Check iPhone IMEI Number to know you iPhone better

Check iPhone IMEI Number to know you iPhone better

IMEI is a 15 digit number that every mobile device has. Having the IMEI number you are able to collect complete information about the device. You have a number of free options available online to check iPhone IMEI that you can choose from.

Websites like offers you a free IMEI checking tool that helps you to identify necessary information such as phone model, serial number, Carrier/Network, SIM Status, additional hardware information and general info about the device, etc.

Ways to get the IMEI number

There are different ways to get the IMEI number of a device and there are different benefits of it.

  • The easiest way to get the number displayed on the phone screen is using a simple process. You can dial *#06# on the dial pad and you can get the IMEI number popped up on the screen. It is important that you type the number without having any spaces in between or using any other symbols.
  • Another way of getting the IMEI number on both iPhone and Android devices is going through the Phone Settings. Go to Settings>About Phone to get the device details such as IMEI and Serial number, etc.
  • You can take out the SIM card tray to find the IMEI on it, this works for major devices.
  • You can also find the IMEI number on back case of the phone.

Benefits of Checking the IMEI number

IMEI numbers are assigned to every mobile device including Apple iOS devices that give information such as the cellular network of the device, country/factory location, date of purchase, carrier information, device specification, etc. It is a permanent identity of a phone.

It is recommended to check iPhone IMEI before buying it irrespective of whether you want to buy a used one or a new one. It helps you to know that it is a genuine original device. It helps you to get a count of the specifications to make sure it has what you are being offered on the Ads. The IMEI number also helps you to fetch important details about the device.

The IMEI number also helps you to check the warranty status, check if the phone is unlocked or a refurbished one, you can check for the SIM lock, iCloud Status and Find My phone status and so on. With the you also get a premium IMEI checker tool that helps you to get additional information about the device.

Importance of Checking the IMEI number

Before buying an iPhone it is very important to make sure you check iPhone IMEI number using the free IMEI checker tools on the internet. This helps you to get complete information on the device to find out if it is a genuine device or a fake one.

  • Firstly, you get complete information about the device, which includes if it is refurbished, unlocked, etc.
  • You get the most important information about the warranty on the device along with the purchase date and details.
  • It helps you to find out if the iPhone is a Lost or stolen one and see that it is still in use.
  • It also helps you to find out if the cellular network or signal of the device is blocked, so that you can get it fixed or find out the reason to avoid major problems.

Checking the IMEI number is important before buying a phone; because you get to know things like find my phone status, which helps to find out if the Find my phone feature is active in the phone, which means the device is stolen. Thus, in order to avoid such problem it is always recommended to check iPhone IMEI number, considering that the tools are available for free there is no hassle.