Check Engine Light On? Get It Diagnosed Free

Check Engine Light On? Get It Diagnosed Free

Your check engine light is often your first line of defense for a major vehicle issue. Whether you’re experiencing transmission issues, engine troubles or the light turns on with no noticeable changes, find out how to get it diagnosed free. Free diagnostics and helpful information, like how to change a headlight, are all available at a leading auto parts store resource center.

Common Check Engine Light Issues

This warning light is connected with your vehicle’s engine control unit and is illuminated for a wide range of issues. Some are maintenance issues that need to be addressed eventually, while others require you to stop your vehicle as soon as is safe and solve the problem immediately. Here are the most common components that may need your attention if you see a check engine light:

  • Oxygen sensor
  • Catalytic converter
  • Gas cap
  • Spark plugs
  • Mass airflow sensor

Sensors can be damaged or dirty and fail to send a correct signal to your engine control unit. When this happens, it can affect the air/fuel ratio of your vehicle and cause your engine to stutter and stall.

A compromised catalytic converter means your vehicle has dangerous emissions. Replace or clean your converter to prevent carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

One of the easiest check engine light issues to solve is a loose gas cap. This sends a warning because your evaporative emissions system collects fuel vapors and directs them to your engine when it’s running. A loose gas cap causes those vapors to escape your fuel tank.

Finally, spark plug issues will affect the efficiency or starting of your engine. Have it tuned up to check the spark plug gap and to see if you need replacement plugs. Just like your headlights, oil filters and other components, a spark plug is an affordable replacement part that can make a big difference in the operation of your vehicle.

These are only the most common issues. Your check engine light could mean that cylinders aren’t firing, your exhaust system is clogged, your transmission is having issues or a number of other problems. Sometimes it’s as simple as a loose wire. Learn how to narrow your search with a trouble code reader. Learning yourself can be the best thing for you as you can fix it on the go.

How To Remove a Check Engine Warning Light

This warning light can be difficult to interpret. If you are not an expert, it’s best to depend on an expert mechanic to check and deal with it. Because there are so many connected systems, you need a code reader to identify the exact source of the warning. These readers are available at your local auto parts store and easily connect to your engine control unit.

Once connected, your reader will display a code and a short phrase that describes the error code. This helps point you to the related component that needs repaired or replaced. This saves you hours of troubleshooting and points you in the right direction in minutes.

Where To Receive Free Diagnostic Readings

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When you own a car, you should try and understand it as much as you can to maintain the best possible condition of your car. Always know dos and don’ts to ensure you do necessary maintenance work and not damage the engine or the condition of the car. Just have contact with a knowledgeable car mechanic to help you in the time of need. And diagnose your car for issues from time to time with an expert mechanic.