How Do You Handle Your Old Mattress and Other Beddings?

How Do You Handle Your Old Mattress and Other Beddings?

Most mattress retailers recommend replacing them after about 8 years. When it reaches that time to say goodbye to your old mattress and beddings, how do you get rid of them? This is when the thought of how they can be reused or if the services of London rubbish clearance can help usually cross your mind.

Charities, Shelters, and Churches

If your mattress or beddings are still in good condition, these are some of the groups that might take them off your hands. There are considerable social or welfare groups that take mattresses in London like British Heart Condition, British Red Cross, and the Furniture Donation Network. You shouldn’t neglect homeless shelters and local women refugees. It’s however important to confirm if the fire safety label is still intact on your mattress. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted.

Try Websites Trading in Second Hand Goods

Websites like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are some of the online sites where you can sell your mattress. Prices on these platforms may vary depending on the condition and size of the mattress. Just remember that nobody wants a torn or stained mattress. The possibility of selling on these websites is high if the mattress is in good condition or nearly new.

What of Retailers?

Some understanding retailers may take away your old mattress if you’re buying a new one from them. Although a few may offer the service for free, most of those accepting them will have you incur some charges. Don’t forget that the service is only available if you buy a new mattress from them.

Dump it to Your Local Tip

Local council tip comes as a huge relief to the residents who want to dump their mattresses and beddings. Most civic amenity centers don’t charge anything. All you’ll need is a car to carry it there. The common challenge is that it’s not usually near where you reside. Again, depending on the type of the mattress or size of your car, the mattress may fail to fit in your car. Businesses like hotels are either completely prohibited from using council tips or have to pay to use it. If allowed, you can call the council in advance for bulky collections.

Waste Collection Company

Reliance on Rubbish Removal Company has proved time and again as the most convenient way to get rid of your wastes, including old mattresses and beddings. Apart from incurring the charges, you won’t even get much involved in the whole process. The hired man & van waste carrier firm may even have the team remove it for you from inside the property at no extra cost. With the potential of generating other wastes apart from beddings and mattresses, skip hire is worth considering. Some skip companies may charge extra for the mattress. Some even prohibit you from putting it into the container altogether. Before you use the skip bin, double-check with your waste service provider.

Do not let your mattress to waste. Mattresses are 85% to 95% recyclable, but only 16% are recycled in the UK. The other portion is mostly incinerated to wasted energy or shredded and sent to landfills. As they take more than a decade to decompose and also occupy a lot of space, mattresses don’t belong to landfills.