Offroad Racing Games For Everyone

Offroad Racing Games For Everyone

Off-road racing – is a great way to get the adrenaline and test your driving skills. But not everyone is ready for such an extreme adventure. But it’s easy and safe to become a participant in such a race on the gamepad of your PC. In our article, we have collected a list of games where you can fulfill your long-time dream without risk to your health.


The most famous on the list is a Dirt. The DiRT series (it used to be named after the racer Colin McRae, who died in 2007) has games for every taste: the more serious and sometimes even hardcore Colin McRae: DiRT and DiRT Rally, as well as casual audience-oriented DiRT 2, 3, 4 and 5. So here you can both have fun and challenge your driving skills.

For those who like a more fun experience and less real rally, there is a crazy survival race, characterized by the total absence of rules called DiRT Showdown. It’s up to you how you win: you can drive carefully and try to outrun all your opponents, or you can push and crash, try to smash all your opponents, and remain the only participant in the race.


Yes, it’s a bit of an odd choice, but Crossout is an exciting MMO action game set in a post-apocalyptic period. The gamer is given to set up his own offroad races in cars from the not-so-great future. You can hardly call it realistic, but what a thrill.


A game that has conquered many fans of racing and not only. The game allows you to arrange spectacular accidents and launch a poor driver through the windshield so that he knocked down giant pins or hits the bullseye of a huge dartboard with his body. It’s very hard to call it a real rally, but the game makes a great arcade game on wheels for all comers. And the split screen mode on consoles made the game a real magnet for teenage house parties. If you missed this game, we highly advise you to take a closer look, no other game offers such an experience.

WRC Series

A line of rally simulators under the license of the World Rally Championship. Contains official tracks, cars, teams, and drivers WRC, as well as realistic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and very authentic physics. The only thing more realistic is range rover lease dubai and go to conquer the sand dunes in a real car (yours or a rental car). Only in the game, you will not have to pay for a ticket to Dubai, choose a rental company, and pay for a exotic car rental. Solid economy.

Forza Horizon Series

One of the best arcade races uses the concept of the seasons, in which the game periodically changes from summer to fall, then comes winter, which is replaced by spring.

Weather effects, the change of seasons, the behavior of cars on the road depending on the season – everything was taken into account, so you will experience the most realistic feeling of driving off-road and not only.


Racing plus challenging off-roading – you’ll have to climb steep walls, jump off ramps and overcome deep pits. And all this – competing with virtual and live opponents, an interesting multiplayer system, and split-screen mode for playing at one console. This a very vivid example of how offroading should be

Pure Rock Crawling

If you prefer less arcade and more realism, you should try this off-road simulator based on a realistic simulation of the vehicle’s suspension and tires. Players will find rocky trails, forested areas, and hilly deserts, which they will have to overcome at the wheel of off-road vehicles. The game features very realistic physics of the car’s behavior on the off-road, so it just won’t be easy.

Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths

It’s not so much a race as it is a truck simulator that makes its way through South America. However, this does not mean that the game does not offer interesting gameplay: the tracks are challenging, the cars break down, and the possibility to deploy a camping workshop and repair the truck right “in the field” is impressive.