The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

Although EPUB files provide a better reading experience than PDF files, they must catch up regarding platform support. How may EPUB files be viewed on unsupported platforms? Converters come into play in situations like this. With these tools, you can easily convert files with the EPUB extension to PDF, which practically all digital devices support. You must be familiar with EPUB files if you enjoy reading books on digital platforms. We’ll explain these files if you have yet to see them.

EPUB, short for Electronic Publication, is one of the several formats used to store eBooks. Although the format might seem relatively new, the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) created it in 2007. This XHTML, XML, and CSS-based file format is quickly gaining popularity. EPUB files improve your reading experience more than the other eBook formats by enabling the content to reflow. When reading eBooks in EPUB format, you’ll notice that the file layout, text, font size, and paragraphs rearrange to fit the device’s screen.

EPUB is less popular than other eBook formats like PDFs despite these benefits. Many eBook reading devices, notably the Kindle, lack compatibility with certain file formats. This means that simply because a book is in EPUB format, you cannot read it on a Kindle. That’s quite sad, but don’t worry—we have a fix! Fortunately, several online EPUB to PDF converters can instantly convert your EPUB files into PDF. However, Portable Document Format, sometimes known as PDF, is a format that can be used with all popular online browsers and e-book readers, including Kindle. To read the content of the produced PDF files, you can open them on any electronic device.

Additionally, PDF is the format to use if you want to print your eBooks since it automatically optimizes for printing, producing flawless printed copies of your eBooks. Therefore, don’t worry; we’re here to help if you’re unsure which EPUB to PDF converter would be ideal. The best EPUB to PDF converter software is listed below, and it can help you convert your EPUB files to PDF for free. Let’s investigate them!

The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

We’ve compiled a list of tools to convert EPUB to PDF to help you find the right one.

1. FreeConvert

Convert EPUB To PDF

In the list of the most popular EPUB to PDF converter tools, FreeConvert comes in last. The great feature of this converter is that it ensures the highest output quality for the generated PDF files. This is made feasible by the collection of “Advanced” options that Free Convert offers its customers to customize the output PF files. Additionally, FreeConvert allows for file conversions across many Image, Video, Music, and eBook formats. Additionally, it offers a free compressor tool that will allow you to compress your output files without sacrificing quality. File Convert runs online, so there’s no need to download any special software to complete the job.

The 256-bit SSL encryption technology used by this web-based conversion tool provides the security and privacy of your sensitive files, and it also employs automated file deletion after two hours to protect your uploads. You can add files to the upload area using one of the upload options, then press the convert option to start the conversion process. The option to download a PDF file will appear after the conversion process. To download & save the PDF files to the PC, click it. If your source file is under 1GB, you can use Free Convert without paying any subscription fees. If you still need to, purchase one of their four premium plans, depending on your needs.

2. PDFChef

Convert EPUB To PDF

You may convert your EPUB files to PDF format using one of the most popular online tools, PDFChef. Also, this web-based tool is simple to use and compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac. Along with an EPUB to PDF converter, PDFChef also offers various editing tools. This capable converter uses compression techniques to hasten the uploading and conversion of EPUB files to PDF format and is supported by useful cloud servers.

To protect your private EPUB files from unwanted access, PDFChef employs 256-bit SSL encryption technology. Therefore, your converted and uploaded files are secure from hackers’ eyes. Although there are certain limitations in the free version, this web-based tool does not require any sign-in. You can only convert 50MB of EPUB files using PDFChef for free. However, you must buy a subscription from its website to perform more conversions than this size.

3. CloudConvert

Convert EPUB To PDF

CloudConvert is an EPUB to PDF converter tool that lets you convert eBooks to PDF formats without downloading additional software. It enables conversion between the eBook formats EPUB, PDF, AZW, and CBZ. It is one of the most popular online converters and ensures total anonymity for your files. CloudConvert uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver cloud-based services while upholding strict security guidelines. This EPUB to PDF Converter tool offers a user-friendly and modern UI. Additionally, the conversion of EPUB to PDF is fairly speedy.

To convert an EPUB file, you must first upload it from your local drive and press the convert button. Wait while CloudConvert processes and converts your EPUB file to PDF, making it available for download. Also, the option to upload files from cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive is available. CloudConvert ensures that the PDF file preserves the original quality and does not store your files for privacy reasons. Additionally, there are options to change the size and orientation of the generated PDF file. For limited use, this online converter is free; however, a high-volume user will need to purchase one of the premium plans.

4. Free PDF Convert

Convert EPUB To PDF

Want to use your Kindle to read your favorite EPUB format books? To read your favorite books on Kindle and other platforms, convert your EPUB files into PDF format using the online Free PDF Convert tool. The Free PDF Convert is a free online EPUB to PDF conversion tool that you can use to convert files without losing their original quality. This tool operates on your browser and is platform-independent. Free PDF Convert may be used on a Mac or Windows desktop and an Android or Apple smartphone. To secure your files and stop illegal access, Free PDF Convert employs 256-bit encryption technology. You don’t have to worry about a privacy violation because it does not store your files on its servers.

The Free PDF Converts online tool’s conversion process is rather simple. The conversion process is quick; all you have to do is upload your EPUB files to the online tool and download your PDF as soon as it’s finished. Despite being a free service, this website tool has several limitations. Two conversions of EPUB files to PDF are the maximum allowed per day in the free version. Additionally, it prevents you from employing sophisticated conversion tools. Therefore, you must upgrade to the conversion tool’s Pro edition to access all its features.

5. Zamzar

Convert EPUB To PDF

One of the most well-known and established online EPUB to PDF converters is Zamzar, which can also convert EPUB to AZW3, LRF, FB2, OEB, LIT, MOBI, and other popular formats. Although this online EPUB converter is free, you can only convert two EPUB files of limited size to PDF format each day. If you need to convert EPUB files in bulk to PDF, sign up for one of the three subscription options to access limitless large-size file conversions from EPUB to PDF. Additionally, depending on the subscription plan you choose, you’ll receive a minimum of 5GB and a maximum of 100GB of cloud storage. Zamzar offers quick EPUB to PDF conversion and ensures the output PDF file’s quality.

6. PDFCandy

The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

On this platform, you may convert your EPUB-formatted eBooks to PDF using PDFCandy, a straightforward and efficient EPUB to PDF converter. You may use the online PDFCandy tool on a Windows PC or a Mac, but you can also download the offline PDFCandy software to convert EPUB files to PDF on a Windows PC. In addition, you may download the PDFCandy browser plugin for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Use this EPUB To PDF conversion tool on every webpage you load in your browser using this extension. Other than offering conversion tools for converting EPUB files to PDF, EPUB also offers conversion tools for other eBook formats, including DjVu, MOBI, FB2, and more.

You must drag and drop or click the Add File button to upload your EPUB files to convert them to PDF. The option to upload files from cloud platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive is also available. Then, you may customize the produced PDF files using several options the tool offers. Click the “Convert to PDF” button, then let PDFCandy do its job. To get around the hourly file conversion cap and convert files up to 600 MB in size, PDFCandy offers three premium subscriptions, with the first starting at $6 a month.

7. PDF2Go

The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

To read your EBooks on eBook reading platforms like Kindle, you may convert them into PDF using the adjustable EPUB to PDF format converter software called PDF2Go. For simple compatibility, you may convert MOBI or any different eBook format to PDF in addition to EPUB. This online converter performs effectively regardless of your operating system—Windows, Linux, or Mac. You don’t need to worry about the security of your crucial papers since PDF2Go uses 256-bit SSL to secure the data transmission process. Additionally, it ensures that EPUB files are uploaded securely and that its cloud-based servers are regularly cleaned.

When you have limitations on file size and batch processing, PDF 2Go is free for limited use. Also, you must upgrade to the premium edition, which starts at USD 6.50 per month if you need to execute batch conversion of files with a maximum size of 8GB. The premium edition also offers an unrestricted OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability to convert your scanned EPUB files to PDF documents. The PDF2GO tool makes converting EPUB files to PDF very straightforward. Your EPUB files must be uploaded from local storage, Google Drive, or DropBox. Press the green Start button when the upload has been successful.


The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

The conversion of eBook formats to PDF is simplified using’s online EPUB to PDF converter. Also, it supports more than 20 file formats and, in addition to EPUB, converts TXT, HTML, MOBI, OEB, and RTF to PDF. Additionally, offers browser add-ons, so you may use our EPUB to PDF converter on every website you visit. You may upload your source EPUB files from your local computer via Dropbox or Google Drive, and the EPUB conversion process to PDF format is greatly improved. You may also customize your generated PD files using a variety of options.

Press the Start button to have this online converter process and convert your files to PDF format in a matter of seconds once you’ve adjusted the parameters. The option to download or upload the file to your account on any famous cloud storage platform will be presented to you when the conversion is complete. You can only convert 20 files daily if you register for a free account at In addition, there is a batch size limit of five files per conversion. You must choose one of their three monthly, annual, or daily file subscription options to boost your file conversion limit.

9. Convertio

The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

Convertio is an easy-to-use online tool that converts EPUB files to PDF files. Its design is modern and user-friendly, and it offers a variety of popular converters, including typeface converters, eBook converters, and audio and video converters. The popular EPUB to PDF converter tool supports over 300 file formats and over 25600 format conversions. You don’t have to worry about downloading any software to use the conversion tools because Convertio’s EPUB to PDF tool functions online. Also, you can download the Google Chrome extension from Convertio for simple access to the converter.

Easy EPUB file to PDF conversion. Here, you must upload your source files and choose the EPUB option from the output format drop-down menu. Press the Convert button when you’re ready. Your PDF files will be processed and converted to PDF in seconds; the download button will instantly appear when the conversion is complete. To download the PDF files to the PC, click the Download button. This EPUB to PDF converter is free if the file is smaller than 100 MB. If you still need to, choose from one of their three monthly plans: Light, Basic, or Unlimited.


The Best Tools To Convert EPUB To PDF To Use

The tools for conversion are included in the relatively straightforward web-based EPUB to PDF converter software called Even if it doesn’t have many cutting-edge features like 256-bit encryption, quick conversions, and cloud storage, it does the job well. Along with converting between EPUB and other eBook file formats, including MOBI, AZW, DOCX, TXT, FB2, HTML, and RTF, it also offers cross-conversions between other eBook file formats. You can do a little to complete the conversion process.

To start the EPUB conversion process, upload your target EPUB files using the file uploader and press the Convert button. Wait for the conversion to complete, and the tool will then send you instantly to the results page, where you may download the converted PDF file. You may use for free without a daily cap, but you must ensure the file size is under 200MB. Overall, if you don’t need to convert sensitive information files, is a good option for converting your EPUB files to PDF.

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The Bottom Line:

The list of EPUB to PDF converter tools has now ended. You may use one of the aforementioned online converters the next time you need to convert EPUB files to PDF so you can effortlessly read them on Kindle and other e-readers.