Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark To Try

Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark To Try

Are you trying to activate the best Pokemon Crystal cheats for GameShark? We cover you! Do you know what GameShark is? GameShark creates cheat discs and cartridges for the Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo game consoles. Cheats can be entered into a GameShark device, loaded into the memory of the gaming console, and then applied to a game when the game is next loaded into the console.

When the GameShark for the Nintendo Game Boy was introduced in 1998, it could be used with both Game Boy Color and original monochrome Game Boy games. Pokemon Crystal is, without a doubt, the game that most players would want to hack using GameShark, as it is the number one game on our list of the Best Selling Game Boy Color Games Of All Time. So which cheats do we like, then? Let’s research this together. The best Pokemon Crystal cheats for GameShark are listed below:

Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark

Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark to try.

1. Steal Pokemon Trainers

Make that arrogant trainer feel inferior. Do they believe they are that cool with that Pokemon in their stable? No more! This Pokemon is now yours.

Cheat Code:


2. Infinite EXP

A strong Pokemon is a good trainer’s mark. So even if you cheat elite status through deception, after a fight, you may use this trick to level up any Pokemon in your party to level 100. The quickest method of adding super-powered Pokemon to your party.

Cheat Code(s):







3. Make A Normal Pokemon Shiny

It’s wonderful to change. If it’s a glow-up, use this cheat set to turn any normal Pokemon into a shiny one.

Cheat Code(s):

Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark To Try

4. Wild Pokemon Level Modifier

If you come across a special Pokemon in the wild that you’d like to level up (or level down, if you like)… You can accomplish that with this easy code!

Cheat Code:

91xx13D2 (Replace xx with the new level you wish to set)

5. Max Pokeballs

What a pain it is when you run out of PokeBalls. Use this code to acquire some balls.

Cheat Code(s):

Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark To Try

6. Max Money

Sick of being in need? Why not use this money-maximizing cheat to steal the bank?

Cheat Code(s):







7. Walk Through Walls

The name of the cheat implies that it enables players to walk walls erected by the game engine. Use it as a short-term shortcut, then disable the code to prevent any issues. It is always advised to save frequently and to use this cheat sparingly because it has been known to cause the game to freeze occasionally.

Cheat Code(s):









8. Always Use Bike

Suppose you’re tired of walking. But why not simply ride your bike constantly?

Cheat Code:

010182D6 91015DD9

9. Hatch An Egg Instantly

Is waiting worse than anything else? For any purpose. Ever. You won’t have to wait any longer for Pokemon eggs, though.

1 – Load the egg into your party.

2 – Turn on Gameshark.

3 – Take a step forward.

4 – Turn off GameShark.

5 – Start moving around, and your egg should hatch shortly.

Cheat Code(s):

Some Best Pokemon Crystal Cheats For GameShark To Try

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10. Have All Gym Badges

Just like any excellent scout. Obtain each of the eight gym badges. You may now reach every part of the game, thanks to this.

Cheat Code(s):



91FF57D8 91FF58D8