12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Spaceship Building Games 2023: At some point, we have heard our parents tell us something, and we have also told our children something. These words continue to ring in my ears:


  • Study while others are sleeping.
  • Work while others are lazing around.
  • Prepare while others are playing.
  • Dream while others are wishing.


All work and no play, however, make Jack a dull child.


Therefore, it is essential to recognize that sports, like academics, are necessary for mental and physical growth throughout life. Gaming is a treatment that stimulates creativity and is the only legal means of eliminating idiots. Due to technological improvements, everyone enjoys spending their spare time playing science fiction games on their electronic gadgets.


I’ve compiled a list of the most popular and best Spaceship Building Games you can play on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones to cultivate a mindset that promotes the constructive growth of creativity. Continue reading to learn about some of the best space games for PC.


Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Therefore, put on your spacesuits and drift into the boundless outer space of the cosmos, exposing yourselves to the harsh elements of the cosmos. Using the below-listed Windows PC games, you can visit new planets, observe bizarre alien creatures, and lose yourself in the pleasures of gaming, maximizing your leisure time. Continue to read!


1. Stellaris

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

 Stellaris is a real-time, turn-based strategy 4X game in which players exploit, explore, expand, and exterminate. This game created by Paradox Development Studio involves constructing an empire based on the global economic and technical landscape. It allows you to play space-themed games and create nearly any alien imaginable. Due to the variety of choices it offers, as described below, it is ranked among the top spaceship-building games.


It provides the delight of constructing wormhole stations and traversing the galaxy in numerous exploding spaceships while flying across a network of hyperplanes.

It creates hyperintelligent lizards that rely on robots regardless of whether they fight the enemy or cultivate the soil.


The game is updated frequently with new versions, keeping gamers riveted to their mouse or gamepad.


Stellaris features a guide for novices that gives them tips and teaches them the best strategies for enjoying the game to the fullest.


It is available for $39.99 on several platforms, including the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.


2. Destiny 2

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

 Developed by Bungie in 2017, it is another choice on the list of the top best Spaceship Building Games PC thanks to the following features:


Destiny 2 is a fascinating combination of large battles, difficult raids, an abundance of riches, and a plethora of stunning effects, providing sci-fi aficionados with an adrenaline rush to continue their pursuit of entertainment.


Moreover, it transports you to some of the most beautiful alien environments on PC, allowing you to loot and shoot to your heart’s content across several planets while performing multiple jobs concurrently.


This multiplayer, free-to-play game is playable on various devices, including your computer, mobile phone, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, & even your television with the proper input device.


3. Elite Dangerous

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

A vast playground of galaxies is the Elite Dangerous video game by Frontier Developments. It has existed in either its alpha or beta form for the past 30 years. It’s regarded as one of the best PC games for designing spaceships for the reasons outlined below.


It is a hermetically sealed escape capsule that offers the dream of space travel to everyone on Earth.


Besides, it employs space anomalies and enormous suns to make the game fascinating and perplexing for its users.


It starts the engine and provides modules for making a living through trading, smuggling, mining, hunting, exploring, and dog fighting.


Further, it employs different sounds, launch pads, and artificial intelligence to drive you into space for the most engaging interstellar battles.


It also includes a handbook that helps novices understand and play the game to their advantage.


In addition to supporting credits and free updates, this space game is compatible with numerous platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, and others.


It is a multifaceted game that uses the entire cosmos as its playing field.


The game is available for $29.99.


4. Kerbal Space Program

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC


One of the most entertaining and best Spaceship Building Games free for PC is Kerbal Space Program, created in 2015 by the members of Developer Squad.


It permits the construction of wild rockets and the launch of tiny green men into space.

The game challenges your intellect by requiring you to apply the physics concepts you learned in school and college.


It is accessible on various platforms, including Xbox One, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Wii U.


It delivers the most rewarding accomplishments and experiences to those who meticulously prepare and pay close attention to every minute detail the game offers.


Hard rocket science is only one aspect of the Kerbel Space Program. It is much more about being a fun, community-enhanced sandbox game that, if you understand physics, allows you to have fun and mess around with some cool rockets in space.


Overall, it is a fun, community-enhanced sandbox game that allows you to float across the endless cosmos and have fun with some awesome rockets in outer space.


The price of the game is $39.99.


5. Outer Wilds

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Outer Wilds was created by Mobius Digital and should not be confused with The Outer Worlds, another game with a similar name. Due to the following possibilities available to its users, it is regarded as one of the best Spaceship Building Games online on PC:


It enables a first-time astronaut to discover distinct planets and galaxies in space.


It enables you to appreciate the infinite secrets of space as planets orbit the sun and comets follow predetermined courses in real-time.


You become an astronaut anthropologist who explores ruins throughout your solar system, discovering other spacefarers and enigmatic alien races such as the Nomai, among other things.


It is compatible with several platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and others, and costs 1,998.


It is a fantastic space game with countless secrets to uncover that will keep you engrossed until you have placed every puzzle piece where it goes.


6. Mass Effect

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC


If we talk about the popular and best space games on PC 2023, Mass Effect, another generic masterpiece created by Bioware in 2010, is a lovely collection of whizzing and swooshing spaceships that offers the ultimate experience to space travelers and is one of the top video games for the following reasons:


It is a captivating story about a suicide mission in which you operate a spaceship as the boss/captain during a typical galaxy journey.


Besides, it allows you to embark on an unforgettable quest to explore the galaxy, which consists of immense cosmic islands of stars, gas, dust, and other dark matter locked together in space.


This new spaceship building game allows you to traverse unusual planets, embark on alien-enticing space adventures, battle bizarre aliens, and have a great time.


This popular gaming adventure is available for $24.60 on numerous platforms, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation PS3, and PS4.


7. Eve Online

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Without a doubt, Eve Online is one of the top spaceship building games on PC and one of the most engaging games created by CCP Games in 2003. The game’s popularity is due to the mechanics that govern and direct the player’s response to its numerous components, as described in the following section.


It allows users to build alliances and will enable thousands of players to play online at once.


In this open world space game, the entire economy is determined by the activities of the players. Therefore, each participant has unique objectives, viewpoints, and interests.


Its player community uses the user interface and available graphics to spin fantastic tales while playing the games, which also serve as guidance and make the games more enjoyable.


By continually upgrading itself with new features and a complex supply chain of miners, dealers, researchers, and manufacturers, the game engages its players in new sagas and maintains their interest.


Eve Online is the most popular space game, with over 500,000 players on the mega-server.


8. Observation

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Next in out list of the top-notch Best Space Exploration Games PC is Observation. Due to the following factors, this 2019 game made by No Code is one of the most intriguing games selected for our list:


Observation is an engaging game with a multitude of distinct problems to solve.


In this adventure game, you assist the protagonist, Dr. Emma Fisher, in retrieving a starship whose systems have malfunctioned and fallen out of Earth’s orbit.


It would help if you steered the spaceship back on course with the assistance of artificial intelligence using CCTV cameras, remotely-operated drones, and other environmental cues available along the path.


This intriguing science-fiction thriller keeps you on your toes and is available for $24.99 on many platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


9. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC


If we talk about the famous and leading Spaceship Building Games, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, created by Ironclad Games in 2008, is a real-time strategy game of galactic conquests that combines the 4X aspects of exploitation, exploration, expansion, and annihilation. This orbital laser light show is regarded among the top spaceship construction games thanks to the following achievements:


It ingeniously employs the tight lanes theory in combat, compelling fleets to sail along prearranged routes where their formidable Titan-class combat battleships can become sitting ducks.


Besides, it encircles worlds and opposing fleets with many support vessels, carriers, small fighters, and bombers to carry out its annexation plans.


It chokes these exit-blocking tight lanes, trapping opposing fleets and battleships like infants in the woods.


It uses the most recent mods and RTS, i.e., real-time strategies, as opposed to TBS, i.e., turn-based methods, allowing you to live out your Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica fantasies.


Detailed mapping and investigation of opponent capabilities and systems, such as frigates, corvettes, cruisers, and capital ships, are also included.


The price of the PC game is $39.99.


10. Endless Space 2

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC

Endless Space 2 was created by Amplitude Studios in 2017 and is included in this list of the best video games for the reasons stated below.


It is a game with a strategic concept and a gorgeous display of galactic conquests in space.


Moreover, it allows you to explore the fascinating star systems in a sci-fi cosmos, while a well-implemented 3D spectator system will enable you to enjoy each conflict.


It is a remarkable piece of shipbuilding and fighting systems with a superb soundtrack and dramatic cinematography.


Furthermore, this science fiction leaves nothing to the imagination and allows for the usage of its tutorial pop-ups, abbreviations, and symbols for the low price of $39.99.


Even though it was released in 2017, this PC game is still strong today and is considered one of the greatest spaceship building games.


11. EverSpace

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC


This game was produced by Rockfish Games in 2017 and is included on the list of the greatest PC Spaceship Building Games reddit for the following reasons:


EverSpace enables you to command your spaceship with its goal of engaging in combat with your foes throughout interstellar travel.


It allows you to defeat opponents with various cutting-edge weapons and ammunition.

Further, it employs NPC, i.e., a non-player character not controlled by a player, to assign tasks and reward you for completing them so you can continue bravely exploring outer space.


It is available for £27,99 on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.


12. Space Engineers

12 Best Spaceship Building Games on PC


It is another game on the list of the top Spaceship Building Games created by Keen Software House in 2013 for the reasons listed below.


As the name suggests, Space Engineers provide the engineer with a vast array of tools to assist in creating a planet rich in resources for sustaining life in space.


It allows you to safely traverse the surface of a larger asteroid in deep space by using maps and gravity generators.


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This game featuring different research endeavors and probes is available for £16,99 on multiple platforms, including Windows and Xbox One.


Final Words

We hope you found this article about the top spaceship building games useful. If you’ve any questions or comments, please include them in the section below.