Tackle the Main Business Challenges with Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft

Tackle the Main Business Challenges with Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft

If you’re an owner of a small or a medium-sized business, you know how important it is to have the right software solution to help you deal with the everyday challenges your business faces.

The internet is a very competitive business landscape. Companies are required to rely on their abilities to gather the most accurate, real-time data and technology solutions to get ahead of the competition curve, stay on the right course, and keep their customers happy.

If your company operates in the market for business management, chances are that you may have heard of the enterprise resource management (ERP) solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central. This business solution is designed for small and mid-sized companies to help them run their entire business operations from one unified interface.

If you’ve been looking for a one-size-fits-all solution to help you tackle your main business challenges, D365 Business Central might be just what you need. Let’s see how the cloud version of this ERP solution can benefit your operations.

Cost-Effective Solution for Managing your Expenses

Every startup and business in the making struggles to stay within its budget. Since it’s hard to control your cash flow, small and mid-sized companies are constantly looking for solutions to reduce costs. D365 is precisely that and more.

Aside from providing your organization with all the existing benefits of moving to cloud enterprise resource management, this solution frees you from paying maintenance and upgrade costs. D365 operates on the subscription-based monthly fixed fee model.

In other words, using this solution doesn’t require you to pay hefty upfront payments. However, the most significant advantage comes from the fact that you don’t need any dedicated IT resources, management, and servers to use D365, which allows you to predict your operating costs and stay on budget.

Keep All Your Data in One Place

When running a business that operates over the internet, gathering and interpreting data becomes a key driving factor of your success. Keeping all your data in one place brings so many benefits, and D365 allows you to create a single source of data across all departments.

It allows you to store all your valuable data in one secure location that gets constantly updated in real-time with new pieces of information. More importantly, all your employees get access to this vast data pool.

D365 brings one multi-purposeful source of information that each employee can access through built-in dashboards. Connect all your data across inventory, purchasing, sales, accounting, and finance to make your operations more organized, improve decision making, and ensure steady business growth.

CRM and ERP in One Platform

D365 is essentially an ERP platform, but its capabilities allow the user to integrate customer experiences and relationships to take your customer service to a new level. Its CRM features enable businesses to stay with their customers across the entire sales cycle, identify renewal, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and track customer interactions.

However, the biggest perk of D365 is the ability to harness its power and come up with discount structures and flexible pricing for individual groups and consumers.

It can do wonders for your customer experience and allow you to better respond to inquiries, track details, manage service requests, address customer after-sales issues, customer returns, and more. Put simply, D365 has the power to tackle all your challenges, from money management to customer relations.

Improved Compliance and Data Security

One of the biggest strengths of D365 is the fact that it can offer you enterprise-level security. Since this is a cloud solution, it comes with already built-in features that ensure your valuable data is securely stored and backed up.

Through an array of features such as data auditing, encryption, authentication, and authorization, D365 allows you to safeguard your business and everything else attached to it. This ERP platform also ensures total compliance with local laws, which is crucial if you’re conducting business globally.

Seamless Integrations

Chances are that your organization is already using some of the existing Microsoft business solutions, such as Office 365. You can seamlessly integrate all other Microsoft solutions with D365 to further customize it and match your unique business needs.

Simpler Project Management

Besides CRM, warehouse, accounting, and financial capabilities, D365 can also help you manage projects to meet your deadlines. Track, manage, and create projects using features like reporting, advanced job costing, and timesheets.

Manage your resource levels more effectively by planning sales and capacity. Analyze metrics and other real-time insights to maximize your productivity and profitability.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is a fantastic all-in-one ERP platform that every business should consider, especially if they are migrating to the cloud. Aside from all those above, this advanced tech solution is highly flexible and scalable.

It can grow along with your business, but the biggest perk is that it allows you to run your operations from anywhere, regardless of device or location. If you combine D365 with professional software consulting services, it’s safe to say that you can successfully facilitate steady and stable business growth.