Why Can’t I Update My LG TV Apps

Why Can’t I Update My LG TV Apps

To change settings, install apps, and support streaming services, LG TVs employ a software app called webOS. Before utilizing it, you must first download and install an app from the LG Content Store. Any outstanding app updates will also have to be installed through the Content Store. Nevertheless, some users have reported that they can’t update apps on their LG TV. What causes this, and what can be done about it?

In general, LG TVs with the most recent models offer a function called Quickstart. When you turn off the TV, it goes into sleep mode, which means your device will start up faster the next time you turn it on. The Quickstart setting on LG TVs, on the other hand, is the source of the majority of problems.

In other words, when you enable Quickstart+, network interfaces and some apps have issues getting out of the suspended state. So when your LG TV doesn’t update apps, the first troubleshooting step is to disable the option. However, there are additional steps for resolving this issue.

How To Update Apps On LG Smart TV

Before attempting to resolve the issue, ensure that you’ve followed the steps for updating apps on your LG Smart TV. Apps will automatically update if you have the most recent LG TV model. However, you may update apps on an outdated LG Smart TV by following the steps below:

1 – On your remote, press the Home button.

2 – Choose the LG Content Store. 

3 – Choose Apps. 

4 – Select My Apps. 

5 – Go to the app you want to update and open it.

6 – If an update is available, select Update.

Wait for the Update to open before opening the app.

How To Fix LG Smart TV Apps That Won’t Update

LG’s new webOS Home user interface. If your LG Smart TV’s apps don’t update, try the steps below to resolve the issue.

Check Network Connection

It might be difficult to download or update apps on your LG TV if your network connection is inconsistent. Here’s what you should do:

1 – First, restart your router, modem, and TV. 

2 – Make sure no other devices are interfering with the network. 

3 – Instead of utilizing Wi-Fi, connect your TV through Ethernet.

For optimum connectivity, place the router close to your TV.

Turn Off Quick Start Feature

Quickstart is not available on all LG TVs. However, if your device has it, take the following steps:

1 – On your remote, press the Settings button.

2 – Choose All Settings. 

3 – Choose General. 

4 – Select Quick Start. 

5 – Toggle the option OFF.

After that, switch off your TV and attempt to update the app again.

Check Region Settings

Authentications inside the app and in the LG Content Store will fail if the region is incorrectly selected. Streaming apps are usually the source of the issue. As a result, change the Regions Settings to test if the option works.

Update LG TV Firmware

If your LG TV firmware is out-of-date, updating an app might be difficult. Fortunately, all new LG Smart TVs will automatically update when updates become available. If not, then:

1 – Navigate to Settings. 

2 – Next, press the (?) icon. 

3 – Choose Update. 

4 – Check Update Version.

If you’ve an LG TV running webOS:

1 – Navigate to Settings. 

2 – Choose All Settings. 

3 – Navigate to General. 

4 – Choose About This TV. 

5 – Navigate to Allow Automatic Updates. 

6 – Choose Check for Updates.

Follow the on-screen steps to finish the download and installation once the Update appears.

Conclusion: Can’t Update LG TV Apps

If an app on your LG TV is not updating, try turning off Quickstart. Check your network connection instead to ensure you have a steady and fast internet connection. Another solution is to reset your LG TV’s Region Settings and update the firmware.