The complete guide to Smart Theatre VR headset

The complete guide to Smart Theatre VR headset

An exquisite adventure waits for you in the virtual reality world with the best smart theatre VR headsets. Virtual reality is a way of using technology to transport into another world and the best virtual reality headset will make you lose contact with the actual world. However before buying the best smart theatre headset, it is important for you to read an honest review regarding the whole product

Factors to be considered:

Smartphone compatibility:

It is important to know the compatibility of your phone with the headset as it determines the whole experience. In most cases, all the iPhones are compatible; however some android mobiles are not which causes the user to suffer. If you own controllers, the android will easily connect to them as compared to an iPhone.

Screen size:

There is a very specified range of screen size that can fit into the VR headset. It usually ranges from 5.5 to 6 inches. Any phone above this size will not be able to properly connect with the VR headset.  The smartphone and headset should be able to fit into each other.


It is very important to consider higher as there is a wide range of VR headsets available.  Some cost hindered of dollars, whereas others are only for a few bucks. Although this determines the whole experience, you should never cross over the budget. Most expensive headsets have extra features that you might not even require.

Advantages of buying the SmartTheatre BR headset:

Set up process:

Set up process is very easy. All you need to do before using the headset is download all the apps and games that can easily connect to that product. After that connect your virtual reality headset with your mobile, adjust the lens and you’re ready to go.

Lenses and viewing:

It is very important to adjust to the lens according to what fits your eyes as it might be blurred out or it might cause a strain to your eyes. After the adjustments, you should be able to see one unified image. This will enhance the whole viewing experience.


A smartphone with gyroscope sensor is required to be compatible with the SmartTheatre VR headset. It is a pre-installed element on the phone which allows your VR headset to know the direction in which you are looking. A gyroscope sensor is accommodated into all iOS phone and some android smartphones.  You can check the sensor by rotating your face while wearing the headset. If the image moves as well, you are good to go. In case it doesn’t, you might have to change either the phone or the headset.


A wide range of apps and content is available on AppStore and Google play. You have to sync your VR headset with the apps, this may take a few minutes but it will ensure a better viewing experience. Apps including discovery VR, jaunt Vr and even YouTube videos with a 3D experience can be played and viewed on the headset. There is an automatic gaze technology that helps in determining what apps you want to select. It automatically gets elected when you stare at it for five seconds.  It also has an input trigger to make a choice through a button.


It is very simple to use and is exceptionally light weighted. All sizes of phones can fit into it and it is available in a wide range of colours including green and blue. A centred smartphone gives the best viewing at all times. It also works well with glasses underneath it.

The actual product:

It comes with a very quick delivery time and is packed safely to avoid any destruction.  This VR headset has been laced with an input trigger for the selection process and has anti-microbial face foam padding for face protection. It is affordable and has a price lower than many VR headsets. The phone holding is very safe and the adjustments of the lens are very easy. The only problem is that bigger phones like NOTE 8 do not fit into its phone compartment.  Read More

In conclusion, the SmartTheatre VR headset acts great for a beginners use. It has a reasonable ceiling experience and an ease of use that promises no problems. Although the game choices might be limited or require a lot of in app purchases, this product is worth buying.