What Does GTS Mean? (Snapchat And Pop Culture)

What Does GTS Mean? (Snapchat And Pop Culture)

Do you frequently use Snapchat and become confused by acronyms? You could find the app boring if you need to learn what the meanings mean. Internet users have created new languages that are used in regular online interactions. Social media is rife with acronyms, ranging from Hello to ROFL to simply a plain emoji. One such well-known slang term that is frequently used online is GTS. What does GTS mean on Snapchat? Even if it’s a widely used acronym on social media. On Snapchat, the acronym GTS often means “Good Times” and conveys that life is good, you’re having fun, or you’re enjoying a moment. For your understanding, we will clarify its meaning in various contexts and offer examples throughout this tutorial.

Good Times With A Hint Of Relaxation

As previously stated, the intended GTS meaning on Snapchat is “Good Times” in the sense of enjoying Snapchat. The acronym can thus be used to express that you’re having a great time or are just enjoying life at that moment when you have no commitments. The ideal example is sending a photo while on vacation or curling up on the couch watching your favorite TV show. Add a hashtag to your photo before the word “GTS.”

Good Times In The Sense Of Taking Pleasure In The Exchange

Another meaning of “good times” is to express to the other person that you’re enjoying your conversation with them. For example, you may reply “ROFL # GTS” to a joke made by a friend when trading snaps. This will show that you enjoy connecting with them and that your app appreciates the joke.

Great Times As A Positive Conversation Ender

Using GTS on Snapchat helps bring a conversation to a happy conclusion. Let me give you an example.

Friend: I have to go to the movie soon. Goodbye, see you later.

You: “All right, GTS.”

Other GTS Meanings On Snapchat

Even though the intended GTS meaning on Snapchat is “Good Times,” some users could suggest another meaning. Here are some instances of the different GTS meanings on Snapchat.

Google That Shit

Another option is to substitute “Google That Shit” with GTS. Use this to express that you’re not interested in answering a question that irritates you.


Friend: How much time does an ant spend living?

You: GTS, I’m still determining!

Go To Sleep

An additional GTS meaning may be “go to sleep.” Nevertheless, as most Snapchat users prefer to “go to sleep” for communication, this acronym is used less frequently. But occasionally, users may mean “go to sleep.” It might be impolite if said to the wrong person or at the wrong moment. Thus, use caution while using the acronym in this context. An excellent example of when to use it is when you want to conclude a late-night conversation with your closest friend. So, send something cool and the hashtag #GTS after it rather than stating, “Let’s talk tomorrow; I’m tired.” Your friends will not be offended, and they will understand what you mean.

Going Through Shit

You might mean to say you’re “going through sh*t” or having a difficult day or life.


Friend: Hi, how was the exam?

You: I’m GTS!

GTS In Pop Culture

Pop culture enthusiasts have used GTS widely, although it doesn’t have the same meaning as Snapchat. Occasionally, people will refer to anything unrelated to the acronym with GTS. GTS can be used in any of the following scenarios.

Guess The Song

Ensure you understand what “Guess The Show” means if someone refers to a reality show as “GTS.” “Guess The Song” may be indicated if you come across a song or piece of music with GTS in the caption.

GTS Cars

Individuals who own GT Sports vehicles like boasting about them on social media. You have encountered thousands of blogs on GT sports cars at least once. Don’t be confused when you see it since, in this context, Snapchat users might mean “GT sports car” by saying GTS.

Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS Song

This abbreviation might refer to the well-known song “Going Through Shit” by Machine Gun Kelly. It also has one of the meanings that we have previously discussed. Therefore, be sure Machine Gun Kelly references the song if you see it referenced elsewhere on Snapchat alongside GTS.

Grims Toy Show

To mean “Grims Toy Show,” your friend can use GTS. You know what it refers to if you’ve seen the hilarious SUPER POP videos on YouTube. It’s a wrestling show; if you watch it or are a fan, you could notice this acronym.

GTS In Pokemon

A well-known website for trading Pokemon is called Global Trading System. As a result, when your gaming friend uses GTS on Snapchat, they are reliving their good old days. However, it’s not so common these days.

The Bottom Line:

On Snapchat, we’ve gone over every potential GTS meaning. In addition to its usual meaning, people may use the acronym in various contexts. I hope this essay was of some assistance. Please use the comment box to ask any further questions; we will respond as soon as possible.