How You Can Be A Great Old School RuneScape Player

How You Can Be A Great Old School RuneScape Player

If you’re an avid gamer, you might have heard of Old School RuneScape when you started playing online games. Maybe you’ve even created your own account a while back but didn’t push through with your journey or maybe you’ve been playing this game for quite some time now and want to know how you can be better, regardless of those, we’re here to help you become a great OSRS player.

Identify Your Goals

The best thing about playing RuneScape whether it’s RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape is you have the option to choose your path. The game developers won’t tell you what to do and it’s up to you what kind of journey you’ll be having.

Our suggested first step is to determine as soon as possible what kind of player you want to be, do you want to be the best wizard in Gielinor? A master farmer? Or do you plan on dominating the Duel Arena and stake most of your OSRS gold there to become one of the richest players in the game?

Whatever it is, you might want to focus on training the needed skills for your goals to become a reality, and one great way to train your skills is by questing. If this is you are a first-timer in doing quests, we highly recommend you follow an OSRS Optimal Quest Guide so you’ll level up your skills fast and also gain enough OSRS gold in the process.

Becoming A RuneScape Member

Another thing you have to address is whether you want to invest in becoming a RuneScape member. RuneScape is a free game but you can buy a membership for it and enjoy exclusive benefits and features that no Free-to-Play players can take advantage of.

If you’ve enjoyed the game so much already, it would be best to get a cheap RuneScape membership from a third-party company that sells one instead of getting it directly from the RuneScape official website. It gives you the same features and benefits but at a fraction of its original cost. You can buy it from Amazon, eBay, OSRS forums, or a RuneScape gold site, but be sure to check their customers’ reviews first.

We prefer getting our membership from a RuneScape gold site that offers them since they are much cheaper and safe than the ones on Amazon or eBay.

Membership in RuneScape will unlock a ton of stuff from hundreds of OSRS quests to members-only skills and an assortment of minigames. You also have to consider the fact that becoming a member will grant you access to a bigger RuneScape world, three times of what you already have as a F2P player.

And if it helps in convincing you to invest in membership, RuneScape members have an easier time leveling up skills than non-members.

Invest On OSRS Gold

Now, once you’ve gained enough experience and familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of the game, you should invest in boosting your gold reserve and buy as much OSRS gold as you can. You can buy RuneScape gold online to get the most value but be sure to be wary of RuneScape scams and only transact with trusted RS gold sites.

OSRS gold is a very valuable commodity and it allows you to level up your skills fast, this comes very handy especially for skills like Construction or Cooking. You can also buy high-tier items with your OSRS GP and if you can make enough of it, you can even trade them for real money.

You can sell RuneScape gold once you’ve become good at playing this game and can generate a good amount of OSRS gold in a short amount of time. Similar to trading stocks in real life, the gold value in RuneScape fluctuates daily so you have to account for that as well.

Hopefully, our simple guide here was able to give you some valuable insights on how to become a better OSRS player. We’ll see you around Gielinor, alright?