Best Free Anime Wallpapers Sites For Windows PC

Best Free Anime Wallpapers Sites For Windows PC

Japanese animation remembered as anime in the West has gone from a niche, geeky interest to a mainstream juggernaut enjoyed by people worldwide. Of course, in case you have come to this article after searching for “Anime Wallpapers,” you already know how much great anime is out there. This spans every genre, every taste, and every type of story you can imagine.

Therefore, where can you personalize your desktop computer to reflect your love of your favorite anime? So, These are five of the best sites to find the most magnificent Anime Wallpapers for your desktop computer fast.

Best Free Anime Wallpapers Sites For Windows PC


The Minitokyo is one of the most venerable Anime Wallpaper sites on the web and has been around for ages. It is an anime pop culture site in general. It is famous for its wallpapers and very high-resolution scans of anime and manga media, which can be used to create wallpapers or as wallpapers themselves.

Compared to these sites like WallHaven and Wallhere, Minitokyo does feel a little dated. Also, You will find many of its wallpapers on other websites, but this is where they originate, and some of the more unique and less mainstream ones will only be found here. These scans are also invaluable, even if you just want to use them as wallpapers directly.


Wallhere is very definitely aiming for Wallhaven’s crown, with an interface and overall look that’s very similar at first glance. Once you start using the site, you will realize they are quite different.

And, there is no dedicated anime section, even though there are lots of Anime Wallpapers on the site. We have found the most Easily workaround for this is searching for the keyword “anime” and seeing just about everything possible.


r/Animewallpaper is a Well-known Reddit community that puts out a constant stream of quality Anime Wallpapers. You can request particular wallpapers to be made by the district, directly chat with the maker of a given wallpaper.

Unlike these dedicated sites, such as Wallhaven, you deal with the best that can be done with the Reddit site’s functionality. Specific Anime Wallpapers community has figured out their conventions to help you filter out wallpapers you aren’t interested in. An instance, each post is tagged with “Mobile” or “Desktop.” Now, Clicking on one of those tags only shows you posts of each type.

Posters are also persistent about putting the resolutions in the post title. So, You can use Reddit’s general search function to search r/Animewallpaper for specific keywords and generally find what you want. It is not slick or fast, although some of the best wallpapers are to be found here. Those will take a while to make it to places like WallHaven and Wallhere or simply be forgotten on this Reddit page. It is a real treasure trove if you take the time to search it.

Following these footsteps of the now-defunct 4Scrape and 4Walled, Wallhaven gives an electronic wallpaper database and search tool with a dedicated section for Anime Wallpapers and decent filters to remove adult or questionable content.

You can design wallpapers by popularity, recency, or in random order. There are high filters to find pictures of a particular resolution or shape as well. Even Keywords and tagging are community-driven. Therefore there are times when you will find something that’s not safe for work, which has been mislabeled. One good news is that you can correct these tags yourself.

Another useful feature is available if you register for an account and are logged in. This site will remember which wallpapers you have already seen and marked them. This scope and range of Anime Wallpapers on this site are staggering, and you will even find plenty of related geeky wallpapers under the “General” section as well. This is an excellent first step to put together a robust anime wallpaper collection instantly.

Wallpaper Abyss

Wallpaper Abyss exists up to its name, with a huge collection of wallpapers on offer. Also, Its anime subsection was just short of 180,000 wallpapers at the time of writing. So, You might expect it would be hard to find what you want with such a massive collection of images. Wallpaper Abyss has a pretty reliable filter and also a search system to help narrow the options.

You can select only to see images of a specific resolution and even change the display of wallpapers from paginated to infinite scrolling. Well, While it may not look pretty as slick as the newer sites on the web, Wallpaper Abyss has it.

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Anime Wallpapers Desu

Back in the old days, when before anime was such a mainstream interest, it wasn’t easy to find good wallpapers. Fans had to visit some pretty unsavory sites at times to see the images they wanted.

Now, These five Anime Wallpapers Sites are the ones we consider the best for most fans, but there’s undoubtedly a long list of great sites to add to this group. Do share your favorite sites down in the comments and tell us about your favorite series while you’re at it.