How To Torrent Safely And Anonymously

How To Torrent Safely And Anonymously

Well, it is a known fact that torrenting can be quite a dangerous task for anyone. Here’s a guide you can check out on how to download movies, or any other file for that matter, especially without protection on your internet connection, can be a huge risk that you would not see coming.

There are times that you can get away with it, or you might be exposing your personal information to other people, and having the chance to infect your computer with malicious malware. You might even be asking yourself whether it is worth all the risks.

The answer to that question would be a solid no, mainly because you can easily learn how to become anonymous and safe when you’re using a torrent client. The only thing you would be needing is a VPN with the highest quality. VPNs can encrypt everything you do on the internet and would give you complete privacy from what you are doing online.

Getting A Torrent-Friendly VPN

The main thing that you should consider even before having the thought of using a torrent is connecting to an extremely good VPN (Virtual Private Network). Websites, where you can download torrent files, may have little or even no security. That would make it a nest for threatening malware, invasive trackers, or any other cyber dangers.

Once you have started your download, any torrent user would be able to see your IP address. This would allow spies and hackers to know where you live, monitor everything you do on the internet, or the worst part, to attack your computer.

Your VPN directs your internet connection to a more secure tunnel that would defend your personal information from any cyber threats. VPNs can disguise your real Ip address by giving you a new one. This would protect your identity and make it look like you’re connected from another location.

You can even access certain websites that are blocked from your country. All you have to do is to connect to a certain country where the website is still accessible. This is possible because VPNs permit your internet connection to avoid restrictions and gain access to certain websites and services.

Always Check The VPN Settings

To be able to attain anonymity while using torrents, you should always see to it that your VPN’s privacy settings are turned on. It is an extremely easy task. All you have to do is go to the Settings tab, or for some providers, this might be called options or preferences. You might find some VPN providers that already have these settings enabled.

Enabling the Kill Switch or the Network Lock would ensure that all your data would be protected if an unexpected drop in your connection would happen. One thing to also consider would be enabling the DNS Leak Protection. This would prevent your computer from going around your VPN connection and would unexpectedly leak your real location.

Select a VPN Server

This step might be a little different from other providers. If your VPN permits you to be able to connect to all servers, then you can connect to any server you want and get things started. If you want to have great download speeds, you should pick the server which is physically near to your location.


Well, there you have it. It is literally as simple as it sounds. Doing all these would make your torrenting a lot safer and more secure from all kinds of cyber threats. Otherwise, you would be getting a lot of headaches from using torrents if you’re not careful, as you would not be able to see cyber threats coming if they already have your information.