Four Benefits of a Mobile Command Center You Need to Know

Four Benefits of a Mobile Command Center You Need to Know

The advancement of technology allows many industries to conduct business in more efficient ways. One of the latest innovations available to organizations is a mobile command center. It allows for agencies to have a center of operations that can be mobile. There are numerous advantages to industries that use them. Here are some of the top benefits of a mobile command center.

1. Decrease in response time

One of the most important benefits of a mobile command center is that they provide a decreased response time. This advantage is especially useful in industries such as law enforcement or emergency services. A mobile command center can aid in treating people in affected areas such as natural disasters, rather than having to transport them to a facility. In these scenarios, saving minutes of time can be the difference between saving or losing a life. Command centers can be supplied with all of the tools that workers need to perform their job efficiently. In the case of businesses using mobile command centers, the ability to continue to work when certain systems are down can potentially prevent significant revenue loss. Companies can still be able to service a handful of clients and keep business operations running.

2. Protection for equipment

In certain fields, doing work may require making use of expensive equipment. Without a mobile command center, organizations can end up being limited in what items they can bring. There can be factors, such as the need for power sources, size, and weather, that can be common obstacles. Mobile command centers can be a shelter for a company’s equipment and a way for the equipment to be operated. In many cases, they can even be used as a remote office, which can eliminate any need for having to work outdoors. Command centers are spacious enough to allow workers to keep everything they need in one central location, rather than needing multiple transportation sources. With the equipment protected within a mobile command center, there’s also less of a chance for it to become damaged. In addition to protection from the elements, the equipment can even be safely locked up and protected from theft.

3. Presence

Operations that are remote aren’t always designed to be hidden. One example of this is event security. A mobile command center won’t only offer convenience for event security accessing what they need. The center’s presence can act as a deterrence to potential offenders. Preventing crime happening can accomplish more security for a location than an efficient emergency response. There are a few other benefits that mobile command centers can provide for the law enforcement industry. They can serve as a mobile crime lab for investigations at the scene, be a hub for fast communication with other units, surveil an area with thousands of people, and act as a mobile medical treatment facility. Consider if your specific business may need any of these responsibilities taken care of.

4. Customization

Another benefit to mobile command centers is they can be customized for the specific needs of a particular organization. Certain vehicle components can be removed, and equipment used in the field can be installed. Be aware that customization will likely require extra cost and time to complete. In some cases, businesses may opt to rent a mobile command center whenever they need one for a large operation. Renting may also be a more suitable option if a business knows they plan to only use the command center a few times a year. Companies can offer renters long-term leases for certain services, such as video surveillance at a construction site.

What to Consider When Getting a Command Center

If you’re unsure where to start when getting a command center, here are a few tips to help you. You should first be mindful of the functionality you want inside the center. Given the space is limited, there are only so many large items you can place inside of it. When communicating with professionals, you can express what needs are most important to you, and they can help give you a picture of how the command center can be designed to fit those needs.

Another thing to consider is the travel radius of your command center. Determine whether you’ll be needing the vehicle to travel within a short or long distance. If you’re traveling far distances with the mobile command center, it may be necessary to equip it with restrooms, kitchenettes, and sleeping quarters. Along with travel radius, power is a crucial consideration as well. It’s helpful to have an idea of what size of generator you’ll be needing to operate the mobile unit. If you underestimate the amount of power you’ll need, it will be difficult for your organization to effectively perform the tasks you need to complete. Discuss with your team the kinds of information that will be critical to monitor, such as radio communications, cameras, or TV feeds. Some mobile command center companies will have in-house engineering teams that will be able to calculate the size of the generator you’ll need.

Additionally, consider if you might need more than one command center. Most small cities or counties probably only need one command center. Businesses whose primary operation is to monitor news and social media will also likely only need one command center. Industries such as utility companies, large government entities, and the military may need either one large mobile command center or multiple mobile command centers. Knowing how many people will need to be inside and knowing the number of things that will need to be controlled can be useful ways to determine the size that will be necessary.

Keeping up with the current technology is an essential part of keeping any industry operating efficiently. Mobile command centers can help organizations by giving them more ability to perform and complete their tasks from any location they need to. Be sure to consider all of your organizational needs when considering how to set up your mobile command center.

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