The Best Website Malware Scanning Tools

The Best Website Malware Scanning Tools

Website Malware Scanning Tools: Malware (Malicious Software) is not a new technology; it has existed since 1988. An infected system can steal data or disrupt corporate operations. Since then, it has been expanding each month. More than 1 billion different types of malware exist today.

Website Malware Scanning

Injecting malicious code into the code of your website can be done in several ways by an attacker. Let’s look at some online tools that may be used to scan your website for malware and other security problems. This can assist you in determining whether known malware has infected your website so you can take the appropriate steps to clean them.

The Best Website Malware Scanning Tools

We’ve compiled a list of Website Malware Scanning Tools to help you find the right one.

1. SiteLock

Website Malware Scanning

Any CMS, including Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress, is compatible with SiteLock. Each plan includes Website Malware Scanning. You may set up a schedule to begin a daily scan for spam, XSS, SQLi, and other online dangers. SiteLock scans your website for over 10 million threats and patches any discovered vulnerabilities. You are informed anytime something goes wrong, giving you a entire picture of the security of your website.

2. Quttera

The Best Website Malware Scanning Tools

Your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Bulletin, or SharePoint website may be scanned for free for malware by Quttera, and you will receive a good report with the following information.

  • Corrupted files.
  • Questionable files.
  • Files That Might Be Suspicious.
  • Tidy files.
  • Found external connections.
  • Iframes were scanned.
  • Blacklist standing.
  • List of iframes and external URLs that have been blocked.

The scanning is FREE.

3. SiteGuarding

Website Malware Scanning

The SiteCheck tool from SiteGuarding scans the specified website for the items listed below and displays the findings.

  • IP resolution.
  • JavaScript files, both internal and external.
  • Global blacklists include BitDefender, Tencent, Trustwave, Avira, PhishLabs, and Rising.
  • Blacklists against spam include RSBL, SORBS, BSB, and KISA.

To run a scan, you are not required to pay anything. It is free.

4. Criminal IP

The Best Website Malware Scanning Tools

Criminal IP is a rising security OSINT search engine with cutting-edge tracking and an IP-based search system. With a final 5-level risk assessment, detection for the likelihood of phishing, mapped IP, actual IP, tech stack, redirection, DNS record, certificates, etc., Domain Search is a Criminal IP function that scans target domains in real-time. This service also checks for comprehensive domain vulnerabilities like Javascript, finds expired SSL certificates, and finds the most popular CVEs and malware present in open ports. Chrome is opened once a certain domain URL has been scanned to carry out scanning and AI-driven analysis, determining whether URLs are malicious and should be banned appropriately. To help customers discover what they need, this service offers direct URL search, concise keyword search, and simple filtering.

5. Astra Security


Both a free and a paid malware scanner are available from Astra Security. The free malware scanner scans the publicly accessible source code of your website and identifies any (if any) malicious links, malware, or blacklistings. The fact that this scanner is a multi-purpose scanner is still the icing on the cake. It enables one-click security audits, blacklist checks, SEO spam checks, and other tasks. Your website is scanned for the following by Astra’s malware scanner.

  • Negative scripts.
  • Mining cryptocurrencies covertly.
  • Scripts for phishing cards.
  • Scripts that are malicious in your external dependencies.

Both of these scanners, without question, excel at their intended tasks. The premium version, which produces more accurate results, is always advised above the free version. This is because, in contrast to the free version, which scans your website’s publicly accessible source code, the premium malware scanner has access to your website’s internal files and directories. Your one-stop shop for malware eradication and long-term website security is Astra Security.



Website scanning is offered by SUCURI, one of the most well-known providers of security solutions, and is compatible with any website platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and others. The following details are required to access a free malware scan for your website.

  • When malware is found.
  • Websites that are blacklisted by McAfee, Google, Yandex, Opera, Norton, Spamhaus, ESET, and other security programs.
  • Introduced SPAM.
  • Defacements.

Consider SUCURI’s security list expert assistance to repair any malware, blacklisted, or bot spam-affected websites you may have.

7. VirusTotal


As implied by the name, VirusTotal assists in checking the provided URL for malware and suspicious code. Over 60 reliable threat databases are used in the tests. Not just the website but also your local files may be scanned. If you believe that some of the files on your website may contain malicious code, this might be useful.

8. MalCare


This is especially for websites powered by WordPress. MalCare is a high-end, all-in-one security program that can scan for malware and other security flaws, guard against them, and clean them up. You may schedule a scan to run frequently, and the website’s speed is not affected while running. MalCare examines the website code using more than 100 signals to ensure that all types of malware, from static to dynamic, are caught. Even though you must install the plugin on your WordPress website, most laborious work is completed remotely on the MalCare server. The benefit of employing MalCare is that if there is any malware on the website, you won’t need to engage a security expert to repair it. Instead, you only need to click to complete it yourself. It can be started in about five minutes. It is completely worthwhile!


If you used one of the aforementioned on-demand scanners and discovered malware on your website, you should immediately seek expert assistance to repair it.