Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

Platformers, sometimes referred to as Jump ‘n’ Run, are one of the most well-liked genres in the world. They are connected to video games like The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. Platforms have now extended to include genres like racing, action-adventure, and third-person shooters. In addition, platformer games have improved the gaming experience by adding puzzles and a storyline component. Today’s platformer games maintain the genre’s core elements while including fresh features and new methods of delivering gripping stories. In this article, I’ll highlight my favorite platformer games that kept me playing until the credits rolled.

Some Best Platformer Games To Try

Platformer puzzle games are also featured in this list. Again, you’ll get a whole gaming experience thanks to the ideal fusion of mystery, puzzle, and gameplay. I sincerely hope you play these games, have fun, and have the time of your life.

1. Limbo

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

In the dystopian fantasy Limbo, our character embarks on a secret journey where he must battle enormous spiders and other people to advance in his quest. The puzzles in this game are well constructed, adding to the appeal and difficulty of the game. The primary character is a silhouette with white eyes who doesn’t display any emotion and doesn’t speak. The ominous sound design and monochromatic images enhance the game’s narrative and horror components. We shall be drawn into the story’s quest for explanations, understanding the questionable motivations of the creatures and the antagonistic character. Regarding the world of Limbo, there are several theories. Unfortunately, the player’s theories on the reasons for this boy’s horrible, awful journey have yet to yield any solid conclusions. As a result, there are constantly new theories to explore online.

2. Hollow Knights

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

Team Cherry created the side-scrolling, bug-zapping frenzy that is Hollow Knight. A nameless warrior explores Hollowness in this game, which is also a puzzle-solving game. As a knight, the player takes on an action-packed journey to explore this open world’s wonders and battle against supernatural foes. It’s a delight to lose yourself in its exquisite artwork and music, with so much material concealed around every bend, discovering secret passageways and traveling to new locations. Of course, to advance in the game, the player must keep reading the story and pick up new skills and powers. But fear not—the journey is nonlinear, keeping the mystery until the game’s end. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

3. Journey

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

In the adventure game The Journey, the player controls a robed character who is making his way through a large desert toward a mountain. This game invites you to explore a cryptic world. This game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; the sound and design are flawlessly matched to present a story that sticks with you for a very long time. The catch to this game is that the characters can only converse through musical chimes, which turn ordinary bits of fabric into red and impact the surrounding world.

The game’s name alludes to the tragic transformation of a story’s beautiful meaning. Due to the game’s prolonged life concept, you only die once throughout it. In this game, every frame is a painting, and the leisurely, entrancing gameplay makes the experience enjoyable. The art direction and images are a visual feast. The game is masterfully written and designed to create a deep emotional impression, elevating it to one of the best of all time. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

4. Inside

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

This book takes readers on a magnificent journey into a dystopian future that is hauntingly beautiful, filled with mind-controlling technology, unknowing nonhuman animals, and mind-blowing imagery that mirrors our fears and concerns. Players initially find the puzzle to be quite taxing. However, the game’s experience is integrated into the puzzles, so they don’t detract from it and instead improve the gameplay. Less color is used in the game as a metaphor for understanding your interpretation. This game’s fantastic sound design enhances the world and story in wonderful game. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

5. Super Meat Boy

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

Try Super Meat Boy if you want to go into the most ridiculous of plots with some amusing characters. Super Meat Boy is an absurdly funny adventure game that may sometimes be extremely punishing. The goal of the game is to complete the painstakingly designed levels. We journey with the so-called flesh kid, who is skinless. In his quest to save beloved Bandage Girl, Meat Boy must bravely traverse dangerous levels filled with traps and adversaries. The game moves quickly; therefore, we must focus on completing each level.

One needs quick reflexes, timing, and daring to navigate these stages successfully. You may revisit levels to try alternative strategies and find secrets that help you go through with just a few pixels of life left. There is a sense of achievement in beating a level with only a few seconds of health remaining. There is very little game for mistakes in this game. The character’s death will result from one erroneous move. The level becomes more challenging, travels quicker, and is more difficult to maneuver as the game proceeds.

6. Little Nightmares

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

A captivating idea is a nightmare horror story told from the perspective of a little child wearing a yellow raincoat. The terror elements in this game frequently make you want to leap out of your chair. The surroundings and frightening graphics will give you the chills. The game gives underappreciated dark comedy when disturbing horrors and creepiness enter the picture. The eerie and terrifying mood permeates the screen until the end of the game. The cinematography and camera work are just outstanding; the way they switch between old and new scenes to give jump scares is horrifying. When you play Little Nightmares, you feel you are balancing the equilibrium of life and death, darkness and light, silly and real. To experience this bizarre trip, you must play this fantastic game. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

7. Little Big Planet

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

The creator and all the nonplayer characters are being taken hostage in the Collector’s Lair in the Little Big Planet metropolis by an evil collector with a pixie voice. However, the Sackpeson will rise to calm the commotion the collector caused. By leaping, pushing, grasping, and resolving the puzzles, we can control the Sackboy. The gameplay, physical dynamics, and captivating plot contribute to the game’s continual freshness and enjoyment. The game built up one of the most intriguing characters to emerge from it, and the plot will keep us interested until the very end. If you want to find frightful, difficult, inventive platformer games, you must try Little Big Planet. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

8. It Takes Two

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

Marriage is the coming together of two unique personalities to create a new world. It takes Two picks up on this idea of marriage and takes it to build a beautiful, powerful story for a fantastic game to explore. The simple yet nuanced idea of the game is that the beautiful young girl’s parents are going through a difficult time in their marriage. They are reading the divorce poem. However, the game begins when her parents miraculously transform into a little character. Players must overcome various challenges to pass several stages successfully, requiring flawless synchronization and knowledge. It features a beautiful premise and a warmhearted tale. These games never fail to wow you and make you wonder about the seemingly little details of the game and life. Then, you can tell a loved one about this experience.

9. Unravel

Some Best Platformer Games To Try In 2022

This game does a wonderful job of examining the collection of amazing memories, warm-hearted yesterdays, and all the beautiful days that have passed and are yet to come. It combines metaphors, feelings, and physics in an ideal way. A little humanoid creature made of red yarn is your guide as you explore this remarkable story of wise women. Our explorer, Yarny, searches through the woman’s recollections of the beautiful life she lived and loved. We have a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to the masterful balancing of the emotional components and the mystery of the woman’s life. You can play this game if you wish to play a simple, uplifting game. At the end of the game, players will have a delightful puzzle game with several plots revealed. This is one of the best Platformer Games.

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