What you Should Know Before Welcoming a Dog in Your Family

What you Should Know Before Welcoming a Dog in Your Family

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a really long time, or you’re only now beginning to entertain the idea. Dogs are great. These bundles of joy will make your life happier and more adventurous. You’ll always have funny stories to tell your friends, and since their love is completely unconditional, you’ll feel only affection coming from them. However, they’re also a responsibility. You shouldn’t bring them into your life if you know you won’t be able to find the time to look after them. While their cuteness may fool you, remember that they’re not toys but living beings entirely dependent on you. Here are some things you should keep in mind before getting a dog.

Long-term Commitment

Most dogs live long lives, with the average lifespan around ten to thirteen years. However, many live much longer. Before getting a dog, you must be aware that taking care of one is a long-term responsibility. That means you’ll have a significant responsibility on your hands long after your furry friend outgrows puppy stage. If you’re the type that gets bored quickly, or you believe your schedule is too hectic for such a commitment, it’s better to postpone getting a pet until you know you can take responsibility for them.

Pet Healthcare 

Your dog will probably deal with different health issues, some minor and others more severe, throughout his life. Vet costs will add to other expenses you’ll have to make for your dog, including food, a bed, regular grooming, toys and so on. With healthcare, however, depending on the treatment your four-legged buddy requires, you’ll have to spend quite a substantial amount. You can offset the financial burden by getting dog insurance. Covering care from new accidents and illnesses to prescription medication, blood tests and hospitalization, your dog may be protected for an affordable fee. Read up on what is and isn’t covered before you sign up.


Dogs are at their happiest when running and having a good time outside. They have a lot of energy they need to use, lest they become restless. If your house doesn’t have a yard, take your dog out at least once daily. Moreover, different dogs have different exercise needs. So before choosing a breed, you need to consider this aspect carefully. If you can’t handle a dog that requires a very active lifestyle, it’s best to choose one more suitable to your lifestyle.


Your dog will most certainly require a certain degree of training. Puppies have some bad habits that are destructive in the long run if not corrected, such as chewing shoes or going to the toilet straight on your favorite carpet. However, proper training as early as feasible will correct these patterns and make your Fido well-behaved.

Getting a dog is a great idea. You’ll feel more relaxed and overall happier. However, you must also consider that a fuzzy friend is a lot of work and requires extensive care. A dog is a living, breathing being, after all. After becoming a member of the family, you’ll have to include your dog in most of your planning. Before you leave on holiday, you’ll need to check if your accommodation is dog-friendly. You’ll need to provide them with training and proper healthcare.

It may seem like a lot, but having a dog is so rewarding it makes everything so worth it.