Consulting and Training Tips for Remote Sales

Consulting and Training Tips for Remote Sales

Now more than ever, remote sales systems are becoming increasingly popular. It is a type of sales conducted without being physically present with the target prospects. You’re probably working as a salesperson for quite some time, dealing with hundreds or thousands of customers a month in a store or office. However, your stock sales knowledge will not translate into digital sales right away.

For this reason, remote sales involve learning new knowledge and skills in sales. In this article, you will get some tips about consulting and training for remote sales.

1. Learn From The Expert

Remote sales involve different key factors to become successful. According to Winning By Design, a remote sales expert, a remote salesperson should learn how to set the following in preparation for the remote sales meeting:

  • Proper Lighting And Audio Set-Up: You want to ensure that your remote sales background is well-lighted and of high-quality. This is important for your prospects to clearly see your facial expression while you’re delivering your sales pitch. Also, it is important to have good audio by checking your audio settings and hardware, including your Bluetooth microphone and speaker. Doing this will ensure that your voice will be clearly heard over the phone.
  • Using The Right Online Tools: Communication tools, such as Zoom or Skype, must be tested before remote sales. Other online tools, like your digital whiteboard and SlideShare, must also be tested to avoid any technical error that could affect the sales presentation.

2. Effectively Manage Your Remote Sales Team

Your sales team can make or break a business. If you’re a business owner or sales manager, it is important to effectively manage your remote sales team with the following training tips:

  • Set Clear Expectation: Salespeople promote self-motivation to be results-driven. If you’re a sales manager, it is important to discuss your company’s performance objectives and specific tasks.
  • Encourage Engagement: Pay attention to the needs of your sales team. Avoid micromanaging. Show that you truly trust your sales reps and they can make their own decisions based on your expected results. Conduct weekly calls to catch up with your employees. Allow them to share their success stories and generate more sales ideas for the benefit of everyone.
  • Encourage Collaboration: Because of limited face-to-face interaction, it is essential for your sales team to establish trust and rapport. You can facilitate opportunities for your remote employees, so you can socially and professionally interact with them. Conduct annual events to improve productivity and help build healthy relationships.

Consulting and Training Tips for Remote Sales

3. Adapt Best Remote Sales Practices To Improve Customer Satisfaction

There is no room for hesitating digital technology nowadays, most especially during the pandemic. Having a good remote sales process is one way to improve customer satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting the following remote sales practices can help you train yourself to become a better salesperson:

  • Maintain Eye-To-Eye Contact: As much as possible, maintain eye-to-eye contact while delivering your sales speech even with a screen barrier. It’s a great way to show your professionalism even if the meeting is virtual.
  • Don’t Leave Dull Moments: While waiting for other meeting attendees, entertain your available prospects online. Get to know their names and ask casual questions to make them feel at ease later on. When everybody is present, you can introduce the ones who already introduced themselves to avoid repetitions.
  • Encourage Everyone To Ask Questions: It is important to encourage your prospects to ask questions in order for them to gain a deeper understanding of your offerings. Tell your prospects that they can pose their questions by also messaging you after the meeting. Some people might be shy to express their concerns and questions within the remote sales meeting.
  • Don’t Rush Speaking: Never rush speaking too fast. Make sure to give ample time for your prospects to absorb everything that you are saying. Speaking too fast could result idoubts, misconceptions, and failed sales.

Build a virtual selling channel for your business. In this way, you will be able to apply the latest remote sales trends you will learn in your short courses and other learning resources.


By following these consulting and training tips shared above, you’ll be able to increase your knowledge and skills in the newest type of sales method, which is remote sales. If you want to attract more clients, it is crucial to learn the best practices of remote sales from the experts themselves. If you’re a sales manager, it’s also essential to train your sales team to be at their best foot forward every time and become top-notch performers.