDPlayer.” It is a fast working emulator that will help you out to enjoy the Android games on your PC. It comes up with a high-class user interface through which you can understand its features effortlessly.

Along with playing Android games on your PC, you can also access the Google Play Store for installing other applications. Now, you don’t need to purchase expensive smartphones because all features of the android operating system can be accessed by using the finest emulator, LDPlayer. By viewing all of these advantages of LDPlayer, it wouldn’t be wrong in saying that LDPlayer is the best android emulator.


How to Install LDPlayer Emulator on your PC?

Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

By reading some of the fantastic features of the LDPlayer, most of you would be thinking about the price of this software. Well, now play as many as android games on your PC because LDPlayer is totally free of cost. Now, stop purchasing expensive android emulators from the internet because LDPlayer is here for you.

Just visit the official site of LDPlayer and get free setup. After downloading the software, simply install it on your computer. Now, open the LDPlayer and download PUBG Mobile from the Google Play Store. In just a few minutes, you will be able to knock out your enemies through your PC.


Why LDPlayer is the ideal choice for playing PUBG?

Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

As there are hundreds of Android emulators present across the internet, so why should we choose LDPlayer for playing PUBG? Are you also having the same question? Then read this part of the article carefully because now we are going to discuss the reasons that you should be choosing LDPlayer for playing PUBG.

LDPlayer is the best option for those players who want a keyboard and mouse as a controller for the PUBG. Special tools and programming are working behind this emulator that runs PUBG smoothly on the PC. This emulator offers you a high frame rate that also disables the acceleration of the mouse for higher accuracy. This feature will enhance your gaming performance. A keymapping is also available in the LDPlayer that is specially designed for the PUBG mobile so that you can start your gaming right after downloading the game on your PC.

Is it safe to play PUBG Mobile on PC by using LDPlayer Emulator?

Best Android Emulator for Gaming PUBG Mobile on PC

Many people think that playing PUBG on PC is not safe because their account will get terminated. What you believe is that true? Well, these are just the rumors that your account will get banned or suspended by playing PUBG on the emulator.

It is absolutely safe to access PUBG by using LDPlayer. There are some chances that your account will get disturbed by using a local emulator, but we assure the safety of your account if you use LDPlayer emulator.

System requirements for playing PUBG on the emulator:

Till now, we have covered multiple factors related to the LDPlayer and PUBG. Now, it’s time to discuss the system requirements for installing PUBG on your PC. As a PUBG is a heavy game, so it needs a PC that contains the latest hardware components in it. Here are the system requirements for running PUBG smoothly on your PC. By going through these requirements, you will be able to check whether this game is going to run perfectly on your PC or not.

  • CPU: Intel core i57500 or latest.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Intel CPU processor X86/X64.
  • Operating system: Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1.
  • Windows DirectX11/ latest graphic drivers.
  • Hard disk: at least 36 GB.
  • The hardware virtualization technology must be enabled in the BIOS.


In this article, we have explained that how you can play PUBG by using LDPlayer. We have also covered a portion of the article in which we have shared the details about the LDPlayer. LDPlayer is basically an android emulator through which you can use android based applications on your PC.

As you will continue in the article, you will find the complete instructions for installing and playing PUBG on the Windows computer. In last, we have shared the system requirements that you should be checking before installing PUBG.