Best Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

Best Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

PDF files are one of the commonly used file formats for sharing documents. Meanwhile, you can view PDF files using one of the PDF reader apps, and some users need the flexibility to edit the files and annotate them. Suppose you are looking for Free PDF Editors for Windows 10, read on to find out the application that offers the most features without any charges. 

Edit PDF on Windows 10 for Free

There are lots of PDF editors that offer an extensive set of features at a premium cost. But, spending money on a PDF editor isn’t often worth it if you’re a casual user who’s regular workflow doesn’t involve editing PDF files every day. Thus, we have picked two PDF editors that you can use on your Windows 10 machine for free. With all that said, let’s get started. 

Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

Of all the Free PDF Editors I have used, the one that managed to stand out is Sejda PDF Desktop. So, With Sejda PDF Desktop, you can edit PDF files of size up to 50MB. That translates to 200 pages in the file. This is worth noting that the free plan offers a maximum of 3 tasks per day. Well, Given that this is a free PDF editing app, I feel this is a fair limitation. Besides PDF editing, you can compress PDF files, use OCR, and add passwords, grayscale, crop, or watermark the PDF file.

Though, To get started, you should download Sejda PDF Desktop from its official website. After downloading the setup file, please install the application, and open it. So, On the home page, you will see a ‘Choose PDF file’ button. Tap this button and pick the file you want to edit.

Best Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

Once you have picked the PDF file, it will open in editing mode within Sejda. Now, You can edit or modify the contents, add links, forms, images, shapes, signatures, and perform annotation. Plus, You have the option to use the find and replace function in case you’re looking to replace multiple instances of a word in the document. Here, After editing, click on the Save button to save all the changes.

Best Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

Hence, Sejda offers all the essential features that meet most users’ needs despite being a Free PDF Editor. I like the most about Sejda because it doesn’t add any watermarks to the output file. Suppose you’re looking for a Free PDF Editor, you should consider checking out Sejda Desktop. Furthermore, if you’re a power user, you can consider getting the Pro version that removes all the limitations and offers multiple file conversion. 

Cloud-based PDF Editor for Windows 10 & other platforms

Suppose you are looking for a cloud-based solution for editing PDF files, you could try out Sejda’s online PDF editor. So, Files you upload to Sejda automatically gets deleted after 2 hours. Well, Another tool worth checking out is Smallpdf. Though you can’t edit existing text, you can use Smallpdf to draw, highlight content, and add new text and images.

Best Free PDF Editor App for Windows 10

Suppose you are looking for niche PDF editing use cases like compressing the file, inserting page numbers, splitting, or merging PDFs, you can head to Smallpdf’s official website and choose the tool you want to use. 

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Free PDF Editor for Windows 10

Therefore, those are two methods you can follow to edit PDF files from your Windows 10 PC without investing a fortune. Whether you are a professional, you should consider getting a paid version or subscription of advanced tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Now, You can explore the best PDF editors from our linked article. Suppose you have been using a Free PDF Editor that isn’t mentioned above, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments.