Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

The top open world survival games on the PS4 and PS5 are what we’re looking for. You’ll find something here if you’re a frequent player seeking games that take a lot of time. Sandbox and open world elements are frequently seen in survival games. They thrive on developing mechanisms rather than providing complete tales. Also, these games are frequently huge and fascinating due to their extensive systems and absence of instructions. You’d continue to play the top open world survival games for PS4 and PS5 for leisure.

Choosing Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

As it is a fundamental aspect of game creation, the open world is not a genre. Among various options, developers must choose how to present the story, the map, and the overall advancement. They might be an open world sandbox adventures or linear and episodic designs. After that, let’s talk about how we choose the top open world survival games on the PS4 and PS5.

Genre – We’re seeking open world survival games in this genre. These games often lack a narrative, as you can roam and discover the world.

Open World – In an open world, you often begin with nothing and are free to explore.

Sandbox – Sandbox games are just open world survival games combined. The systems in the game let you go and do anything you want.

Open-ended – These games also frequently have an open-ended structure. It denotes the absence of a primary plot. If there is one, it doesn’t play a big role in the game.

Scarcity – These open worlds are challenging, but you must scour the countryside to find your requirements. It implies that the greatest danger is a lack of supply.

Challenges – Several things restrict your exploration. They include other players, hostile NPCs, the natural world, coping mechanisms like sickness, and the environment.

Campaigns – There are some open world survival games with campaigns. They continue to value player autonomy and prosper when resources are scarce.

Exploration – It is the key gameplay element since you require supplies for building, crafting, combat, and survival.

Survival Stats – Controlling survival metrics like thirst, hunger, sanity, and illness is another crucial bracket component.

Autonomy – Player autonomy is what the open world “genre” delivers. You can choose how, when, and why you respond to circumstances, problems, and environments.

Simulation – Simulated elements may also be present in the open world. It refers to mechanisms that need you to take certain actions to avoid repercussions.

Resources – You can gather or loot these items from other players or hostile NPCs while exploring the open world.

Crafting – Crafting is another important system. You can make tools out of your supplies to gather resources, armor, gear, and supplies.

Building – A comparable system is being built. Shelters and advantages are provided by facilities, such as the ability to refine resources and cooking facilities.

Tech Tiers – Tech tiers may also be present in these games. It allows you to craft ever-better tools and structures.

Online – Multiplayer is a common element in this genre of games. However, if it’s a single-player game, we will anticipate a compelling narrative to keep you interested.

Co-op – Playing co-op games online is enjoyable and soothing. Instead of competing against strangers, you may play with your friends.

PvP – Some survival games provide shared worlds where many players may engage in combat or form teams.

Ultimately, there is a unique but unified taste among open world survival games. You are born in a dangerous, uncharted region. Finding the tools for power, exploration, survival, or completion is frequently the objective.

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Let’s start our selection of the best Open World Survival Games for PS4/PS5.

1. No Man’s Sky

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

No Man’s Sky could already be recognizable to you. There’s a reason we started the list with this book other than that it’s generally excellent. Its most recent Expansion, Leviathan, gave the game a time-loop rogue-lite experience. Nonetheless, it will go eventually. That demonstrates how the game’s limitations are always being pushed. They often provide free updates that contain a tonne of content, fantastic new features, access to new locales, and developing mechanics. Risk does not frighten them. Playtime for MMO open world exploration and survival is available in the primary experience.

You play in a randomly created, virtually infinite galaxy. You are free to explore every planet, star, and ship here in search of resources, lore, and mysteries. And there are no loading windows; everything occurs instantly. Following that, you can explore your ship and suit using these resources. Each planet is suitable for base construction, which provides extra advantages. Although there are numerous activities to complete in the game, base building is simple and optional. I’m only beginning, as you can see. The game becomes more intricate and detailed with each subsequent Update. The main quest, rich lore, managing towns, running a fleet of spaceships, a trading system, an outlaw system, and many more are among the various elements.

2. This War of Mine

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

This War of Mine is a survival game and management simulator. A 2D experience is involved in managing civilians during a conflict. The experience is, as a result, exhilarating, terrifying, and dismal. Although the game has no open world, the experience is procedurally generated and open-ended. In other words, there is no predetermined plot since your experience develops from a series of responses to your choices and actions. You are in charge of the residents staying in a shelter in a city under siege. You have to deal with food, medical, and mental health shortages.

However, there is always a risk from the military, snipers, and hostile scavengers. A cycle of day and night exists as well. Snipers outside keep you from leaving the sanctuary throughout the day, so you may spend it making things, trading, and caring for survivors. You may send your survivors on foraging expeditions at night in interesting places. Also, you may make no right or wrong choices during gameplay when it comes to matters of life and death. In contrast, everything you do impacts your actual life, your conscience, or the character’s mental health. You’d always need to balance your well-being and long-term survival.

3. Subnautica

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

A single-player open world survival action-adventure game with a strong focus on the plot is called Subnautica. Nevertheless, there are no obvious markings, points, or instructions; thus, the plot is left open-ended. You play as a survivor of a spacecraft disaster. Your initial supplies are in the life pod and alone in an exotic oceanic world. The circumstances compel you to search the ocean floor for resources and knowledge. You’ll learn the game’s underlying secret as you play. It centers on both the planet’s characteristics and the catastrophe’s causes.

By finding hidden areas, you may explore the narrative at your speed. It would be best to manage your oxygen levels and the water pressure, though. You’ll need to maintain the systems in your suit and your base under control to gather the resources. There are extensive crafting, building, and tech-tier systems to discover. The game also features a cycle of day and night. Most of the day, you would encounter harmless critters that you may hunt for food. However, because dangerous animals prowl the seas at night, you should use that time to create at your base.

4. Astroneer

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

A sandbox game with an open world and survival features is called Astroneer. Nonetheless, because it is an offline game with pleasant gameplay, it is a calming experience. There are still difficulties; threats include hostile environments and third-person combat on your ship or land. In the third person, you take on the role of an astronaut, an explorer of space. You work as a terraformer on a planet for an interplanetary exploration business. It would be best to locate important spots on randomly created extraterrestrial worlds to advance the story.

Terraforming with 3D terraforming tools is the main focus of the game. Also, you may gather resources, use a 3D printer to make tools, erect structures, or explore with a rover, a ship, or a foot. The game mainly leans towards the immersive genre, so these techniques have few in-game interfaces. Instead, you will control unique metrics and realism-based mechanics, like in most survival games. Your battery, oxygen, light, power generation, energy effectiveness, inventory space, etc., must all be meticulously managed. Your major mode of communication with the outside world is through your rucksack, which contains all these systems. Managing your resources, including gasoline, batteries, and other essential supplies, is the final step in survival. Although abundant resources may exist, you must master resource refinement systems to survive.

5. Terraria

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

A 2D action-adventure open world sandbox game is called Terraria. Although it’s not strictly a survival experience, there are some similarities. Combat, exploration, crafting, building, mining, and survival are all included. You are given free rein in a procedurally created 2D world. Yet, some quests center on having NPCs from adversaries and constructing the required infrastructure. You would spend most of your time exploring and side-scrolling a vast world. You may dig to find an endless network of caverns or look about on the surface.

Whatever the case, you’ll discover the bosses, resources, equipment, friendly and hostile Characters, and collectibles. Also, you may enhance your things with unique collectibles and equipment. The options are varied and creative; these goods unlock talents, greater health, and more stamina. For instance, skills may be anything in between magic, melee, flight, rockets, shields, and teleportation. The game is single-player, but it also supports co-op play. Eight players may play the best-seller online, or four can split-screen locally. Unfortunately, Crossplay is not supported, not even between PS4 and PS5.

6. Minecraft PS4 Edition

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Open world sandbox game Minecraft has a specific survival mode that includes survival elements. Like the other Open World survival games on the list, you may customize your experience by selecting a server, a game mode, and a map. A popularised procedurally generated, 3D voxel world is shown in the game. In a voxel game, every pixel has a geometric shape, enabling players to obliterate everything in their path or mine every block for resources. The right tools are necessary for anything you do. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of things to do in Minecraft besides harvesting resources and building.

The environment contains hidden objects, Easter eggs, bosses, etc. More significantly, the game offers a variety of game styles. Alternatively, you can make more changes by writing your rules or using mods. But, the primary mode is creative, where you are eternal, and there is no end to anything. The second essential mode is survival. In this case, you are obtaining resources and calling for certain tools. Building buildings is essential for survival since nighttime attacks by noxious animals like zombies will occur.

7. Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Open world survival horror role-playing game Dying Light 2: Stay Human has a primary linear quest. It has ancillary content, including dungeons, bosses, challenges, collectibles, and quests. Also, you may participate in co-op games by joining other matches or inviting people to join you at any time. You take on the role of Aiden, a pilgrim looking for his long-lost sister. An epidemic of zombies has left the world in a post-apocalyptic town, one of humanity’s final strongholds. Who of the two sides obtains control and survives depends on the decisions you make along the road. The game’s survival aspect shines. Both eating and drinking are optional.

Instead, you must gather materials to make combat tools, including weapon modifications, arrows, grenades, medkits, and more. Moreover, there is no method to repair weapons because they all shatter. And the dangers in the world are great. Zombies and hostile NPCs prowl the land throughout the day. Zombies are dangerous and savage at night, ready to chase you at first sight. To find resources and collectibles, you can journey to places resembling dungeons, such as labs. Last but not least, you combine gymnastics, parkour, melee, and ranged combat while playing in first person. You may earn skill points for parkour or combat by doing things. Then, unique collectibles you must locate offer more health, stamina, and illness resistance.

8. Ark: Survival Evolved

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Action-adventure survival game Ark: Survival Evolved features an open world with a first-person viewpoint. Like Rust, you may choose a server (with or without mods) and a map (an ARK). Akin to biomes are ARKs. They include NPC animals and various environmental kinds. Most of these species are dinosaurs, which you may tame and use to ride, guide, or hunt for materials and experience. Also, you get to pick where you spawn. As a result, you’ll play around with fewer dangerous critters in easier areas, which also offer lower-quality resources.

But, as you climb the tech trees, you’ll want to delve further into the wilderness in search of better resources and more XP. Afterward, XP may be earned for everything you do. You’ll have access to skill points as you level up to use in different skill trees. Also available would be new crafting techniques. Hence, you would play with poison and homemade spears in the early stages. You would eventually have forts and semi-automatic guns. The difficulty of this is due to two factors. First, the game demands a lot of grinding to start. The game is online, so even if you are offline, other players can raid your bases also while you’re playing dinos, thirst, hunger, and rival players (loot your body).

9. Days Gone

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

An open world action-adventure and survival horror game called Days Gone. It has a third-person viewpoint, a full campaign, a post-apocalyptic setting (with zombies), and a captivating character journey. You take on the role of mercenary Deacon St. John. His priority is to locate his missing wife. Yet as the narrative progresses, he is integrated into a larger scheme. He learns that the “Freakers” are developing, which may indicate the demise of humanity. You may freely explore the landscape with your bike for resources, quests, and rescue missions.

Armed with firearms, melee weapons, stealth, and homemade weaponry, you engage in combat. You’ll scavenge and manage precious resources along the journey, which you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and bike. Throughout the game, you may level up and unlock talents as your character progresses. There are no options, detours, or outcomes, though. The narrative is linear instead. Finally, the bike is given a lot of attention. It has to be modernized, kept up with, fixed, and refueled. The biggest obstacle is gathering the scraps, fuel, and components you need for these activities.

10. Rust

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

A challenging and extremely addicting multiplayer open world survival first-person shooter game is Rust. You choose a server, join a world, and then do as you like. These servers establish the number of players they can accommodate, the time before the next server reset, and the in-game regulations that apply to them. A server typically supports up to 60 players and runs weekly to monthly. You then go in with nothing but a stone. While there are no instructions, the crafting interface is readily accessible. First, you employ resource-gathering tools, such as your initial store. After that, you create buildings, equipment, supplies, and tools with these resources.

Yet there is also a resource “tax” system for your bases and a complicated tech tier. It would be best to control your thirst, hunger, and body temperature simultaneously. However, even when you’re not online, Rust players are infamously aggressive and ready to take whatever they own. Finally, there are hostile NPCs, hostile bases brimming with loot, hostile radioactivity, hostile wild animals, and a single natural base. These components allow for a special kind of gameplay. Every player and team will be dispersed across the map in the early days of the server, mining, and scavenging. By the end of the game, players create clans and bases to seize control of resources, enemy bases, and other important areas.

11. Tribes of Midgard

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Tribes of Midgard have a distinctive names. First, it is an action-adventure game with Zelda: Breath of the Wild-like graphics and combat. Yet it’s also a survival game, an open world experience, and an action role-playing game. Top-down viewing and cell-shaded visuals are used as you play. Some mechanics include melee combat, resource collecting, crafting, building, and an endless horde survival mode. Also, it provides a world that is produced procedurally, yet In a single game, Einherjar, a Viking hero guarding the Yggdrasil seed, is under your authority. You can freely explore the world throughout the day, searching for resources, secrets, and legends.

Also, your adversaries will pursue you at night (trolls, elves, giants, and other mythical creatures). The resources may then be used to improve the system and defenses of your village. Moreover, you can make tools, armor, and other things. The objective is to create a settlement that supports the seed, and you must gather enemy souls to supply it with food. The game also allows for co-op play. Ten players may maintain a village and travel the online world. While you build your village and battle against waves of enemies that get tougher, you may also play the endless survival mode online.

12. Fallout 4

Some Best Open World Survival Games For PS4/PS5

Fallout 4 will be our choice, but only on the Survival level. Fortunately, it is the best strategy for playing the game; otherwise, it wouldn’t fit the list. You may also give Fallout 76 a try, which includes thirst, hunger, and weapon deterioration. You are required to play the complete campaign without quick travel in survival mode. Also, You need to take care of your sicknesses, weight, and radiation levels, and eat and drink. You’ll constantly become sick since the world is contaminated, unstable, and overrun with medicines. If you need to become acquainted, the open world role-playing game centers on a father hunting for his kid. He awoke in a Vault, a shelter built in the 1950s to safeguard a small number of survivors from a nuclear war.

Several groups are competing for the leftovers in the wasteland that is the world. You first enlist with the “Minutemen,” a selfless group trying to maintain order. After that, however, you must join other factions to finish the quest. The primary quests of any of the four main groups may or may not be followed, although the plot is open-ended. You will level up, upgrade equipment, erect communities, and administer resources. Moreover, you may create towns and craft supplies, armor, weapons, and weapon modifications. NPCs can relocate to your bases and work to create food, water, and scrap, in particular.


We only included the best Open World Survival Games for PS4/PS5 at the end, so if you have any further suggestions, leave them in the comment section below!