Valorant Guide – More Advanced Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Valorant Guide – More Advanced Gameplay Tips and Tricks

We can all agree that Valorant isn’t a game for absolute video game beginners. It has complex and competitive gameplay that gives all experienced gamers the challenge they need to improve their skills.

With that said, the game’s unique interface can be too complex for some seasoned gamers. Some of them will feel stuck and helpless, and this could often lead to frustration. If you need help in breaking this stuck cycle, or if you’re looking for ways to improve your game plan, then you came to the right place.

In this article, we will teach you important tips and tricks for more advanced gameplay in Valorant. Think of this as your one-stop guide for everything seasoned players need to succeed in the game.

Maximize Each Agent

The first tip that we can give you is quite a no-brainer. You have to maximize the capabilities and strengths of the agent you’re using.

Throughout the game, you will be using one agent to help you through it all. At a certain point, you will probably grow tired of it already but resist that urge to switch agents. Instead, look for ways to understand the agent’s purpose in the game.

By doing so, you will see all the capabilities and weapons that your agent has, and that will help you optimize its in-game performance.

Similarly, encourage your teammates to do the same with their agents. The key to winning in Valorant lies in how well you work together as a team. And to be a well-coordinated team, each member should perfect the roles and capabilities of the agent they’re using.

What to do with the Spike

One of the trickiest aspects in Valorant lies in dealing with the Spike. It seems that you’re always out of time when you’re around it, so most players feel that it all lies in luck.

But, it’s not about luck at all. If you’re observant, you will notice that there are telltale signs that help you make the most of the Spike. This tip is incredibly useful if you’re against multiple opponents around the Spike.

All it takes is 11 seconds. This is broken down into four seconds to have it planted and another seven seconds to have it defused. The limited-time is always too stressful, and some players end up diffusing it so they get caught in the explosion.

If you choose to defuse it, you have to make sure you make it within this time frame. If you don’t, then it’s best to run away from the spike’s explosion radius while you still have five seconds left.

If you’re too stressed to count the seconds, two indicators let you know when you only have five seconds left. First is the faster beeping. When the spike starts beeping a lot faster than normal and you still haven’t defused it, it’s now time to run. Similarly, the spike will have a white bubble around it. If that bubble pops, then you only have five seconds left to run as far away as possible.

Another spike-related tip we can give you is how far you should run. We all know that the spike’s explosion area is huge, and that makes it tricky to identify how far you should run.

The secret is to look at the miniature map at the side of your screen. It will have a small circle around your agent. Before you leave the area where the spike is planted, look at the side map and run towards the outer edge of the circle. That will be your safe zone.

Which Gun to Use

Another key secret is to know the capacity of each weapon. Valorant provides us with a myriad of weapons to use against the enemy, and using them wisely is the key to winning.

Like in real life, in-game guns work great at specific areas and come with different firing capacities. Knowing what each one does can help you tackle the enemy whether he’s far away or caught in an alleyway.

In some cases, users also use Valorant cheats to improve their gameplay. And if you use them with your current strategy, there’s no way that you will lose.

Report to Your Team Always

But most importantly, we cannot stress the importance of teamwork. Know that until the very end, you have to keep your teammates updated on your whereabouts, who killed you, or whether you were able to deliver a lot of damage upon the enemy before you went down.

This information will help your team assess the situation and make changes to your plan. And that’s how you win and excel in Valorant.