How to Kickstart Your Sales Career & Set Yourself Up for Success

How to Kickstart Your Sales Career & Set Yourself Up for Success

Sales is one of the most popular industries to work in as it offers a promising career if you can illustrate your knowledge and skills to your potential employer. Companies looking to fill sales positions want candidates who can increase profits, build strong relationships with customers, and boost the company’s brand image. However, some sales professionals looking to start their careers might struggle to navigate the sales world and prove their worth to employers.

If you’re new to the industry, consider implementing the following strategies to kickstart your career and bring yourself closer to landing your dream role.

Refine Your Skills

Employers want to ensure that their sales team has the necessary skills to meet the company’s goals. Learning the best selling practices and portraying them on your resume will allow employers to identify what you bring to the table.

All sales positions require core skills and values, but at an executive level, you must possess specialized skills. This goes beyond the ability to communicate and persuade consumers. You need to have leadership skills, empathy, and expertise with technology. You can add to your skillset through online courses, video training, and coaching programs. Since these skills take time to master, employers who are willing to hire entry-level professionals may also look for core skills, such as effective communication, problem solving, and high confidence.

Pursue Further Education

Higher education isn’t always a requirement when pursuing a career in sales, as some positions only require a high school diploma. But if you want to climb the ladder and increase your chances of landing a management position, you should consider pursuing further education, such as a bachelor’s degree. A specialized degree or diploma can help you learn about sales techniques and market trends, increasing your chances of becoming a qualified sales professional.

If you do not wish to pursue a college or university degree, you can also consider short online programs that offer sales education. Any form of education that enhances your skills will make you a valuable addition to a sales team.

Some companies offer learning opportunities for their valued team members by funding further education for specific roles. National Bureau of Economic Research shares that companies pay for college because “tuition assistance programs appear to allow firms to hire better quality, more educated, more productive employees.” So, you may come across companies that allow entry-level sales professionals to expand their knowledge and skillset by funding a portion of their education.

Use Niche Job Boards

Niche job boards advertise specific positions to receive higher quality and more relevant applications from candidates. These job boards have lower traffic, providing candidates with a better opportunity to stand out among other applicants.

Looking for sales positions in relevant niche job boards will give you access to more specific roles, and it will save you the time and hassle of applying to general positions that may have more applicants.

The hiring process might be simpler through a niche job board as employers won’t be required to sift through numerous applications before reaching top talent. Your application is more likely to get noticed through a niche job board, allowing you to highlight your skills to the employer and demonstrate why you’re a good fit for the company during the interview.

How to Kickstart Your Sales Career & Set Yourself Up for Success

Consult a Sales Recruiter

The key role of a sales recruitment agency is to match employers with top sales professionals. They have a thorough knowledge of their client’s needs, enabling them to search for candidates who can fulfill those requirements. You can improve your chances of getting hired by adding your name to the database of a sales recruitment agency. When the agency comes across a role matching your skillset, expertise, and interests, you’ll likely be one of the first contact points.

Most NYC sales recruiters also advertise listings for vacant positions that their client is looking to fill. When you sign up with an agency, you can access roles that may not be advertised publicly. Your chances of getting an interview with the company are higher as the number of applicants will be limited. You can also filter your job search by desired salary, industry, and experience level, saving you the time of sifting through job postings that don’t fit your level of qualifications or other requirements.

Leverage Your Professional Network

The more people you interact with, the more opportunities you will receive. So, it’s important to leverage your professional network to increase your chances of landing a sales job. To network effectively, don’t start the conversation by seeking opportunities. Instead, try to cultivate a meaningful relationship that illustrates your dedication to work.

You can reach out to old colleagues, friends, or family who may have connections in the sales industry to learn about vacancies. Attending networking events is also a great way to grow your network and access positions that aren’t widely advertised on job boards.

Another effective way to build your professional networking is by using technology. Use social platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with individuals in the sales sector and let them know you’re open to new opportunities.

Kickstarting your sales career might seem challenging in the beginning, but following the right strategies can streamline the process and help you become more successful in the industry!