What Is Specification Management?

What Is Specification Management?

Unlock and maximize potential profitability by utilizing specification management to understand the DNA of your products thoroughly. But, what exactly is specification management?  This article will allow you to apply this structured system to your business model.

Specification management is the system by which products and packaging specifications will be standardized through a centralized system. This is where you can control and change all their specs’ values and inputs by utilizing adequate data and details. You can have the option to release reviews, approval, and distribution processes of such data to your stakeholders and suppliers, saving time and increasing productivity.

Nowadays, many companies worldwide continue employing old-fashioned manual spreadsheets or homegrown file share systems that may lead to errors and inaccuracy of data inputs. This will yield inefficient and inconsistent results for the specifications and confuse different departments and business units, ending with a delay in production.

In worst-case scenarios, a disorganized spec management system will compromise highly regulated corporations’ stability, mainly if the government issues some sanctions and ramifications due to overlooked requirements. Because of these shortcomings, it’s now highly recommended to apply a specification management software.

What Is A Specification Management Software?

The chief purpose of specification management software is to organize the distribution of your product’s specifications. The creation, review, approval, and distribution of such data will all be automated, decreasing human error chances. One centralized platform will be used to manage all the specs and other relevant business documents. You can quickly execute any standardized changes to the entire organization, including all departments, to increase efficiency, save time and money, and ensure that everyone follows the same process.

What Is Specification Management?

Benefits Of Using Specification Management

Although all business units and departments in your company can maximize the benefits of applying specific management and using its software, here’s the details on how this system will work in your business process:

  • Packaging

This team usually focuses more on their internal goals rather than organizing data. Tracking all the information and packaging life cycle is not an easy task. The team needs to brainstorm on ideas and make them happen through production, ignoring essential details in between. With specification management software, they can keep track of the specifications of their packaging and work with their suppliers so that their needs and demands will be met.

  • Product Development

Track down how a product is improved by looking at the step-by-step data system provided by a specification management system. Product developers will be able to manage the entire product life cycle and all of its processes. From ideation to implementation, it needs to be agile and efficient in meeting market demands. You can also accelerate the development of new products by taking advantage of the data used in finished goods, which have been stored in the product development specification management system.

  • Marketing

Having the entire marketing team react to market requirements proactively through the support of the specification management software will result in successful participation as a market player in your industry. Structuring the best advertising approaches and selling your product will help your company position itself better in the market.

  • Supply Chain

The best way to ensure profitability is to know the nuts and bolts of your product. The specification management software helps you collaborate with suppliers, find the best bidder, and maximize a winning relationship with them, which will result in a successful product for your company.

  • Operations

It’s said that specification management is the future of operations, and it’s currently happening. All the business operation specifications should be input through the specification management software, resulting in a smoother teamwork.

  • Quality

Your product’s retention of quality is the holy grail of the business. Continuous sales will be generated if clients are satisfied with the overall performance of your product. Using quality management tools and monitoring them through the specification management system is always imperative in any manufacturing business.


It’s understandable if you feel like shifting to this automated system is a challenge. Outdated systems could’ve been your company’s comfort zone for many years. But, a new effective way of working is now made available as it meets market demands. Engaging in this new system will give you an advantage or at least let you stay head-to-head with your competitors.