Why You Should Start Farming OSRS Gold Now Instead of Later

Why You Should Start Farming OSRS Gold Now Instead of Later

Video games continue to get larger in scale, and thanks to staying at home being the “new normal”, people are looking for creative ways to pass the time. Sure, trying a new hobby or starting up a small online business can be worthwhile activities, but sinking your teeth into video games until the wee hours of the night seems to be one of the most popular choices among the quarantined. And what better way to do so than to play an MMORPG? Not only do you have a chock full of choices, but the massive content that you have to sift through means countless hours of playtime. This is thanks to the large environment with worlds and stories that intertwine with one another. While we can see this successfully executed in single-player games like Skyrim and Red Dead Redemption 2, online multiplayer games like Old School RuneScape also offer a little bit of everything. The game’s been around for years now. And despite its rather outdated graphics, it is still sprawling with entertaining quests that give you OSRS gold and storylines. Arguably, OSRS is one of the best MMORPGs of all time. We dare say that it is just the game to play during this time!

OSRS Has a Lot of Players

Ever played an online game only to find yourself with five people or even less on a server? The low population of all the servers in an online game is usually a telltale sign of the slow but impending death of an MMO. It’s bad enough that there are only a few people who are even playing the game, but only the veteran players are active—leaving you by your lonesome self since you don’t have any newbies to play with you. That’s not the case in Old School RuneScape though. There are people more than willing to help you farm or buy OSRS gold together. This is because Old School RuneScape has at least 100,000 players active at any given time—even up to 200,000 players during peak hours. This can be seen on the game’s official website. There was a big spike in interest in the game since April 2020 when all hell started to break loose—which means more newcomers to play with!

It’s Accessible

Granted, Old School RuneScape has a membership program that you can join if you want to delve deeper into the game, but you can choose to play the game for free. The membership offers players more skills to master, over a hundred quests you can complete, and as well as a larger world for you to explore. To know more about this subscription and the benefits that go with it, you can go here and choose for how long you want to be a member. Old School RuneScape has always been exclusive to PC games, but not anymore! In October 2018, Jagex officially made a mobile version of OSRS for iOs and Android users. This made the game not only more popular, but also more accessible for players who don’t have computers at home. If you’re the type of person that heavily relies on your phone, then there’s no excuse for you to at least try the game on mobile; Jagex just basically fit their entire game into a smaller screen.

Final Thoughts

While Old School RuneScape may not be as easy on the eyes as other more advanced MMORPGs, its relevance can’t be ignored. It’s one of the titles that put the spotlight back on MMOs when it wasn’t a thing. What are your thoughts about OSRS? Does the game interest you? Do you feel compelled to farm OSRS gold or would you rather play a different game? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or two down below!