Why VPN is Important for Business

Why VPN is Important for Business

In today’s age, the internet has become a necessity yet a dangerous tool, especially for businesses. With data breaches and cyber-attacks becoming more common day by day, businesses are at a huge risk of getting caught in an attack and lose important data, information and files. This is the unfortunate truth of today’s reality.

To prevent these breaches and attacks, every business needs a multi-layered security system. Higher the number of security layers, harder it is for hackers to steal your data. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network,  is important and must-have security layer in a multi-layer security strategy.

Anyways, what’s a VPN?

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, lets you form secure and safe connections among your network, devices, and other network connections you visit. To explain simply, VPN works as a tunnel. It encrypts your data and passes it through a tunnel which keeps you anonymous and your data safe.

Without a VPN, your data is public and visible to those who want to see. Whereas, with a VPN, your data is safe and private. Nobody can check your browsing history and locations details, including your internet service provider and sites you are visiting. VPN hides your IP address and shares its IP address due to which your address is always safe and invisible.

Reasons why VPN is important for business

With many forms of jobs and works being online, there is a high need for security and privacy at all levels from individual users to businesses. There are many benefits of using a VPN other than just online privacy.

  • Anonymity

Anonymity is one of the main reasons why VPNs are used. Normally, your IP address is visible to websites using which they can easily track you. VPNs hide your IP address and instead use their IP address. In businesses, employees may need to maintain anonymity so that hackers cannot trace them using the IP address.

  • Share files safely

VPN allows you to share files among your co-workers and staffs in a safe way. By using a VPN, your important business files will not fall into wrong hands.

  • Access files from anywhere in the world

VPN provides remote access to different country locations. Staffs and workers from abroad can access files by using a VPN without any trouble. This solves security issues as well as increasing businesses’ overall productivity.

  • Enjoy better speeds and network performance with VPN

Using a VPN, you can overcome any bandwidth limitation set by your ISPs. Sometimes, Internet Service Provider will limit your bandwidth if your business consumes way too much internet. This is common for small businesses. VPN improves your speed and provides better network performance.

  • VPN costs

Despite so many advantages, VPNs are very affordable for both individual users and businesses. Maintaining a VPN for your businesses is reasonable with a low maintenance cost making it worth your money.

What you should look for in a VPN?

With so many different VPN Service providers available online, choosing a VPN can be confusing and tough. Don’t worry, anyone would worry before trusting their privacy and data to a company. Choosing the right VPN is important for all business and individuals.

You should look for the following things in a VPN when choosing a VPN provider:

  • Security: The main reason for using VPN is privacy and security. You should check the level of encryption before deciding on a VPN. Higher the encryption, stronger it is. You should not settle for anything below 256-bit encryption.
  • Speed: Some VPNs offer slow speed when you connect to their IP address. You should always avoid such VPN services. You do not want to pay for VPN only to realise later that it is slow.
  • Price: VPNs are available in all price ranges but not all of them are reasonable. You should always evaluate the features you are getting are worth the price or not. There is no need to buy costly VPN services if it’s just for yourself or a small business.
  • No Logging Policy: Some VPN services keep logs about your data and site you visit. You should always choose VPN service with “No Logs Policy” to ensure that your data is not being collected and stored.
  • Customer Support: There should be an active customer support service available to guide users when they face any difficulty. If you face any problem, you should freely contact support and have them guide you.
  • Available on different platforms: Choosing a VPN available on different platforms is a smart move. You should opt for VPN service which can be used in all your devices [Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones, etc]/
  • Static IP address: The VPN service provider should allocate you a personal IP address when you are using the VPN to provide high security.

You will find many VPNs which will have these features. But, if you are still not able to decide which VPN to choose, PrivacySharks can help find you the perfect VPN.


In the age of the Internet, VPNs are necessary protection. Businesses need VPN for data protection and security. Even small businesses need security from data breaches. Do not avoid this simple yet powerful security layer in your businesses’ security system.