Finding the Best Cheap Budget Studio Headphones

Finding the Best Cheap Budget Studio Headphones

Although you do not have to be musically inclined to own a studio headphone, most people that make use of studio headphones are either musicians, music producers, recording artists, or sound engineers. So long you fall into the category of people listed above, you will need to own a good quality studio headphone that is not beyond your budget.

When you go shopping for a studio headphone, you will come across lots of alternatives and this can make it difficult to get the right budget studio headphone.

While purchasing a good quality studio headphone might not be exactly easy, if you have an idea of what the best budget studio headphones are, you will not struggle when looking to buy a budget studio headphones.

That being said, let’s walk through some of the best budget studio headphones available in the market.

OneOdio Pro-10

The OneOdio Pro-10 studio headphone might seem equal to other headphones on the surface. However, it comes with a feature that is lacking in lots of headphones its price. That feature is a dual input. Just like other studio headphones, the OneOdio Pro-10 headphone comes with two cups. However, unlike other studio headphones, these two cups come with different inputs.

When you make use of this headphone, you will not need to go through any form of discomfort as it comes with a headband that is properly padded. In addition to being padded, you are free to fold or extend its headband.

Koss UR20

The Koss UR20 is a very affordable studio headphone. Although popular for being affordable, that is not all that this studio headset is all about. Koss UR20 is of very good quality. The ear cups that it comes with have a frequency range of 18 to 24 Hz.

In addition to being of high quality and very affordable, this studio headphone comes with big cups. This, therefore, makes it ideal for people that have big heads and large ears.

The UR20 studio headphone might not be as comfortable as a lot of more expensive headsets that come with adequate padding, it, however, is lightweight and can be trusted to last you a long time.

If your aim of getting a studio headphone is for mixing and mastering, then, the Koss UR20 might not be the best for you. On the other hand, if all you need a studio headphone for is for recording a song, you can always rely on this studio headset.

LyxPro HAS-10

This studio headphone features ear cups that can rotate 180 degrees. The implication of this is you can listen to music with just one ear comfortably. In addition to being able to rotate, its ear cups are well padded. You, therefore, will not need to get uncomfortable because you are listening to music over an extended period.

The LyxPro HAS-10 comes with many amazing features. It is, however, bulky and cannot be moved from one place to another as easy as your average studio headphone.

Behringer HPS3000

The Behringer HPS3000 might not be the most accurate studio headset in the market. It, however, is one of the most accurate studio headsets you can get for its price range.

This studio headphone features oval-shaped cups which makes it stand out from lots of other studio headphones. In addition to being oval-shaped, its cups were designed to be used in a reversible position.

When you make use of the Behringer HPS3000 studio headset, you do not have to face any form of discomfort as it has a good level of padding both on its ear cups and on its headband.

This studio headphone cannot be described as sturdy and should not be used for mastering.


If you are looking for a budget studio headphone that offers a great level of isolation, you should consider AKG K72. It features a frequency range of16Hz to 20Hz and is just perfect for mixing and mastering as it makes it possible for you to pick even the minutest detail when mixing.

If you have to put on a studio headphone for a long time, you will never get uncomfortable with AKG K72. The reason for this is its headband adjusts automatically and is also very flexible.

So, AKG K72 is not just very affordable, it offers you very good quality.

PreSonus HD7

The PreSonus HD7 can be gotten for less than $50 and it has a frequency range of between 10Hz and 30Hz. When you make use of this studio headset, you are guaranteed to have crystal clear highs, great midranges, and very deep basses. This is because of its semi-open sound chamber.

If you are interested in purchasing a studio headphone that comes with adequate padding on its headband, the PreSonus HD7 is not that studio headphone. Although the headband of this studio headphone has a way of adjusting when worn by people with various head sizes, it does not come with any padding.

When you purchase this studio headset, you are certainly going to get good value for your money as it is durable. In addition to being durable, it is also lightweight.

If you are looking to purchase a sturdy headphone that is ideal for recording a song in the studio, you can always make use of his studio headset. However, if your major aim of getting a studio headset is for mastering, you might not get the best from the purchase of the PreSonus HD7.


Sennheiser HD 202 II

The Sennheiser HD 202 II studio headphone is not one that is limited to just listening to music. It can be used for simply listening to music, recording a song in the studio, and for mixing songs.

This headphone is affordable and also features high-quality sound. Furthermore, its cable is 10 feet long. This means you will not be limited by distance while you make use of it.

The major downside of this device is its inflexible design. Its headband is not flexible and this can make using it for a long time a bit uncomfortable.