Bitdefender Small Office Security – An All In One Solution For Small Businesses

Bitdefender Small Office Security – An All In One Solution For Small Businesses

The world started to spend more time and money online, using net banking services and making wire payments. The number of security problems has increased over the last few months during the Covid pandemic, and consumers are often unable to protect themselves from exploits, threats, and unintentionally visiting suspicious websites. Both Windows and macOS users have to consider opt-in security solutions to protect themselves.

What is Bitdefender Small Office Security?

Bitdefender has a wide collection of products to serve customers with different professions and requirements. The home office security package is designed for small business owners, who frequently use the internet on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS running devices. You can purchase one license for your small business, and protect up to 20 devices. This bundle pack will fully satisfy the business security requirements, and comes packed with extra features. You can test out the home office security solution thanks to its 30-day free trial version.

  1. Real-time Protection

The Small Office Security package specializes in real-time protection, with an added threat detection mechanism that prevents the machine from being attacked by malware. This unbeatable threat detection is required since cyber-attacks have gotten smarter and stronger over the years. Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about this security solution slowing down your laptop or phone because it utilizes very few resources.

  1. Advanced-Data Protection

Bitdefender Small Office Security – An All In One Solution For Small Businesses

The security solution is going to come in handy for business people, who save personal data including office documents, and client’s data. The Advanced Data Protection is designed to keep the invaders away from your personal data and to keep it protected throughout the usage session. The unwanted invaders won’t be able to access any documents and fly away without your knowledge. The advanced protection transfers the detected threat in the Virus Chest and keeps it behind bars forever.

  1. Advanced Ransomware Protection

Millions of business people laptops and desktops were hacked by the hackers, and lock the machine using Ransomware virus. The Ransomware locks down the machine and keeps the personal data in encrypted mode, and you cannot regain access without paying the invaders. The multi-layered protection specifically designed to tackle the Ransomware virus, and protect the small business owners from getting ripped.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Bitdefender Small Office Security – An All In One Solution For Small Businesses

Do you want to remain anonymous?

The Home Office Security version has a premium VPN included in the package. You can select hundreds of locations and keep your IP address hidden from the world. However, you only get 200MB per day in the package because their VPN is a separate premium service that requires a subscription to remove limitations.

  1. Hardware Resources

Bitdefender Small Office Security – An All In One Solution For Small Businesses

The team understands the value of system resources and has worked around the edges. The Home Office Security solution does not consume plenty of CPU and RAM resources in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

I have double-checked the CPU and RAM resources during the idle state. I have shared the snapshot above that displays the numbers and you can calculate it. During my testing period, I found that this software requires a minimum of 165MB RAM and 4% CPU to maintain its security systems.

Most of the laptops and desktops nowadays are bundled with 4GB RAM and that is sufficient to accommodate this solution. You don’t need to uninstall any other programs or upgrade your RAM, so don’t worry about extra investments on a long term basis.

Digital Identity Protection

Small business owners have to care about online identity theft, which can happen to anyone. Billions of dollars of losses occur due to digital identity theft. You don’t want to land in trouble for something that you have done and Digital Identity Protection will keep you one step ahead of everyone else.

How does this work?

This is a standalone service that you can subscribe to for $79.99/year or $59.99/year on seasonal period.  You can add up to 5 email addresses and 3 phone numbers, and let Bitdefender take care of all your online identity monitoring needs. The dashboard provides you alerts and information about anyone using your information without your consent online. The notifications will contain important Digital Footprint information from all-over the internet.

Overall, the combination of Digital Identity Protection and Small Office Security will keep home office workers out of any trouble caused by digital invaders. Always look out for discounts during seasons and sales days to save a chunk of money on security solutions.

Bottom Line

The Home Office Security pricing starts from $62.99 per year for 5 devices. You have the option to select 10 devices and 20 devices with a 1/2/3 year plan. Overall, you can expect decent discounts, if you are adding several years.