Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

Who are the ghosts who chase Pac Man around Pac Land, through mazes, and even above Pac Man World? As we verify every Pac Man Ghost name and its functions, let’s find out!

Who Are Exactly The Pac Man Ghosts?

The original Pac Man included four ghosts: an orange ghost, a cyan ghost, a pink ghost, and a red ghost.

Do All Pac Man Ghosts Behave Differently?

Indeed, they do! You might be surprised to hear that each Ghost in Pac Man has its behavior and patterns that they follow, and also behavior that they stick to during what is known as “scatter mode,” given that Pac Man was first launched in 1980. Of course, you might not notice these things during play, but we’re here to shed light on every Ghost and explain what they do!

Who Is Exactly The Red Ghost In Pac Man?

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

According to one of the attract screens, the red Ghost in the English-language arcade game is named Shadow, and his pet nickname is Blinky. In general, this one is known as Blinky because the Ghosts’ nicknames have persisted for some reason. So the gang of ghosts known as the Ghost Gang may be led by Blinky, the deadliest Ghost and almost surely the one who will catch our little yellow hero.

What Pattern Does The Blinky Follow?

Unlike the others, Blinky accelerates when Pac Man consumes more maze dots. Blinky speeds up after there are 20 dots left in the first maze, but he accelerates much more quickly in future mazes. As a result, he is an extremely difficult foe to outrun, especially as he closely pursues Pac Man once he gets on his trail and doesn’t even let up in his dogged pursuit when the other Ghosts go into scatter mode.

Who Is Exactly The Pink Ghost?

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

Strangely, despite being the Ghost known for speeding up—Blinky—the pink Ghost’s “true” name is Speedy. However, Pinky, her nickname, is more often used to refer to her. She moves in a movement that is unique to her and the other Ghosts.

What Pattern Does The Pinky Follow?

Pinky goes counter-clockwise around the maze’s walls, but she also resembles Pac Man’s motions in that she aims four spaces in front of the player’s direction to cut them off. Likewise, Pinky goes anti-clockwise, circling the corner walls in scatter mode, starting at the top left corner.

Who Is Exactly The Cyan Ghost?

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

The cyan Ghost’s “actual” name in its native tongue was Bashful, but his nickname—and like the others, the name he is now known—is Inky. Inky is hazardous because he is the four Ghosts’ most unpredictable character; you never know what he will do next.

What Pattern Does The Inky Follow?

This is odd since, although unpredictable, Inky’s actions are related to Blinky’s behavior as the Ghost Gang’s leader. The more distant he is from Blinky, the more randomly he will patrol a region based on where he is at any particular time. For example, Inky will watch the maze’s lower right corner in scatter mode. You know those moments when you can’t escape because you’re wedged between two Ghosts? Inky will often be the one to corner you because of his erratic behavior.

Who Is Exactly The Orange Ghost?

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

Pokey, better known by his stage name Clyde, is the only Ghost whose name doesn’t rhyme with the others. Poor Clyde, he is constantly the outsider! He successfully displays this in his behavior as well; unlike the others, he doesn’t appear to be that interested in chasing Pac Man.

What Pattern Does The Clyde Follow?

Clyde does chase Pac Man (like Blinky), but once he is eight spaces away from Pac Man, he begins to withdraw toward the bottom-left corner of the maze. In scatter mode, he also patrols this region, forming the bottom left of Clyde’s Corner.

How Can You Fight Back Against The Pac Man Ghosts?

Each Pac Man Ghost Names And What They Do

Pac Man can eat the ghosts in the maze since they momentarily become blue when he consumes one of the four Power Pellets there. However, in higher stages, the time to exact revenge is so short and nearly unnoticeable; the Ghosts begin to flicker between blue and white to indicate that they will return to their original, hazardous colors.

How Does This Affect Pac Man Ghosts Movement?

Whether in their chase and/or scatter modes, the Ghosts immediately alter their movement patterns when a Power Pellet is eaten. They leave Pac Man’s location immediately but considerably more slowly than usual. Besides that initial movement of chasing Pac Man, each crossing they come to determines their course at random. This provides Pac Man some much-needed breathing area to remove dots from the maze or, if the Ghosts are around, exact revenge!

What Happens To The Ghosts When Pac Man Eats Them?

If Pac Man does manage to eat them, just the Ghost’s eyes are left, and they dash back to the maze’s center corral, where they regenerate and reappear. It’s crucial to remember that they instantly regenerate and return. This implies that, even if the Power Pellet’s effects on the other Ghosts are still in play, it is still possible to have a fully revived, deadly, non-blue Ghost (or Ghosts) on your tail while still having blue Ghosts fleeing from you!

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Are There Other Pac Man Ghosts?

There are a lot of them! New Ghosts were included in later Pac Man games, or Clyde was just replaced with a new Ghost. For behavior, Sue is represented by the orange Ghost in Ms. Pac Man, even though she behaves and looks exactly like Clyde. In subsequent games, Sue chose purple to distinguish herself from others (and the short-lived, mostly forgotten animated TV show from 1982). The orange Ghost in Jr. Pac Man goes by Tim, but once more, it’s simply Clyde with a different name.

Funky and (ahem) Spunky are two new Ghosts that Pac Man’s rogue gallery received in Pac Mania. The only other time Funky and Spunky appeared was in Pac Man 256, albeit they acted quite differently there. Funky was a green Ghost, while Spunky was grey. The terrifying, teleporting Glitchy was also introduced in Pac Man 256!

There are many more, particularly in the CGI cartoon Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures. However, the four founding members of the Ghost Gang, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, continue to be the most recognizable and renowned Ghosts in this enormous ensemble of unique Ghosts with their own identities and highly distinctive visual traits!