How to Improve The Sensitivity Of Your Mouse For Optimal Gaming Experience

How to Improve The Sensitivity Of Your Mouse For Optimal Gaming Experience

Computer gamers are very sensitive about the gaming mouse they use. For the best success rates of target shots, they take time and examine LED optical sensors, DPI resolution, ergonomics, and customization options. Expert users want a gaming mouse with adjustable weight, programmable buttons, and higher sensitivity.

To increase their chances of gaming success and to win with relative ease, many gamers change their mouse or, at the very least, optimize their mouse by increasing mouse sensitivity. For this, a Valorant sensitivity converter is a must-have. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about improving the sensitivity of your gaming mouse, no worries. This article summarizes five (5) quick ways to increase the sensitivity of your gaming mouse.

 1. Deactivate Mouse Acceleration

This may sound odd, particularly if you will think that mouse acceleration is automatic help for your ease in using the mouse. However, this is only your computer’s way of trying to help you increase the speed at which you use your mouse by modifying the precision and accuracy of your mouse cursors.

For surfing the net or other similar activities, these attempts by the computer to assist you is a good thing. However, when it comes to gaming, this auto-precision can make your mouse control sluggish and affect your gaming experience.

You don’t want to keep struggling with the computer to master your mouse. When you deactivate your mouse acceleration, it means that you are asking your computer not to interfere with your mouse control. This gives you the full charge and control of your game.

As a result, you can exercise your muscle memory retention capacity for gaming activities. In the long run, you will increase your gaming enjoyment and, at the same time, train your reflexes to move at a speed equivalent to your gaming needs.

2. Use a Good Laser Mouse

Your gaming success depends a lot on the type of mouse you are using. In other words, the gaming mouse is critical in improving your gaming experience.

How to Improve The Sensitivity Of Your Mouse For Optimal Gaming Experience

There are different types of gaming mouse on the market, ranging from the optical mouse to the laser mouse for use on glass or desk surfaces. A laser mouse has very high sensitivity and allows you to adjust the DPI (dot per inch) settings on your gaming mouse to fit your preferences. Meanwhile, to improve your gaming experience, try the mouse sensitivity converter for Valorant to help you calculate the sensitivity of the games you play.

 3. Mind Your DPI Settings

To increase your gaming experience, you should control the DPI value settings on your gaming mouse. Remember that these DPI settings determine the response speed of your gaming mouse. For instance, if you set your gaming mouse to use a higher DPI value, you will find that the movement of your cursor across your screen is much faster. However, when setting your mouse speed for games, you should check first. Different games have different ideal mouse sensitivity speed setting requirements for the best accuracy and speed when using with your gaming mouse.

4. Use A Smooth Surface

Most gamers often overlook this point. Many players can be so focused on the gaming itself that they neglect surface sensitivity of the mouse pad or desk surface. Most are aware that a mouse is surface-sensitive but few know that the surface they use determines the mouse response speed and efficiency.

The standard computer mouse works best a surface with a low texture, is oil-free and offers little or no friction that can oppose the movements. When the desk surface proves unresponsive, gamers would get a high-quality mouse pad for the gaming mouse.

5. Mind Your Macro Keys

Every gaming mouse has a macro key. This is the thumb-like button on the side of your mouse that you can press for easy access. Many gamers don’t experiment with this button. Others assume that this macro key always works efficiently.

However, expert users always note the position of the macro key on the mouse. The macro key is usually positioned for either left-handed or right-handed use to fit your primary hand orientation. Since there is no default setting, take your time to check out the hand orientation of the macro key and pick one that will allow your hand movements to flow naturally.


Your gaming experience is not entirely up to the game developer. The kits you use in playing the game counts. If your mouse is not perfectly tuned for an optimal gaming performance, you may feel frustrated, particularly if the game requires high mouse sensitivity. Always use a good laser mouse on a smooth surface, deactivate mouse acceleration, and mind the macro key. A gaming mouse with no clicking sound is also a good choice! The key points summarized in this article should help you improve the sensitivity of your gaming mouse for the best results.