Some Best Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats To Try

Some Best Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats To Try

One of the greatest Pokemon fan games ever is Pokemon GS Chronicles. For a good reason, almost every Pokemon player has used or at least heard about this ROM hack. The game contains several new elements that will keep you engaged while making the second-generation game’s tale worthwhile to play. The game’s plot is its biggest selling point; it is far superior to what we received with Silver and Gold. However, it still adheres to the original games’ extremely sluggish and monotonous game structure. In 2022, we’re used to speedier and more gratifying gaming, so when the games get too repetitive, it’s a good idea to use cheats for Pokemon GS Chronicles.

The best cheats for Pokemon GS Chronicles are provided in this post. Your gameplay will be easier and more pleasurable, thanks to these cheats for Pokemon GS Chronicles. It should go without saying, but be careful to refrain from abusing these cheats for Pokemon GS Chronicles by using too many of them at a time. Even the best Pokemon emulators can’t handle too many cheats at once. So instead, put into making these cheats like Game Shark (Action Replay) or Code Breaker. That’s all; I hope you enjoyed the list.

Some Best Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats

Pokemon GS Chronicles Cheats to try.

1. Unlimited Rare Candy

Using rare candies, you may level up your Pokemon without having to battle in repeated battles. In the latter stages of the game, particularly in earlier games, Pokemon’s repetitious battle style becomes monotonous. Therefore, this cheat will save you time and make your ascent to the top four. You may find all the rare candies on your items PC!

Codebreaker: 820257C4 0044

2. Unlimited Master Ball

With a standard Pokeball, your chances of catching a legendary Pokemon are less likely than Team Rocket capturing Ash’s Pikachu. So why, then, do you squander time? Use this cheat to obtain an unlimited supply of master balls. A single ball may be used to catch any Pokemon, even Rayquaza and Yungoos. The Master Ball may also be found in PC items, just like the rare candies.

Codebreaker: 820257C4 0001

3. Eggs Hatch Faster

Although hardly everyone uses the Pokemon games’ breeding system, this cheat will come in handy if you do. Eggs are known for taking a very long time to hatch; however, when you use this cheat, your game will cause the eggs to do so quickly. Consequently, you won’t need to run around aimlessly running to get your egg to hatch. (run by typing and running the master code) Gameshark: Master Code




Fast Hatch Code


4. Unlimited Money

As the name implies, after entering this cheat code into your emulator, you’ll have unlimited funds in Pokemon GS Chronicles, allowing you to purchase anything at any time. This is quite helpful, especially if you want to buy super repels. How nice; I hope someone makes a cheat like this for our real world.

Codebreaker: 820257BC 423F

820257BE 000F

5. Get Any TM/HM

Well, one of the most crucial aspects of the game is trying to give your Pokemon the best mobility. However, certain moves can only be learned through TMs and HMs, which requires much effort. Furthermore, these items are hidden across the map, so you must search for them. With this cheat, you won’t need to do all of that; input the cheat before going to any PC and withdrawing it. There’s no cap on the number you can obtain.

Code Breaker: 820257C4 YYYY

Enter the TM/HM code you desire from the list of codes below in place of YYYY.

Pokemon GS Chronicles CheatsPokemon GS Chronicles Cheats

6. Increase The Catch Rate

The next cheat won’t add a Pokemon to your party directly, but it will provide you the necessary boost when you set out to catch Pokemon that are known for running. With this cheat, the likelihood of catching any Pokemon increases noticeably with each ball, and the likelihood of catching legendaries also rises. It will still be challenging to obtain one, though.

Gameshark: 87ACF659 707466DC

8BB602F7 8CEB681A

7. Poke Mart Items Cost $1

Thanks to this cheat, you won’t ever need to worry about money in the Johto area. The cheat will ensure that each item you choose to buy from the Poke Mart costs just $1.

GameShark: 3C25A344 FD8F451C

AD86124F 2823D8DA

8. Encounter Shiny Pokemon

This cheat will benefit you if you enjoy catching shiny Pokemon but also appreciate your limited time in this world. Every encounter in the wild regions will result in a shining encounter after you put this cheat. Therefore, you’re sure to find a shiny Pokemon whenever you run about in the grass. Once you’ve encountered the Pokemon or are ready to catch it, turn the cheat off. Because these emulators are still, in a sense, rather unstable, if you don’t, the game could glitch or even crash.

Gameshark: 1670047D 04815C68

18452A7D DDE55BCC

9. Walk Through Walls

I’ve always been interested in these places because the Pokemon map has always included places you can’t go. There has been a great deal of mystery concerning forbidden places. Now that you have this easy cheat, you may let your curiosity run wild. You may use the cheat to walk obstacles like walls, as the name implies. There should be many bugs and places where the map abruptly terminates when you go into prohibited places. This cheat will work if a Pokeball with an item inside is on the opposite side of a wall, but you can’t access it. Always save before stepping through walls since you could get caught somewhere.

Gameshark: 509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

10. Unlock All Badges

The following cheat may be less fun or even more entertaining because it will allow you to immediately obtain all eight badges without engaging in any combat in the Johto area, ending the game. You can use this cheat if your primary goal in the game is to catch shiny objects or something similar; otherwise, the cheat kills the fun. Use it at your discretion.

Gameshark: EFCE867D 5403D40D