Foodpanda Business Model, Revenue and Features

Foodpanda Business Model, Revenue and Features

What Uber did for revolutionizing transport, Foodpanda did for online food ordering services.

The Foodpanda mobile app allows its users to connect with thousands of restaurants.

You can easily browse through numerous menus and find the dish that you want to savor and order it online.

To understand the popularity of this amazing food ordering mobile app, let us dig a bit deeper.

This article is divided into three segments. This will inform you about the business model, revenue stream, and features of the Foodpanda mobile app.

Business Model

Foodpanda has created a seamless connection between its users and thousands of restaurants spread across the world.

The key components of this model include the following.

Key Partners

The amazing success story of the Foodpanda mobile app is based on its various partners.

Foodpanda partners with them to ensure that the dishes that their app users prefer is served to them piping hot right at their doorsteps.

Some of the key partners of Foodpanda are the following.

  • A network of local restaurants.
  • Delivery riders.
  • Second brand is called “hello food”.
  • Acquisition of other food delivery services in different countries to expand the base.
  • Partnership with similar services to have a greater reach.
  • Joint venture with OpenRice.

Value proposition

The Foodpanda mobile app offers a complete online food delivery solution.

Some of the value propositions of the Foodpanda app for its customers include the following.

  • The users of the Foodpanda app have a secure and easy way to order food from their favorite restaurant in their locality.
  • It offers many deals, including free food delivery and meal discounts to attract more users.
  • This amazing mobile app allows restaurants to market themselves on their platform.

The Revenue Stream of Foodpanda

The business model of Foodpanda is quite extensive. However, without continuous revenue inflow, its economic success would be hard to sustain.

The success of this food delivery app is due to the fact that it does not rely on a single revenue channel, but has multiple earning streams.

The various revenue channels through which Foodpanda earns its money include the following.

Restaurant paying registration fees

Any restaurants that want to list itself on the Foodpanda app have to pay a registration fee.

They have to pay a one-time amount that can range from $ 100-$ 150.

After paying, the registration fee and registering with the Foodpanda mobile app, these restaurants, and their services become visible to the Foodpanda app users.

Commission earned from restaurants

The Foodpanda charges a commission for every order that is placed through their app.

The commission can range between 15% to 25% is a big revenue source for the Foodpanda business.

Foodpanda charges a differentiated commission from the restaurants based on their location, and the number of orders placed.

Delivery charges paid by the customers

The Foodpanda food delivery app not only gets a commission from the restaurant but also charges the customers for delivery services.


The Foodpanda app also acts as a marketing platform for numerous restaurants that are new in the market and want to establish their brand.

Restaurants have to pay some charges to advertise their brand on the app to improve their visibility amongst their potential customers.

Some restaurants find it difficult to attract customers to physically visit their premises due to their location.

For them the Foodpanda app is an excellent way to connect with their patrons.

Affiliate income

Foodpanda also gives suggestions regarding various credit cards offered by banks to its users.

For this, they charge a fee from the bank.

Banks give discounts and other offers whenever the user of such a credit card makes any payment through the app.

This is a win-win situation for everyone.

The bank gets their customers to make more transactions through the credit cards, the customers get food at cheaper prices, and Foodpanda gets this commission from the bank.

Various Features of the Foodpanda Food Delivery App

The mobile app of Foodpanda is designed in such a way that the user can easily navigate its various features.

Some of the important features that make the Foodpanda app so popular amongst food lovers include the following.

A wide variety of menus

One of the most important features of the Foodpanda mobile app is that it allows you to browse through hundreds of menus of restaurants in your locality.

The advanced search feature of the mobile app allows you to select the restaurant of your choice or the dish you want to savor.

Once you write in the name of the dish you want to buy, the app will give you a list of restaurants that sell that particular dish.

It remembers you

When you open the Foodpanda app to order some food, the app will give you suggestions based on your past preferences.

This is a great feature as it saves you a lot of time if you are ordering similar kinds of food dishes regularly.

Multiple payment options

Foodpanda gives you a range of payment options so that you never are stuck for payment due to the non-availability of the payment channel that you prefer.

It allows you to pay for the services and food through mobile wallets, debit cards, credit cards, Internet banking, and others.

Keep track of your food

The Foodpanda mobile app will inform you how much time it would take to prepare your food and deliver it to your place.

Contact the driver

This feature improves the functionality of the app significantly.

The feature “contact the rider” allows you to directly contact the rider and know in real-time how much time it would take to deliver your food.

The real-time tracking of your food has made this food delivery app favorite amongst food lovers who can hardly wait to dig into their favorite dishes.


Foodpanda food delivery app has created a name for itself for being innovative, user-friendly, and incorporating the latest technology to improve user experience.

After considering all the essential factors such as the business model, revenue stream, and features of the Foodpanda app, if you are planning to join the online food delivery business, then this is the right time.

However, to make an on-demand food delivery app like Foodpanda, you need to know the thorough process on How to make a food delivery app.

By following this process, you will be able not only be able to make a food delivery app but also make it successful. Lastly, you ensure that your app provides something unique to stand out of the crowd.